Open	  Living	  Labs	  	             Public	  Private	  Partnership	                                     	  Strategic	  In...
Content	  •  Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPP	  draF	  document	  –	  main	  elements	  •  Living	  Labs	  added	  value	  •  Ac...
Why	  Open	  Living	  Lab	  Public	  Private	                               	  Partnership?	                              ...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPP	  •      Living	  Labs	  propose	  all-­‐inclusive,	  people-­‐driven,	  open	  and	  collabora...
6th	  Wave	       	       Energising	  the	  Network	  (process)	  	       	       	                                      ...
Where	  we	  started	  from?	  (1/2)	  •  Long-­‐term	  vision:	  Europe	  as	  a	  dynamic,	  mul7-­‐layer	  and	  mul7di...
Where	  we	  started	  from?	  (2/2)	  •  Living	  Labs	  as	  Open	  Access	  Pla^orms	  for	  Large	  Scale	  pilot	  pr...
Event	  	                                                                                       Venue	                  Da...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPP	  (1/2)	  •  	  Strategic	  Innova.on	  Ecosystems,	  large-­‐scale	  pilot	     ini7a7ves	  ai...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPP	  (2/2)	  •  Large-­‐scale	  ini7a7ves	  s7mula7ng	  the	  development	  and	  growth	  of	    ...
Enabling	  Ac7ons	  •  Enabling	  Ac7ons	  aim	  to	  contribute	  towards	  the	  construc7on	  of	     sustainable	  Eur...
Strand	  1	                                     Knowledge	  Crea7on	  •  Research	  required	  to	  develop	  emerging	  t...
Strand	  2	                 Talent	  Development,	  Capacity	  Building,	  	                              and	  Job	  Crea...
Strand	  3	                                 New	  Policy	  Instruments	  •  Tes7ng	  new	  approaches	  to	  suppor7ng	  i...
Strand	  4	                                Interna7onal	  Coopera7on	  •  Beyond	  the	  possibility	  of	  networking	  w...
Coordina7on,	  Dissemina7on	  	                                  and	  Engagement	  •  Suppor7ng	  mechanism	  for	  the	 ...
Added	  Value	  of	  the	  Living	  Labs	  •  Crea7ng	  the	  process	  of	  selec7ng	  the	  concrete	  cases	  represen7...
Open	  Living	  Labs	  PPP	  	                                            Co-­‐design	  process	  •      Public	  announce...
6th	  Wave	  of	  Call	  for	  	            Membership	  Applica7ons	  (ENoLL)	               hjp://
Thank	  you!	                        	                                          	          ...
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Open Living Labs PPP(P)


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Alvaro Oliveira, ENoLL President, January 27th, 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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Open Living Labs PPP(P)

  1. 1. Open  Living  Labs     Public  Private  Partnership    Strategic  Innova7on  Ecosystems  and  Enabling  Ac7ons   for  Addressing  Societal  Challenges  and  Improving   European  Compe77veness     Phase  I:  Towards  the  2020  Horizon  
  2. 2. Content  •  Open  Living  Labs  PPP  draF  document  –  main  elements  •  Living  Labs  added  value  •  Ac7on  plan  
  3. 3. Why  Open  Living  Lab  Public  Private    Partnership?     We  want  to  strengthen  the  open  Research  Development  and   Innova6on  ecosystem  of  the  growing  community  of  European  Living   Labs,  ins6tu6onally,  financially  and  in  terms  of  its  RDI  infrastructure,   including  new  avenues  of  research  and  experimenta6on  in  social  and   other  sciences.     This  can  be  supported  through  the  cons6tu6on  of  a  Public  Private  Partnership  -­‐  Open  Living  Labs  PPP-­‐    to  be  launched  in  the  final  years  of   the  7th  Framework  Programme  and  consequently,  this  having  the  poten6al  to  change  drama6cally  the  innova6on  landscape  in  Europe  in   Horizon  2020.    
  4. 4. Open  Living  Labs  PPP  •  Living  Labs  propose  all-­‐inclusive,  people-­‐driven,  open  and  collabora7ve  ways  through   local  open  innova7on  ecosystems  applying  the  European  Partnership  Model.      •  Firms,  academia,  ci7es  and  public  agencies  collaborate  and  benefit  from  engaging   people  in  crea7ve  innova7on  through  Living  Labs.      •  Real-­‐life  ICT  concepts,  designs  and  processes  engage  demand  side  players  –  including   public  services  and  people  as  users  and  ci7zens  –  in  open,  human-­‐centric  and  systemic   RDI.      •  Large-­‐scale  experimenta7on  of  the  Living  Lab  RDI  approach  will  bring  about  innova7ons   that  leads  to  local  and  global  entrepreneurship,  new  types  of  firms  –  even  new  social   and  economic  enterprises  –  and  the  renewal  of  public  and  private  services  as  well  as   local  and  global  markets  and  industries.    •  The  aim  is  to  increase  the  EU’s  ROI  on  RDI  funding  by  achieving  effec7ve  and   sustainable  exploita7on  of  research  results,  directly  bridging  R&D  with  the  market.  
