The	  European	  Network	  of	  	            Living	  Labs	              (ENoLL)	                        Anna	  Kivilehto	...
Overview	  •    ENoLL	  Structure	  •    ENoLL	  Office	  •    ENoLL	  Services	  •    ENoLL	  Visibility	  and	  CommunicaF...
274	  Living	  Labs	  1st	  Wave	  	   –	       19	  2nd	  Wave	  	   –	       32	  3rd	  Wave	  	   –	       68	  4th	  W...
ENoLL	  Structure	  •  22	  EffecFve	  members	  (full	  paying	  fee)	  	  •  5	  Associated	  members	  (full	  paying	  ...
All	  our	  labs:	  
What	  do	  our	  members	  say?	  "IniFated	  2006,	  the	  European	  Network	  of	  Living	  Labs	  -­‐	  ENoLL	  -­‐	 ...
ENoLL	  Office	  •  InternaFonal	  non-­‐profit	  associaFon	  under	  Belgian	     Law	  ENoLL	  aisbl	  founded	  in	  Janu...
ENoLL	  Services	  (1/2)	  •  InformaFon	  services	  (portal,	  newslefer,	  social	       media,	  mailing	  lists)	  • ...
ENoLL	  Services	                Visibility	  &CommunicaFons	  (2/2)	  •  ENoLL	  Portal	  (members	  secFon,	  profiles,	 ...
Connected	  Smart	  CiFes	  	                                    Network	  1/2	  •  Connected	   Smart	   CiAes	   Network...
Connected	  Smart	  CiFes	  Network	  2/2	  •  Closely	  collaboraFng	  with	  Smart	  CiFes	  Pormolio	     Working	  Gro...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	              Meaning	  for	  the	  ENoLL	  Members	  •  ParFcipaFon	  in	  projects	  is	  a	  ser...
ENoLL	  in	  projects:	                 Know	  more	  about	  what	  is	  going	  on	  •  ENoLL	  Project	  Involvement	  ...
What	  have	  we	  been	  up	  to?	  •    Project	  involvement	  and	  facilitaFon	  for	  our	  members	  •    Partner	 ...
Upcoming	  ENoLL	  events	  acFviFes	                            -­‐Join	  us!	  •  ENoLL	  @	  PICNIC	  2011	  Urban	  La...
Keep	  your	  eye	  on…	  •  Strategic	  and	  proacFve	  policy	  influencing	  with	  regard	  to	       EU	  policies	  ...
Contact	  us!	  	  	     ENoLL	  Office	         Pleinlaan	  9	  	     1050	  Brussels	  	     Belgium	  	     www.openlivin...
Follow	  us!	  •  Like	  us	  on	  Facebook	  ENoLL	  European	  Network	       of	  Living	  Labs	  •  Follow	  us	  on	 ...
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European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) General Presentation


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Anna Kivilehto on ENoLL and Connected Smart Cities Network
ENoLL Presentation for the Amsterdam Living Lab
September 9th, Brussels @Greenovate

Published in: Business, Technology
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European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) General Presentation

  1. 1. The  European  Network  of     Living  Labs   (ENoLL)   Anna  Kivilehto   Network  Manager   The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)  
  2. 2. Overview  •  ENoLL  Structure  •  ENoLL  Office  •  ENoLL  Services  •  ENoLL  Visibility  and  CommunicaFons  •  Connected  Smart  CiFes  Network  •  What  has  ENoLL  been  up  to?  •  ENoLL  Upcoming  AcFviFes  •  Keep  your  eye  on…  
  3. 3. 274  Living  Labs  1st  Wave     –   19  2nd  Wave     –   32  3rd  Wave     –   68  4th  Wave     –   93  5th  Wave   –   62   Total   274  
  4. 4. ENoLL  Structure  •  22  EffecFve  members  (full  paying  fee)    •  5  Associated  members  (full  paying  fee)  •  Community  of  Adherent  members  (cerFfied  through   Waves)    •  General  Assembly  of  EffecFve  members  •  Council  of  21  seats  (EffecFve  and  Associated  members  •  Council  Working  Groups  (strategy,  foreign  affairs,   themaFc  domains,  policy,  future  internet)  
