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ENoLL in Projects Pieter Ballon
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ENoLL event, May 16th Budapest

ENoLL event, May 16th Budapest

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  • 1. European  Innova,on  Ini,a,ves   (ENoLL  in  projects)     Pieter  Ballon   Secretary  of  the  Council   May  16th  2011  
  • 2. The  European  Network  of  Living  Labs   May  16th  2011  
  • 3. ENoLL  ivzw  •  ENoLL network launched first wave for membership in November 2006•  International non-profit association under Belgian law ENoLL ivzw was established on January 25th 2010 by 20 creating organisations•  Office in Brussels across university campus & near to EU Beaulieu; with secretary, network manager, meeting facilities, event facilities May  16th  2011  
  • 4. ENoLL  Office  Tasks  1.  Enroll administration2.  ENoLL portal3.  ENoLL newsletter4.  ENoLL mailing lists5.  ENoLL house style6.  ENoLL legal issues7.  ENoLL financial operations8.  ENoLL service offering9.  ENoLL office event support10.  ENoLL proposal/project support May  16th  2011  
  • 5. ENoLL  Membership  •  Three types of membership –  Adherent Member: certified Living Lab, administrative fee of 500€ –  Effective Member: certified Living Lab, membership fee of 5000€ –  Associate Member: other organisations, membership fee of 5000€•  Procedure for application: –  Adherent Members via Wave Applications (5th Wave started on December, 14th, 2010; closed on May, 16th, 2011) –  Effective and Associate Members through application via ENoLL Office + Approval by General Assembly•  Membership fee from M7 of any given year: 50% ‘discount’, so 2.500 € from 1/7/2011 May  16th  2011  
  • 6. ENoLL  Catalyzing  Opportuni,es  •  Information and matchmaking events•  Working Group workshops•  Showcasing member profiles•  Consortium partners and Support partners•  Support for local funding (neutrality provisions) May  16th  2011  
  • 7. ENoLL  Catalyzing  Opportuni,es  •  ENoLL iVZW can be partner to a proposal –  Hosting project events –  Disseminating results to Living Lab Community –  Ensuring sustainability –  Involving members that can provide services in distributed manner•  Service for effective and associated members•  Neutrality provisions•  Results for CIP PSP Smart Cities Call 2010 –  16% overall success rate (7 out of 42) –  11% success rate of non-ENoLL iWZW proposals (4 out of 37) –  60% success rate of ENoLL iVZWW proposals (3 out of 5) May  16th  2011  
  • 8. Apollon   May  16th  2011  
  • 9. Smart  Ci,es  PorMolio   May  16th  2011  
  • 10. CONCORD  (Future  Internet  PPP)   May  16th  2011  
  • 11. Thank  you!     ENoLL  Office   Pleinlaan  9   1050  Brussels   Belgium   info@enoll.org  www.openlivinglabs.eu   May  16th  2011