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GAIA Bird Living Lab by Ligia Whyte
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GAIA Bird Living Lab by Ligia Whyte


Published on

ENoLL Effective member Bird Living Lab (GAIA)

ENoLL Effective member Bird Living Lab (GAIA)

Published in: Sports, Technology

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  • 1. Case Studies Living LabsHosted by GAIA MOBILITY LAB Spain, January 2012
  • 2. BIRD  LIVING  LAB  •  Situated  in  the  Biosphere  Reserve  of  Urdaibai  (Basque  Country)    •  Mission   –  Develop   innova<ve   and   leading   product   oriented   projects   using   new   technologies  to  monitor  nature.    •  Objec5ves   –  To   have   more   and   beDer   informa<on   that   will   contribute   to   have   beDer   knowledge   about   climate   change,   diseases   (ex.   Avian   flu),   preven<on   of   natural  disasters,  etc.     –  To  promote  an  ecological  and  technological  tourism  in  the  area.    
  • 3. •  Industry  Involvement   •  Ac5vi5es   –  Aranzadi  Science  Society   –  Summer   Course:   Innova<ve   –  Gaia   ecosystems   in   Nature   Reserves.   –  BBK  (Bilbao  Bizkaia  Kutxa)   The   case   of   The   Urdaibai   –  Innovatec  Sensing  &  Communica<on   Biosphere  Reserve.   –  Global  Nature  Funda<on   –  Awarded  in  2009  one  of  the  best   –  SATEC/DOÑANA   10   innova4ve   ideas   by   the   –  Es<a   European   Satellite   Naviga4on   –  Navteq   Compe44on  “Galileo  Masters”.   –  ESA,Galileo   –  Part   of   the   MEP   Awards   2011   as   –  Lotek   Wireless   (fish   &   wildlife   monitoring)   an   official   sponsor   of   the   –  Virtualware   R e s e a r c h   a n d   I n n o v a < o n   –  Biotrack,   specialists   in   radio   tagging   Category.   for  wild  animals.   –  Recently   received   the   DEIA  •  Public  Sector  Involvement   H e m e n d i k   S a r i a k   a w a r d ,   –  University  of  the  Basque  Country   because   of   its   important   work,   –  Basque  Government   research   and   promo<on   of   –  Council  of  Bizkaia   Nature   conservancy   during   the   –  European   Union   for   Bird   Ringing.   last  year.     Euring   –  Consulate  of  India  
  • 4. SPORTIS    •  The   need   to   align   the   sports   sector   and   focus   its   efforts   has   been   iden<fied  at  a  na<onal  and  at  an  interna<onal  level,  with  the  consequent   crea<on   of   the   European   Pla`orm   in   Sports   Innova<on   (EPSI)   and   the   recently  created  Spanish  Pla`orm  in  Sports  Industry  (Inesport).  •  SPORTIS   Living   Lab   efforts   are   focused   on   geang   companies,   public   administra<ons,   research   centers   and   ci<zens   involved   in   the   innova<on   process  co-­‐crea<ng  and  valida<ng  new  technologies,  pla`orms,  products,   services  and  business  models  in  real  and  daily  contexts.  •  Mission   –  To  become  an  en<ty  for  projects  proposi<on,  defini<on  and  coordina<on  and   for   product   valida<on   developed   by   SPORTIS   partners   and   its   network   of   collaborators.  •  Objec5ves   –  to  promote  na<onal  and  interna<onal  projects  related  to  sports  and  wellness   sectors  to  go  further  onto  the  inves<gated  technologies.  
  • 5. •  Partners   •  Ac5vi5es   –  GAIA   –  Think   Thank   Event   –   Polo   Garaia  (Arrasate)   –  ESTIA     –  Gipuzkoa’s   (Basque   Country)   –  INESPORT   Sports  Industry  Census   –  IBV   –  Kirol  Txartela  Net  Ini<a<ve   –  University  of  Deusto   –  SMID   –   Measurement   Systems  •  Coopera5on  Partners   for  Digital  Image   –  ORBEA   –  Marina’s  Lif     –  ASTORE   –  2011   Summer   Course   “The   Art   –  TERNUA   of   Innova<on   in   Sports   for   the   –  MONDO   New  Leisure  Culture”.   –  POLIGRAS   –  Ac<ve   par<cipa<on   in   the   S p a n i s h   S p o r t   I n d u s t r y   T e c h n o l o g y   P l a ` o r m   (INESPORT)   –  Ac<ve   par<cipa<on   in   the   Basque   Physical   Ac<vity   Plan   (AKTIBILI)  
  • 6. MOBILITY  LAB  •  The  living  lab  that  allows  the  involvement  of  end  users,  companies   and   individuals   in   all   stages   of   the   design   process   for   mobility   solu<ons.  •  Mission   –  To   work   on   developing   mobile   solu<ons   and   services   on   transport,   health,  energy  and  ICT  fields.  •  Objec5ves   –  To   be   leaders   in   technological   solu<ons   for   vehicle   flows   management   models,     –  To   develop   the   most   innova<ve   technologies   and   op<mize   resources   linked  to  the  transport  infrastructure  in  road  and  urban  areas   –  To   create   new   services   for   ci<zens   and   for   the   sustainable   use   of   road   infrastructures.  
  • 7. •  Industry  Involvement   •  Ac5vi5es   –  Gaia   –  Selected  as  winner  in  the  GAINS   Open  Call  for  LL  in  reference  to   –  Iberma<ka   E n e r g y   t h e m e ,   w h e r e   –  Tekniker   OpenCarData   project   had   been   –  Ribate   the  winner  of  GNSS  Prize.  •  Public  Sector  Involvement   –  OpenCarData   –  Council  of  Gipuzkoa   –  Ibilnet