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OpenNTF - UKLUG 2009 Edinburgh
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OpenNTF - UKLUG 2009 Edinburgh


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Lotus Notes & Domino Open Source Organisation UKLUG 2009
  • 2. Welcome - Presenters
    • Vince Schuurman
    • Chairman – OpenNTF
    • Independent consultant
    • Lotus Notes/Domino, Xpages, jQuery
    • Married With Children, books, bikes
    • Steve Castledine
    • Advisory Software Engineer – IBM
    • XPages/PIM/Notes/Domino Developer
    • Worked on Blog, Wiki, Mail, Notebook, Discussion
    • Husband, Dad, Slave, Footballer, Runner
    UKLUG 2009
  • 3. Welcome - Agenda
    • About
      • What is OpenNTF
      • History
      • OpenNTF Today
      • Current Members
    • Structure
      • Users
      • Steering Committee
      • Members
      • Technical Committee
      • Contributors
      • Committers
    UKLUG 2009
  • 4. Welcome – Agenda cont...
    • Using OpenNTF
      • The new website
      • Consuming applications/code
      • Contributing applications/code
      • Becoming more involved
    • Examples of how free OpenNTF code and templates can help you
    • Summary and the Road ahead
    • Questions and Answers
    UKLUG 2009
  • 5. About OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • OpenNTF mission statement :
    • Providing a framework for the community so that open source applications may be freely distributed, using widely accepted licensing terms.
  • 6. About OpenNTF
    • OpenNTF is an Open Source website for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
    UKLUG 2009
    • OpenNTF is devoted to :
    • Enabling groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release them as open source.
    • Increasing the quality and quantity of templates, applications and samples that are shared by the community.
  • 7. The History of OpenNTF
    • OpenNTF was launched in 2002 by people from the Lotus Notes/Domino community.
    • Since then 65,000 users have registered on OpenNTF to download code (and currently being added to by 750 a month).
    • There are more than 250 open source projects and an additional 800 snippets of code.
    • In January 2009 IBM announced at Lotusphere that IBM has agreed to sponsor a new collaboration with OpenNTF. IBM intends to offer resources to invigorate the community, donate templates and samples, and make code available under widely accepted open source community license terms.
    • Since this announcement IBM has worked with 'the old OpenNTF' and community to define a new governance model and IP model to accomplish these goals which has resulted in the OpenNTF Alliance.
    UKLUG 2009
  • 8. OpenNTF Today
    • Is now the OpenNTF Alliance
    • Has a membership and a steering committee made up of that membership
    • A new governance model in place to provide increased legal protection for consumers of code (including two licensing models to satisfy all legal requirements – Apache, GPL)
    • Website being overhauled, phase 1 is in place today
    • Technical committee who meet every other week to discuss and carry out work to take the Alliance forwards (any registered user can join)
    • Alliance members (especially IBM) committing a lot of resource – management, legal, development and significant code contributions as part of an overall plan to energise Lotus Notes and Domino application development
    UKLUG 2009
  • 9. Current OpenNTF Alliance Members
    • Assono
    • Conxsys
    • Czarnowski
    • IBM
    • Lotus 911
    • Snapps
    • Pavone
    • Prominic
    • PSC
    • Sherpa Software
    • Team Studio
    • The Turtle Partnership
    • Kalechi Designs
    • Ytria
    UKLUG 2009
  • 10. OpenNTF structure
    • Since Lotusphere January 2009, the structure of OpenNTF has been formalised with the formation of committees, member agreements and contribution agreements
    • All these changes are designed to protect the end consumer and so opening the opportunities for all to use OpenNTF assets for even the most stringent legal departments
    UKLUG 2009
  • 11. OpenNTF structure cont.. UKLUG 2009
    • Users
      • Users are obviously the most important part of this process, whether you are consuming or contributing code
      • Consuming is done freely and from the code bin, projects database or the final repositories/catalogs that have had legal process applied to
      • Submitting new code (as a contributor ) requires a developer to have an Individual Contributor License agreement in place (ICLA) or work for a member company who list you on their Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) – basically says you have the right to submit the code and doesn't belong to someone else.
  • 12. OpenNTF structure cont.. UKLUG 2009
    • Steering Committee
      • Sets the direction of the OpenNTF Alliance
      • Made up of member organisations
      • Rotating memberships for 1 or 2 year periods
      • One member is voted as the Chair (currently Vince Schuurman)
    • Members
      • Any organisation can join OpenNTF as a member
      • No commitment required, however obviously participation is appreciated
      • Just need to complete a membership agreement form
      • Full details and the form is on – get involved tab
  • 13. OpenNTF structure cont.. UKLUG 2009
    • Technical Committee
      • Delivers technical solutions for OpenNTF from server monitoring to replacing software infrastructure and website upkeep
      • Made up of IBM'ers, member employees and registered users
      • Meets every 2 weeks to discuss progress, issues
  • 14. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated
      • New look and feel
  • 15. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated
      • New downloads area for the consumer
        • Apache Catalog
        • GPL Catalog
        • Projects Area
        • Code Bin
  • 16. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated
      • Idea Jam for general OpenNTF ideas and projects
  • 17. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated
      • New Forums
        • Main
        • IP and Governance
        • Strategy
        • Technical
        • Steering Committe
  • 18. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated
      • About and get involved pages contain clear information on how to take part
  • 19. Using OpenNTF UKLUG 2009
    • Website is being updated – still to come
      • Revamp of project management system
      • New profile management
      • New Catalogs
      • Member Directory
      • New test and development servers
    • Want to help?