  5. 5. All  our  labs:  
  6. 6. What  do  our  members  say?  "IniFated  2006,  the  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  -­‐  ENoLL  -­‐  has  grown  into  a  global  network  of  212  living  labs  (4th  Wave)  that  instrument  user-­‐powered  real-­‐life  innovaFon  acFviFes  in  more  than  32  countries  (2010).  This  non-­‐profit  network  is  the  first  of  its  kind.  It  brings  together  innovaFon  professionals  with  large  groups  of  ciFzens/users  -­‐  across  geographical  administraFve  organisaFonal  and  cultural  borders  -­‐  in  joint  innovaFon  acFons  to  address  peoples  every  day  needs  and  desires  as  well  as  major  global  challenges.”      Mikael  Börjeson,  CEO  CDT  Sweden,  Botnia  Living  Lab  (Sweden)    “I  feel  the  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  is  becoming  a  birthplace  for  sustainable  ciFes.  The  living  labs  are  proving  to  be  the  ideal  way  to  bring  ciFzens,  government  and  businesses  together  for  co-­‐innovaFon.  Living  labs  give  both  governments  and  ciFzens  a  way  to  explore  various  opFons  to  sustainable  city  iniFaFves  and  helps  free  them  from  limited  choices  provided  by  the  big  IT  vendors.    City  officials  face  overwhelming  opFons  in  selecFng  new  technologies,  and  a  living  lab  offers  them  a  way  to  gain  insights  through  vendor-­‐neutral  research.”    Pieter  Ballon,  IBBT/i.Lab.o  (Belgium)  
  7. 7. ENoLL  Office  •  InternaFonal  non-­‐profit  associaFon  under  Belgian   Law  ENoLL  aisbl  founded  in  January  2010  by  20   Founding  members  •  ENoLL  Secretariat  IBBT  hosts  the  ENoLL  Office  in   Brussels  close  to  the  EU  insFtuFons  at  the  University   Campus  (VUB)  •  2  Full  Fme  Staff  members,  Anna  Kivilehto  (Network   Manager)  and  Ana  Garcia  (Project  Manager)  •  MeeFng  and  event  faciliFes  
  8. 8. ENoLL  Services  (1/2)  •  InformaFon  services  (portal,  newslefer,  social   media,  mailing  lists)  •  Visibility  and  lobby  towards  relevant  insFtuFons  •  OrganisaFonal  support  to  its  members  (hosFng    and   supporFng  members  events)  •  Supports  the  ENoLL  Council  in  developing  and   implemenFng  ENoLL  strategic  and  operaFonal   objecFves  •  Catalyzing  opportuniFes  (workshops,  matchmaking   events,  project  development)    
  9. 9. ENoLL  Services   Visibility  &CommunicaFons  (2/2)  •  ENoLL  Portal  (members  secFon,  profiles,  search   engine,  Living  Lab  map)  •  ENoLL  monthly  newslefer  •  ENoLL  in  Social  Media  (Twifer,  Facebook,  Scribd,   Delicious,  Flickr,  LinkedIn,  Vimeo)  
  10. 10. Connected  Smart  CiFes     Network  1/2  •  Connected   Smart   CiAes   Network   was   launched   under   the   EU-­‐ funded   (7th   Framework   Programme)   FIREBALL-­‐project   in   Helsinki   on  November  18th,  2010  by  the  ciFes  of  Amsterdam,  Manchester,   Lisbon,  Barcelona  and  Helsinki.  •  Aims   to   establish   a   collaboraAon   mechanism   through   which   a   network   of   Smart   CiAes   across   Europe   engages   in   long-­‐term   collaboraAon   for   adopAng   User   Driven   Open   InnovaAon   to   explore   the   opportuniAes   of   the   Future   Internet   and   to   support   ciFes   to   innovate   in   order   to   tackle   the   major   societal   challenges   faced   by   Europe,   such   as   sustainable   mobility,   climate   change,   energy  security  or  our  ageing  populaFon.    •  Connected  Smart  CiAes  Network  in    •  ENoLL  as  a  ThemaAc  Domain  •  See  Helsinki  Showcase  on  Vimeo  