  5. 5. 6th  Wave     Energising  the  Network  (process)         274  LLS   236  EU  LLs   38  Non-­‐EU  LLs  1st  Wave     –   19  2nd  Wave     –   32  3rd  Wave     –   68  4th  Wave     –   93  5th  Wave   –   62   Total   274  
  6. 6. Where  we  started  from?  (1/2)  •  Long-­‐term  vision:  Europe  as  a  dynamic,  mul7-­‐layer  and  mul7dimensional   Innova7on  ecosystem  aligned  with  the  Europe  2020  Strategy.  •  ENoLL  PPP  ini7a7ve  developed  during  2010  and  publicly  announced  in   Ghent  (Dec  2010).  •  ENoLL  Council  core  group  developing  ini7al  policy  paper  followed  by  open   and  wide  consulta7on    •  New  global  Higher  Educa7on  and  Research  network  addressing  Living  Lab   needs  in  par7cular  the  facilita7on  of  open  user-­‐driven  innova7on      •  Training  and  coaching  on  Living  Labs  learning    
  7. 7. Where  we  started  from?  (2/2)  •  Living  Labs  as  Open  Access  Pla^orms  for  Large  Scale  pilot  projects  with  a   focus  on  the  social  aspects  of  technology  applica7ons.  Sustainable  Smart   Ci7es  and  Regions    •  Alliance  with  local,  regional,  na7onal  Authori7es  to  integrate  Living  Lab   innova7on  and  sustainability  policies  •  Living  Labs  as  part  of  the  Future  Internet  Public  Private  Partnership  (FI   PPP)  •  Cross-­‐border  and  cross-­‐thema7c  collabora7on  addressing    the  key   challenges  and  business  opportuni7es  at  a  global  scale  (results  from   variety  of  ini7a7ves  such  as  Apollon,  Smart  Ci7es  etc.)  •  Large-­‐scale  user  behaviour  transforma7on  through  social  and  societal   innova7on  
  8. 8. Event     Venue   Date  ENoLL  FAO  Innova7ng  4  Development   Rome   24  January  2011  ENoLL  Thema7c  Domains   Botswana   11-­‐13  May  2011  Inclusion.  Social  Innova7on  ENoLL  Thema7c  Domains,  Opening  the  Consulta7on  for  ENoLL  members   Budapest   16  May  2011  Launch  of  ENoLL  5th  Wave,  Future  Internet  Assembly  Energy   Lisbon   4  May  2011  Inov  Amazonas  EU  Brazil  Living  Lab  Collabora7on   Manaus   6-­‐7  June  2011  ENoLL    Thema7c  Domains  ENoLL  PPP  Public  Consulta7on   Bled   13-­‐15  June  2011  EU  Brazil  Living  Lab  Collabora7on,   Manaus   August  2011  LL  Crea7vity  and  Innova7on  Congress   Brazil  Sustainable  SMART  Ci7es.  Design  thinking.  LL  Methodologies   Helsinki   August  2011  ENoLL  Summer  School  2011   Barcelona   August  2011  LLs  in  the  EU  Regional  policy  context   Thessaloniki   3-­‐4  October  2011  Knowledge  4  Innova7on  Conference  European  Parliament   Brussels   11-­‐13  October  2011  EU  China  Living  Labs  Collabora7on   Shanghai  and   17-­‐20  October  2011  Public  Launch  of  the  Chinese  Network  of  Living  Labs   Beijing  ENoLL  6th  Wave  Launch  event   Poznan   24  October  2011  Official  Launch  of  the  Brazilian  Network  of  Living  Labs   Vitoria,  Brazil   3-­‐4  November  2011  Euro-­‐Africa  CooperaHon  Forum  on  ICT   Cape  Town,   14-­‐15  November  2011  Public  ConsultaHon  of  the  African  Living  Labs  White  Paper  Policy   South  Africa  Final  PPP  recommenda7ons   Brussels   November  2011  
  9. 9. Open  Living  Labs  PPP  (1/2)  •   Strategic  Innova.on  Ecosystems,  large-­‐scale  pilot   ini7a7ves  aiming  to  s7mulate  the  growth  and  development   of  Living  Lab  innova7on  ecosystems  across  a  broad   spectrum  of  sectors  and  at  different  levels  of  governance.  •  Enabling  Ac.ons,  four  strands  of  ac7vity  (plus  one   support  ac7on)  covering  a  range  of  areas  that  support  and   reinforce  the  strategic  innova7on  ecosystems  and  defined   as:   –  Knowledge  Crea7on     –  Talent  Development,  Capacity  Building,  and  Job  Crea7on     –  New  Policy  Instruments     –  Interna7onal  Coopera7on   Coordina7on,  Dissemina7on  and  Engagement  
