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CitySDK at the ENoLL workshop at the FI Week in Aalborg. Intervention by Marja Mattila, Forum Virium Helsinki

CitySDK at the ENoLL workshop at the FI Week in Aalborg. Intervention by Marja Mattila, Forum Virium Helsinki

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  • 1. Forum Virium Helsinki New service innovations –in cooperation with companies,public sector organizationsand citizens. Marja Mattila 9.5.2012
  • 2. Anchor PublicCompanies Sector Member Companies
  • 3. •  Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovator and an initiator of new kind of cooperation between companies, public sector organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally competitive services that are based on the real needs of users.
  • 4. Helsinki Region Infoshare •  Public data pools from the Helsinki Region as open regional data •  The opened data is ready to be used by anyone freely at no cost •  One main goal is to pilot an open data activity model and its implications to both the producers and end users of the dataDatakuvat: –  Learning by doing –  Sharing the lessons learned
  • 5. City Service Development Kit SmartOpening uppublic data Open Helsinki City City as an interface International harmonization
  • 6. Windows Phone
  • 7. Use case: Service Map of the city and feedback channel in a car navigator
  • 8. CitySDKWhy?•  Technology•  Service provision•  Economic benefits
  • 9. CitySDK  The  consor*um  consists  of  23  partners  in  9  European  states.  In  addi*on  to  experienced  SMEs,  large  ICT  and  media  companies  and  research  partners  the  consor*um  includes  eight  ci*es,  five  being  the  Capital  ci*es/regions.   Ci)es,  municipali)es  and  city   Private  companies   regions:   Alfamicro   Amsterdam   Gnosis  Computers   HELSINKI   Barcelona   ISA  –  Intelligent  Sensing   Helsinki   Anywhere   Istanbul   Lynx   Lamia   Sanoma   MANCHESTER   Lisbon   TAGES   Manchester     Rome   Universi)es  and  research     ins)tutes     AMSTERDAM   Development  and  expert   University  of  Tilburg   organiza)ons   ESADE   Forum  Virium  Helsinki   CASPUR   FutureEverything   Ins*tuto  Superior  Técnico   Waag  Society   Amsterdam  University  of     Applied  Sciences   ISTANBUL   Network  organiza)ons   ROME   European  Network  of  Living   Labs     BARCELONA     LISSABON     LAMIA          
  • 10. CitySDKJanuary 2012 – June20146,8 MEUR3 Pilot domains-  Smart Participation-  Smart Mobility-  Smart Tourism
  • 11. Smart  Par*cipa*on  
  • 12. Smart  Par*cipa*on  –  Lead  Pilot  in  Helsinki   Piloted  in  the   CitySDK  project.   Interfaces  and  processes  developed  during  the   project.    FVH  coordinates   Oma  kaupunki   Palauteydin,   ASPA  feedback   service   feedback  core   handling  system   Sanoma  Oyj   Helsinki,  Titek   Helsinki,  HKR  Ci*zen   Technology,   City   soYware   Department  B   plaZorms   Fillarikanava   Processes   City   Department  C   Facebook   Best  prac*ses   Media  XY   City   Department  D  
  • 13. Smart Mobility
  • 14. OKODEMobicity Stop Map Helsinki Minun lähdöt ReittiGPS Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) data •  Open interfaces. Free, requires registration. •  Journey Planner, Timetables, Bus stop locations, Live vehicle data
  • 15. Smart TourismKuva: Susanna Ollila
  • 16. CitySDK  Factsheet  Funding:        CIP  ICT-­‐PSP  Total  budget:      6,8  MEUR  EU-­‐contribu*on:  3,4  MEUR  Dura*on:      1.1.2012-­‐30.6.2014  (30  months)  Partners:        23  organiza*ons  from  9  countries    Coordinator:    Forum  Virium  Helsinki  Marja  Magla,  tel.  +358  40  7440067