  11. 11. Connected  Smart  CiFes  Network  2/2  •  Closely  collaboraFng  with  Smart  CiFes  Pormolio   Working  Group  and  ENoLL  senng  the  basis  for   long  term  sustainability  •  Adding  new  city  members  in  Europe  and  beyond  •  SupporFng  new  projects  •  PromoFng  large  scale  projects    •  Policy  recommendaFons.  Pre-­‐comercial   procurement  of  innovaFon  •  Sharing  best  pracFces  cases  •  CreaFng  RDI  Roadmap    
  12. 12. ENoLL  in  projects:   Meaning  for  the  ENoLL  Members  •  ParFcipaFon  in  projects  is  a  service  that  ENoLL   provides  to  its  EffecFve  and  Associated  members  •  Distributed  tasks  •  Direct  parFcipaFon  in  ENoLL  projects  •  Providing  informaFon  about  upcoming  calls  •  Helping  our  members  to  create  consorFa    •  Providing  lefers  of  support  in  projects  
  13. 13. ENoLL  in  projects:   Know  more  about  what  is  going  on  •  ENoLL  Project  Involvement  Guidelines  •  ENoLL  Project  WG  •  Ongoing  projects:   • EPIC,  SMARTIP,  PERIPHERIA  (CIP  ICT  PSP):  started  Q4   2010.   • CONCORD  (FP7,  CSA):  started  Q2  2011   • CITYSDK  (CIP  ICT  PSP):  in  negoFaFons  and  expected  to   be  started  in  Q4  2011   • INNOMATNET  (FP7,  CSA):  in  negoFaFons  and  expected   to  be  started  in  Q4  2011    
  14. 14. What  have  we  been  up  to?  •  Project  involvement  and  facilitaFon  for  our  members  •  Partner  in  4  Smart  City  pilots  (funded  from  CIP  ICT  PSP)  •  Launch  of  the  Connected  Smart  CiFes  network  •  Living  Lab  Summer  School  (2010  Paris,  2011  Barcelona,  2012   Helsinki  •  MoUs  with  FAO,  World  Bank,  CAISEC,  UNITED,  LLiSA  •  New  ENoLL  communicaFon  tools  and  services  •  Future  Internet  and  Social  InnovaFon  Convergence   (CONCORD  FI  PPP)  •  Brazilian  network  of  Living  Labs,  African  Network  of  Living   Labs,  Chinese  Network  of  Living  Labs....  
  15. 15. Upcoming  ENoLL  events  acFviFes   -­‐Join  us!  •  ENoLL  @  PICNIC  2011  Urban  Labs,  Living  Networks  (14th   September)  Amsterdam  •  Living  Lab  prize  (sponsored  by  ENoLL)    •  ENoLL  @  Open  days,  3rd  European  InnovaFon  Summit   (11th  &  13th  October)  Brussels  •  ENoLL  @  Future  Internet  Week  (24th  &  26th  October)   Poznan  (6th  Wave  Launch)  •  ENoLL  @  eChallenges  (26th  –  28th  October)  •  ENoLL  @SME  Outreach  event  (tentaFve  date  24th   November)  •  ENoLL  @  InnovaFon  ConvenFon  (5th-­‐6th  December)   Brussels  
  16. 16. Keep  your  eye  on…  •  Strategic  and  proacFve  policy  influencing  with  regard  to   EU  policies  (EU  2020,  InnovaFon  Union,  Digital  Agenda)   and  instruments  (Horizon  2020)  post  2013-­‐  focus  on   user-­‐driven  innovaFon  in  the  upcoming  funding   instruments,  working  closely  with  EU  insFtuFons  (EC,  EU   Parliament,  CoR,  EECS)  •  Strategic  EU  iniFaFves  (Future  Internet  PPP,  Smart  CiFes)  •  CooperaFon  with  ERRIN,  EUROCITIES,  EEN    •  GlobalizaFon  of  ENoLL  (in  Brazil,  China,  Africa)  strategic   alliances  with  World  Bank,  FAO,  INSME  •  Enhancing  the  members  services  (portal,  profiles,   supporFng  the  ENoLL  working  groups)    
  17. 17. Contact  us!       ENoLL  Office   Pleinlaan  9     1050  Brussels     Belgium    
  18. 18. Follow  us!  •  Like  us  on  Facebook  ENoLL  European  Network   of  Living  Labs  •  Follow  us  on  Twifer  @openlivinglabs      
  19. 19. THANK  YOU!    
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