MedLab	       7th	  InternaJonal	  Conference	  Plans	  for	  the	  Living	  Lab	  PPP	                          Jesse	  M...
European	  Network	  of	                        Living	  Labs	  (1/2)	  •  ENoLL	  contributes	  to	  the	  creaJon	  of	 ...
European	  Network	  of	    Living	  Labs	  (2/2)	                                                  1st	  Wave	  	   –	   ...
ENoLL	  and	  EU	  Presidencies	                                                                                          ...
ENoLL	  Values	  •    Trust	  and	  transparency	  •    Human-­‐centricity	  •    Bo^om-­‐up,	  enriching	  communicaJon	 ...
ThemaJc	  Sub	  Networks	  of	  Living	  Labs	  •    Energy	  Efficiency.	  Sustainable	  Energy.	  Climate	  change	  •    ...
ENoLL	  Today	  •  188	  EU	  Living	  Labs	  	  •  24	  Living	  Labs	  outside	  EU	  •  Brazil	  Network	  of	  Living	...
PPPs	  in	  FP7	  •  2009	  Recovery	  Plan	  of	  the	  European	  Union	     –  Adopted	  by	  the	  EC	  on	  26	  Nov	...
PPPs	  in	  FP7	  Theme	                                                 FP7	  Funding	                           DuraBon	...
Towards	  an	  ENoLL-­‐led	                       Living	  Lab	  PPP(P)	  •  Long-­‐term	  vision:	  Europe	  as	  a	  dyn...
Lines	  of	  acJon	  (1/2)	  •  STAKEHOLDER	  PARTNERSHIPS	     –  including	  Smart	  CiJes,	  Smart	  Regions	  and	  ot...
Lines	  of	  acJon	  (2/2)	  •  SOCIAL	  CREATIVITY	     –  applying	  Living	  Lab	  user	  involvement	  methodologies	 ...
Programme	  structure	  •  Research	  Projects	      –  Social	  and	  societal	  innovaJon	  methods	  and	  processes	  ...
ConsJtuencies	  (1/2)	  •  LIVING	  LAB	  PARTNERSHIPS	     –  including	  but	  not	  limited	  to	  all	  ENoLL	  member...
ConsJtuencies	  (2/2)	  •  INTERNATIONAL	  PARTNERS	     –  with	  a	  parJcular	  emphasis	  on	  deepening	  links	     ...
Open	  Pilot	  Linkages	  •  Core	  funding	  for	  PPP	  pilot	  projects	  •  «Loose	  Link»	  mechanism	  with	  extern...
Calendar	  of	  events	  for	  	                                      ENoLL	  PPP(P)	  Co-­‐CreaJon	  ThemaBc	  Domain	   ...
Thank	  you!	      	                                                              Jesse	  M...
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Plans for the Living Lab PPP Jesse Marsh Rome


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Jesse Marsh (Vice Coordinator of ENoLL Strategic Planning Work Group and Special Advisor ENoLL Chair) at MedLab 7th International Conference, 1 April 2011, Rome

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Plans for the Living Lab PPP Jesse Marsh Rome

  1. 1. MedLab   7th  InternaJonal  Conference  Plans  for  the  Living  Lab  PPP   Jesse  Marsh    Vice  Coordinator  of  ENoLL  Strategic   Planning  Work  Group  and   Special  Advisor  ENoLL  Chair   European  Network  of  Living  Labs   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   1  
  2. 2. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  (1/2)  •  ENoLL  contributes  to  the  creaJon  of  a  dynamic,  mulJ-­‐ layer  and  mulJdimensional  European  InnovaJon   ecosystem.  •  ENoLL  facilitates  the  cooperaJon  and  the  exploitaJon  of   synergies  between  members  and  groups  of  members   (themaJc  domains).  •  ENoLL  aims  at  the  Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Smart   CiJes  convergence.  •  ENoLL  globalisaJon  fosters  internaJonal  open   collaboraJon  to  solve  the  big  challenges  of  our  Jmes,   thus  contribuJng  to  World  stabilisaJon.   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   2  
  3. 3. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  (2/2)   1st  Wave     –   19   2nd  Wave     –   32   3rd  Wave     –   68   4th  Wave     –   93   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   3  
  4. 4. ENoLL  and  EU  Presidencies   4th  Wave     5th  Wave     Autumn   Autumn   1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     2009   2010   Sweedish  Presidency,     Belgium  Presidency,     Slovenian  Presidency,     Autumn  2009   Autumn  2010   Spring  2008  Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese  Presidency,     French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Autumn  2006   Autumn  2007   Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring  2011   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   4  