  10. 10. Open  Living  Labs  PPP  (2/2)  •  Large-­‐scale  ini7a7ves  s7mula7ng  the  development  and  growth  of   innova7on  ecosystems,  linking  the  research  Community  to  communi7es  of   ci7zens,  businesses  and  public  authori7es  across  Europe  •  Projects  could  be  selected  according  to  a  mul7-­‐stage  process  allowing  for   the  aggrega7on  of  strategic  objec7ves  and  the  mobiliza7on  of  all  relevant   stakeholders,  and  can  be  of  two  types:   –  Cross-­‐Thema.c  pilots:  focus  on  a  specific  social  challenges,  linking  with  on-­‐going   research  in  the  relevant  domains.  The  larger-­‐scale  ini7a7ves  of  this  type  will  explore   their  field  as  a  complex  mul7-­‐level  system  i.e  at  local,  rural,  urban,  regional,  na7onal,  EU   and  global  levels.   –  Smart  Places:  involving  networks  of  a  specific  territorial  model  –  Smart  Ci7es,  Smart   Rivers,  Smart  Regions,  etc.  –  as  integrated  systems,  with  a  strongly  transversal  approach   with  respect  to  the  sectors  iden7fied  in  the  cross-­‐thema7c  pilotswhile  at  the  same  7me   building  a  bojom  up  “smart  specializa7on”  in  the  areas  concerned  .  Strong  emphasis  on   Local  Digital  Agendas  linked  to  local  and  regional  communi7es  and  development   strategies  such  as  ERDF,  with  extensive  networks  7ed  to  research  systems  in  Europe   such  as  the  European  Research  Area  (ERA)  and  the  EIT.  
  11. 11. Enabling  Ac7ons  •  Enabling  Ac7ons  aim  to  contribute  towards  the  construc7on  of   sustainable  European  Living  Lab  infrastructures  –  both  methodologies  and   societal  structures  –  required  to  promote  and  s7mulate  innova7on   processes  on  an  on-­‐going  basis  •  Enabling  Ac7ons  structured  according  to  four  Strands  and  one  programme   support  ac7on  as  follows:   –  Knowledge  Crea7on   –  Talent  Development,  Capacity  Building,  and  Job  Crea7on   –  New  Policy  Instruments   –  Interna7onal  Coopera7on  •  Coordina7on,  Dissemina7on  and  Engagement    
  12. 12. Strand  1   Knowledge  Crea7on  •  Research  required  to  develop  emerging  topics  that  are  either  not   adequately  dealt  with  in  other  programmes  or  that  require  a  deep  mul7-­‐ disciplinary  (i.e  cross-­‐programme)  and  mul7-­‐stakeholder  approach  in   order  to  produce  relevant  results  for  Living  Lab  ecosystems    •  Thema7c  areas:   –  Understanding  the  User  Experience   –  Complex  Innova7on  Systems     –  Living  Lab  Governance     –  Evalua7on  and  Impact  Assessment    
  13. 13. Strand  2   Talent  Development,  Capacity  Building,     and  Job  Crea7on  •  Addresses  the  new  challenges  for  educa7on  and  learning  for  the   capaci7es  and  skills  required  to  support  diffused  Living  Lab  innova7on   ecosystems  and  the  new  learning  and  educa7onal  paradigms  thrown  up   by  the  Living  Lab  approach  itself  •  Thema7c  areas:   –  Innova7ve  Learning  Systems     –  Ac7on  and  Prac7ce-­‐based  Learning   –  Skills  and  Capaci7es   –  Learning  Repository    
  14. 14. Strand  3   New  Policy  Instruments  •  Tes7ng  new  approaches  to  suppor7ng  innova7on  in  the  public  interest,  as   well  as  promo7ng  the  uptake  of  best  prac7ce  in  public  administra7ons  at   all  levels  •  The  thema7c  areas:     –  Coordina7on  of  funding  sources   –  Public  Procurement   –  Private  financing     –  Crowdfunding  and  similar  approaches  
  15. 15. Strand  4   Interna7onal  Coopera7on  •  Beyond  the  possibility  of  networking  with  exis7ng  knowledge  and   excellence  abroad,  this  strand  aims  to  capture  and  incorporate  different   preferences,  needs  and  meanings  of  consumers  in  order  to  bejer  adapt   products  and  services  to  different  cultures  and  regions.    •  Through  ENoLL  the  opportunity  to  provide  services  to  (re)-­‐define,  localize   and  co-­‐create  ICT  innova7ons  in  different  parts  of  the  world,  making  them   truly  universal  •  Specific  features  in  this  strand  include:   –  Special  requirements  common  to  interna7onal  coopera7on  ini7a7ves   –  Links  with  relevant  EU  ini7a7ves  in  INCO,  ENPI,  etc.   –  The  par7cipa7ng  role  for  interna7onal  organisa7ons  such  as  the  UN   and  its  agencies,  the  World  Bank,  etc.  