  • 20.
    • Consuming Code/Applications
      • Code samples are located in the Code Bin
      • Active development takes place in the Project Management System
      • Cleared Code can be downloaded from the catalogs/repositories
        • Apache Licensed
        • GPL Licensed
      • You don't even need to be registered for most downloads
    Consuming Code UKLUG 2009
  • 21. Contributing Code UKLUG 2009
    • Contributing
      • You do need to be registered
      • You do need an ICLA or to be listed on your employers CCLA
      • New projects are created in the Project Management System – you will need “Contributor” status to do this (automatic after ICLA).
      • Projects can then go through a checking process and added to the catalogs by a “Committer” (anyone can apply to be a Committer however they must already qualify to be a Contributor and then be voted in).
    • Remember contributing is not just about code. Feedback via the forums, and IdeaJam, downloading, testing, documenting is all “contributing” (no ICLA required).
  • 22. Examples of how OpenNTF can help you
    • Notes widget Catalog – Drag and Drop into your Notes Client
    • Projects area – complete or nearly complete fully functional free applications (with code to learn from)
    • Code bin – lots of code examples for reuse
    • Apache Catalog – completed, IP checked and licensed under Apache for your free reuse (with code to learn from)
    • GPL Catalog – completed, IP checked and licensed under GPL for your free reuse (with code to learn from)
    • Development Community
    • Add your own projects and get access to like minded developers to accelerate development, testing etc
  • 23. Notes Client Widgets UKLUG 2009
    • Download from Apache Catalog
    • Drag and Drop into your Notes Client from the Catalog
    • Examples
      • Driving Directions for Google Maps
      • Recent Contacts for IBM Lotus Sametime
      • TripAdvisor Business Travel Center Plugin
      • Bookmark Viewer for Delicious
      • Widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Google Mail
      • Designer Wiki Search
      • Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connections Dogear
  • 24. Project - DominoWiki UKLUG 2009
    • DominoWiki
    • Developed/Managed by Ben Poole ( )
    • Runs on Domino Server v7/v8/v8.5/v8.51
    • Web and Notes Client
  • 25. DominoWiki UKLUG 2009
  • 26. DominoWiki UKLUG 2009
  • 27. Project – Xpages Wiki UKLUG 2009
    • XPages Wiki
    • Developed/Managed by Steve Castledine
    • Runs on Domino Server v8.5/v8.51 only
    • Web and Notes Client
    • Live Demo:
  • 28. XPages Wiki UKLUG 2009
  • 29. XPages Wiki UKLUG 2009
  • 30. Project: New Discussion Template UKLUG 2009
    • The 8.5.1 Discussion Template will shortly be available under open source terms on OpenNTF
    • Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine are also preparing a new version to be developed via OpenNTF and then added back to the build at 8.5.2 (not yet guaranteed)
    • Iteration 1 will have the Notes Client updated
    • Iteration 2 will have the XPages interface upgraded
    • Iteration 3 will have new features as voted for via IdeaJam
    • This version will also be available shortly (at 8.5.1 ga)
  • 31. New Discussion Template UKLUG 2009
    • From:
    • To:
  • 32. New Discussion Template UKLUG 2009
    • Web:
  • 33. Admin tools: !!HELP!! UKLUG 2009
    • A small and easy to use Trouble Ticket / Helpdesk for Lotus Notes / Domino ( multi-language enabled )
  • 34. !!HELP!! - Notes UKLUG 2009
    • Example 2 – Screenshot etc
  • 35. !!HELP!! - Reporting UKLUG 2009
  • 36. !!HELP!! - Web UKLUG 2009
  • 37. Admin Tools: Conaex UKLUG 2009
    • Reports/modification of about 100 different database settings – visible and hidden
    • Storage consumption and distribution of replica's
    • Agents and other design elements
    • ACL templates
    • Tracking of database modifications
    • Execution of change requests only after their explicit release
    • Easy, persistent parameterization of all Conaex activity by means of task documents (no console hacking)
    • High performing, OS specific server task program based on the Lotus Domino C API
  • 38. Conaex: Properties UKLUG 2009
  • 39. Conaex: ACL UKLUG 2009
  • 40. Conaex: Design Elements UKLUG 2009
  • 41. Conaex: Tasks & KB UKLUG 2009
  • 42. Some other projects UKLUG 2009
    • OpenNTF Mail Experience
    • Real Workflow
    • Vacation Request
    • Bulletin Board Application
    • Data Moving Application
    • Domino Defrag
    • Notes Reconn (Reporting Tool)
    • Various Administrator help tools
    • Many Others
  • 43. Summary and Road ahead UKLUG 2009
    • OpenNTF Alliance is a “work in progress” but great progress so far
    • New Discussion Template is a landmark project that will be enhanced at first and will come back into the Lotus Domino build*
    • Lotus Domino Designer is now Freely Available
    • Lotus Notes and Domino default templates are now Open Sourced on OpenNTF
    • * Disclaimer: Whilst intended, there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality will be in the final shipping product.
  • 44. Resources UKLUG 2009
    • (see about and getting involved tabs)
    • (
  • 45. Questions and Answers UKLUG 2009
    • Thank you for listening (and staying awake)
    • Please sign up as members or registered users and show your support and get involved