  5. 5. ENoLL  Values  •  Trust  and  transparency  •  Human-­‐centricity  •  Bo^om-­‐up,  enriching  communicaJon    •  Co-­‐creaJon  and  collaboraJon  •  Openness,  enabling  networking   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   5  
  6. 6. ThemaJc  Sub  Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Smart  CiJes.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.  •  Social  InnovaJon.  Social  Inclusion  •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐ParJcipaJon  •  CreaJve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social   Networks.  Web  2.0  •  ThemaJc  Tourism.  Culture  Services  •  Territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart  Regions  •  Sustainable  Mobility  •  Industrial  and  logisJcs  development.  •  Security   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   6  
  7. 7. ENoLL  Today  •  188  EU  Living  Labs    •  24  Living  Labs  outside  EU  •  Brazil  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  China  Network  of  Living  Labs  (Emerging  CNoLL)  •  Africa  Network  of  Living  Labs  (Emerging  ANoLL)  •  ThemaJc  domain  Working  Group  workshop  •  Support  the  LLs  Summer  School  and  its  extension  •  Create  a  new  global  Higher  EducaJon  and  Research  environment   addressing  Living  Lab  Learning  and  knowledge  creaJon  •  EU-­‐Brazil,  EU-­‐China  and  EU-­‐Africa  Living  Labs  InnovaJon   Conferences  in  2011    •  ENoLL  PPP(P)  Policy    iniJaJve  (Core  Group:  ENoLL  council  and   efecJve  members,  open  to  others)  •  5th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership  to  be  launched  today   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   7  
  8. 8. PPPs  in  FP7  •  2009  Recovery  Plan  of  the  European  Union   –  Adopted  by  the  EC  on  26  Nov  2008  and  endorsed   by  the  EU  Council  on  11-­‐12  Dec  2008   –  €  6  Billion  to  support  PPPs  for  research  •  ObjecJve:  to  promote  the  convergence  of   public  interest  with  industrial  commitment   and  leadership  in  determining  strategic   research  acJviJes   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   8  
  9. 9. PPPs  in  FP7  Theme   FP7  Funding   DuraBon  Factories  of  the  Future   €  600  million   4  years  Energy  Efficient  Buildings   €  500  million   4  years  Green  cars   €  500  million   4  years  Future  Internet   €  300  million   5  years   Plus  €4  billion  EIB  loans   «plus  1-­‐2  others...»   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   9  
  10. 10. Towards  an  ENoLL-­‐led   Living  Lab  PPP(P)  •  Long-­‐term  vision:  Europe  as  a  dynamic,  mulJ-­‐layer  and   mulJdimensional  InnovaJon  and  Business  ecosystem.  •  Living  Labs  as  Open  Access  Plahorms  for  Smart  CiJes  and   Regions  •  Alliance  with  Local  AuthoriJes  to  integrate  Living  Lab   innovaJon  and  sustainability  policies  •  Cross-­‐border  and  cross-­‐themaJc  collaboraJon  addressing    the   key  challenges  and  business  opportuniJes  at  the  global  scale  •  Large-­‐scale  user  behaviour  transformaJon  through  social  and   societalinnovaJon  •  ENoLL  leading  consJtuency-­‐building  for  a  future  Living  Lab   PPP(P):  approved  by  GA  Ghent,  13.12   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   10  
  11. 11. Lines  of  acJon  (1/2)  •  STAKEHOLDER  PARTNERSHIPS   –  including  Smart  CiJes,  Smart  Regions  and  other   policy-­‐driven  iniJaJves  applying  the  Living  Lab   approach  across  a  broad  scope  of  issues  and  seings.  •  GLOBALISATION   –  involving  internaJonal  cooperaJon  between  Europe   and  other  world  regions  with  similar  concerns.  •  DEVELOPMENT   –  focusing  on  the  role  of  social  innovaJon  to  address   development  issues  such  as  peace,  poverty  and   hunger.   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   11  