  16. 16. Coordina7on,  Dissemina7on     and  Engagement  •  Suppor7ng  mechanism  for  the  en7re  programme,  par7cularly:   –  Marketplace/exchange  pla^orm  between  on-­‐going  projects  and  with   actors  external  to  the  programme,  including  mechanisms  such  as   challenges,  crowdsourcing,  etc.   –  Opera7onal  network  support  and  coordina7on   –  Dissemina7on  and  engagement  (media  channels,  workshops  and   events,  etc.)   –  Recommenda7ons  for  the  full-­‐scale  Open  Living  Labs  PPP  in  Horizon   2020    •  Ac7on  to  ensure  the  full  exploita7on  of  the  results:   –  Interlinking  the  proposed  enabling  ac7ons  aiming  to  the  defini7on  of   an  instrument  (such  as  a  European  Ins7tute  for  Social  and  Societal   Innova7on)  a  globally  compe77ve  university-­‐level  ins7tu7on    
  17. 17. Added  Value  of  the  Living  Labs  •  Crea7ng  the  process  of  selec7ng  the  concrete  cases  represen7ng  the   added  value  of  the  community  to  the  EU  Innova7on  System  •  Survey  the  Community  to  gather  the  relevant  informa7on  based  on  high-­‐ level  KPIs    •  Iden7fying  the  most  representa7ve  cases  to  support  the  Open  Living  Labs   PPP  -­‐ini7a7ve    •  Introducing  the  evidence  in  the  White  paper  draF    
  18. 18. Open  Living  Labs  PPP     Co-­‐design  process  •  Public  announcement  of  the  PPP  ini7a7ve  (Ghent,  Dec  2010)  •  Public  launch  White  paper  (Rome,  January  24th,  2011)  •  1st  DraF  of  White  paper  opening  of  public  consulta7on  (Budapest,  May  16th,  2011)  •  Presenta7on  at  the  European  Parliament  (October  11th,  2011)    •  DraF  of  the  Open  Living  Labs  PPP  Scoping  paper  to  the  European  Commission  (October   13th,  2011)  •  Con7nua7on  of  the  public  discussion  of  the  PPP  policy  paper    (October  24th,  2011,   Poznan,  “Shaping  out  the  Future  Internet  for  a  bejer  society  -­‐    Global  Partnerships  for   Social  Innova7on”)  •  First  draF  of  the  Open  Living  Labs  PPP  presented  to  the  ENoLL  General  Assembly   (December  2011)  •  Iden7fying  and  selec7ng  concrete  cases  from  the  community  demonstra7ng  the  added   value  of  Living  Labs  to  address  the  societal,  technological,  economical  grand  challenges   (January  2012,  process  will  be  carried  out  un7l  March  2012)    •  Ini7al  discussion  between  the  European  Commission  and  ENoLL    •  Joint  consulta7on  beyond  the  Living  Lab  Community  •  Official  document  to  be  presented  and  distributed  (April,  2012)    
  19. 19. 6th  Wave  of  Call  for     Membership  Applica7ons  (ENoLL)   hjp://     Announced  on  the     24th  of  October  in  Poznan,  Poland     To  be  closed  on  the    Future  Internet  Conference  in  Denmark  (May  2012)  
  20. 20. Thank  you!     Álvaro  de  Oliveira                Phone:                +351    21    486    67    84              Skype:            alvaroduarteoliveira             Twijer:   @openlivinglabs   Facebook:   ENoLL  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   20  
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