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Transacca presentation


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. OpenMedya Project Transacca
  • 2. Project TRANSACCA
    • The goal of this project is to prepare you in the conduct of project, in realizing the execution of a service
    • Job focus on this training
    • Project Manager
    • Business Engineer
    • Team Expert
    • Consultant
  • 3. Skills developed
    • Effective listening of the the customer , to perceive and understand what their needs and concerns
    • Team work
    • Conduct of an interview
    • Presentation to a client of a service offering
    • The execution of a commitment (deliverable)
    Reunion CODIR | Vincent
  • 4. Make workshop activities Interview Risk Management Find Solutions Contracts Identify needs Submission of a proposal Customer relationship
  • 5. Roles and responsibilities
    • Pilot definition
    • Change and transformation management
    • Technical and functional solution
    • Planning the pilot
    Solution Architect
    • Proposal presentation
    • Model
    Communication and demonstration ( process illustration) Communication Manager
    • Costing the price of the proposal
    • Payment schedule
    • Business Plan
    • Plan the implementation of the solution
    Business Engineer
    • Proposal document
    • Executive overview
    • Team Coordination and management
    • Client Relationship
    Team Leader Deliverables Responsibilities Role
  • 6.
    • The selected solution is the result of a team work (coordinated effort)
    • All the members of a team commit to the selected solution (common look and feel)
    • We encourage the exchanges of idea between the members of each team and between the teams
    • Definition of the statutes of control of the team (decision- making, communication, role...)
    Roles and responsibilities
  • 7. Objectives-build client relationship
    • The selected solution is the result of a team work (coordinated effort)
    • Appreciate the importance of first impressions and client perception.
    • Understand techniques to manage client expectations and satisfaction.
    • Learn how to identify opportunities while working on an engagement
  • 8. Guidelines for effective listening
  • 9. Structure of the interview
  • 10. Customer Requirement Analysis
    • The selected solution is the result of a team work (coordinated effort)
    • The customer doesn’t know what he wants
    • The customer doesn’t explain his real needs
    • The software engineer doesn’t understand the customer
    • The customer doesn’t understand the software engineer
    • What the customer wants today is not what he wanted yesterday... “he has changed his mind”.
  • 11. Identify the stakeholders
    • The customer(s)
    • The users
    • The sponsor
    • The developers
    • The third parties
    • Identify their roles and responsibilities
    • Be oriented “Customer care”
  • 12. Steps for assessing Customer Requirements
  • 13. Requirements must define every customer expectations
    • Functional requirements
    • What is the system for
    • What the system will do, its useful functions
    • Non Functional requirements
    • Performance, security, portability, confidentiality
    • Find measurable criteria
  • 14. 25/06/11
    • Consult the catalog’s solutions of the company    NAVAL OCEAN SYSTEMS
    • Analyze what competitors offer
    • Look for elements of a solution in the databases accessible to the public
    • Find references of customers willing to share their experiences with other companies
    • Build one or more system models   studied.
    Looking for solutions
  • 15. TRANSACCA requirements to business value 25/06/11 Requirements Transformations Business value (Solutions possibles Business value Improvement of the inventory management (real time) - provide a method - Information System (inventory management) Lower cost of stocks (450 million USD) Bornes interactives - Establishment of a control system - Transformation Corporate Network Increased sales business (12 million USD) Increase the rate Customer visits - System Customer Loyalty Increased sales business (12 million USD)
  • 16. The road to establish a contract . 25/06/11
  • 17. Proposal contents . 25/06/11
  • 18. Gaining commitment occurs before and throughout the services engagement
      • Requesting a meeting with the
      • decision-maker upon identifying an
      • opportunity
      • Asking for the order in a sales
      • presentation
      • Negotiating change requests
      • Gaining the client’s approval of a
      • major deliverable
  • 19. Gaining commitment, or closing, consists of two steps
      • First step : Suggest an action to
      • the client
      • Second step : Confirm the client’s
      • agreement to that action
  • 20. The success of a close is determined by the effectiveness of the professional
      • Summarizing the key advantages
      • and benefits to the other person
      • Formulating a strong close with the
      • correct choice of words
      • Maintaining eye contact
      • Handling objections effectively
      • Being comfortable with silence while
      • waiting for “yes”
  • 21. The close is a question and the answer to which confirms that the client has agreed to a course of action
    • Crafted in advanced
      • Very explicit
      • Rehearsed
    • Once asked, the professional:
      • Maintains eye contact
      • If an objection is raised, addresses it and asks for a conditional close
      • Waits for eyes
  • 22. lessons learned The individual and collective attitudes
    • Presentation
      • Take the time to make introductions, treat the message (customer focused)
    • Solidarity
      • When the speaker is in trouble the team should show solidarity by intervening wisely
      • It will be perceived by customers as a token of cohesion and strength of the team.
  • 23. lessons learned Client relationship
    • Earn interest and customer confidence by presenting the "hooks" (strengths) at the beginning ofpresentation
    • Establish the link between the customer objectives and the solution proposed
    • Listen to the client: take his remarks; show your ability to integrate his observations. Ask him to reformulate his request.
      • Talk to him about him
  • 24. Let’s do it!