  12. 12. Lines  of  acJon  (2/2)  •  SOCIAL  CREATIVITY   –  applying  Living  Lab  user  involvement  methodologies   such  as  Serious  Games  and  experimenJng  bo^om-­‐up   and  parJcipatory  approaches  such  as  BarCamps,   crowd  sourcing,  etc  parJcularly  in  a  cross-­‐cultural   dialogue.  •  SELF-­‐GOVERNANCE   –  using  network  analysis  tools  and  other  observatory   and  analyJcal  methods  to  reach  a  full  understanding   of  the  dynamics  and  impacts  of  diffused  innovaJon   and  the  governance  mechanisms  which  can  guide  it   towards  collecJve  interests  and  lead  to  societal  and   systemic  innovaJon   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   12  
  13. 13. Programme  structure  •  Research  Projects   –  Social  and  societal  innovaJon  methods  and  processes   –  ICT  tools  and  infrastructures  •  Learning  System  (formal  and  informal)   –  Distributed  Masters  programme,  Summer  school,   Exchanges,  Study  visits,  SME  innovaJon  schools  etc.  •  Large-­‐scale  ThemaJc  Pilots   –  Sector-­‐based:  addressing  challenges  and  business   opportuniJes   –  Seing-­‐based:  transversal  governance     Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   13  
  14. 14. ConsJtuencies  (1/2)  •  LIVING  LAB  PARTNERSHIPS   –  including  but  not  limited  to  all  ENoLL  members.  •  CITY  AND  REGIONAL  GOVERNMENTS   –  including  networks  such  as  EuroCiJes  for  ciJes  and   ERIK  for  regions  or  iniJaJves  such  as  RFI  (Regions  for   the  Future  Internet).  •  ICT  INDUSTRY  SMES  AND  RESEARCH  INSTITUTES   –  especially  those  parJcipaJng  in  the  FI  PPP.  •  UNIVERSITY  AND  RESEARCH  INSTITUTES   –  in  disciplines  such  as  economics,  environmental   studies,  social  sciences,  spaJal  planning,  design,  etc.   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   14  
  15. 15. ConsJtuencies  (2/2)  •  INTERNATIONAL  PARTNERS   –  with  a  parJcular  emphasis  on  deepening  links   with  Living  Labs  in  other  geographical  regions.  •  INTERNATIONAL  ORGANISATIONS   –  such  as  FAO,  the  UN  etc.  •  SOCIAL  NETWORKS  AND  CITIZEN  GROUPS   –  acJve  in  innovaJve  pracJce.   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   15  
  16. 16. Open  Pilot  Linkages  •  Core  funding  for  PPP  pilot  projects  •  «Loose  Link»  mechanism  with  external   funding  programmes   –  ERDF  Regional  funds   –  NaJonal  programmes   –  InternaJonal  agencies  •  Linking  up  costs  draw  on  open  conJngency   fund  or  similar  mechanism   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   16  
  17. 17. Calendar  of  events  for     ENoLL  PPP(P)  Co-­‐CreaJon  ThemaBc  Domain   Local   Date  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Botswana   11-­‐13  May  2011  Inclusion.  Social  InnovaJon  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Budapest   16  May  2011  Launch  of  ENoLL  5th  Wave,  Future  Internet  Assembly  Energy   Lisbon   31  May  –  1  June  2011  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Beijing   July  2011  Learning.  EducaJon.    Global  Projects.  Addressing  the  big  challenges  of  our  Jme  All   Rio  de  Janeiro   August  2011  Inclusion.  Social  InnovaJon.  e-­‐ParJcipaJon  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Helsinki   August  2011  SMART  CiJes.  Design  CreaJvity.  LL  Methodologies  and  Tools  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Manaus   October  2011  Sustainability.  Behaviour  transformaJon  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Thessaloniki   3-­‐4  October  2011  Link  with  EU  Regional  policy  All  ENoLL  ThemaJc  Domains   Brussels   November  2011  Closing:  Final  ENoLL  PPP  RecommendaJons   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   17  
  18. 18. Thank  you!   Jesse  Marsh                          Phone:    +39  345  2215650                          Skype:    jesse.marsh                            Address:    Atelier  Studio  Associato            Via  XX  Seaembre  70            90141  Palermo            ITALY   Rome,  1st  of  April,  2011   18  
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