Open iT software Usage monitoring and IT optimization solutions brochure


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Open iT software Usage monitoring and IT optimization solutions brochure.

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Open iT software Usage monitoring and IT optimization solutions brochure

  1. 1. Global Leader in Usage Metering and Optimization
  2. 2. CORE SOLUTIONSOpen iT delivers solutions within software and asset management,IT chargeback, capacity and performance planning. We enable ourcustomers to optimize their information technology assets bymetering how resources are used, providing a tool for analyzingusage and the expertise for software optimization.Why do you need us?Getting a better view of how your costly IT resources arebeing used throughout the organization will help youmake better decisions, develop accurate budget, reducebottleneck and improve efficiency.CENTRALIZED VIEW OF GLOBAL USAGE INCREASE TECHNOLOGY UPTAKE HARVEST UNUSED LICENSES IMPROVE USER EFFICIENCY ALIGN IT WITH BUSINESS STAY COMPLIANT IT CHARGEBACK/SHOWBACK ENABLE PAY-PER-USEOpen iT’s software solution is the most flexible and powerfulusage monitoring tool available, and is currently deployed atmore than 50 Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
  3. 3. GLOBAL IT ASSET USAGE How does Open iT Software keep SUPPORTED* track of your assets?LICENSE MANAGERS• Abaqus• Animator• Beta LM• DSLS• Elan• Enterprise Architect LM• FLEXlm/FlexNet• Green Hills• HQMS Our software serves as a global hub• IBM LUM for collection and distribution of• LM-X usage data, placed in the middle of your environment. Open iT software• LS-Dyna is platform-independent, and can• MathLM support devices even outside the• NetHASP firewall in which the data collected is• Parasoft uploaded automatically once an offline device gets online.• Reprise• Sentinel RMS Open iT also integrates with other• SlickEdit enterprise solutions, such as AD/LDAP• STI and Microsoft SMS/SCCM, in order to provide more detailed usage data to• Vector the business.* Other License Managers Open iT is cloud-ready, and enablescan be supported upon metered usage agreements for cloudrequest. providers and their customers.
  4. 4. HARVEST UNUSED LICENSESAre you spending too much on unused softwareapplications?Costly licensed applications, if not in real use, lead toresource waste. Open iT software gives you an enterprise-wide view of software license usage, from corporate downto a single user. With Open iT, you can get highly targeted,automated license management by: (1) discoveringapplications not in use, (2) distinguishing underutilizedapplications and, (3) redeploying unused licenses to activeusers working on high priority projects. Compare total and active max concurrent usage of an application. Is there a need to harvest inactive licenses?
  5. 5. ALIGN IT WITH BUSINESSHow to value and justify IT expenditures?Aligning IT with business strategy boils down to howbusiness unit managers make decisions about financingresource distribution, cost revitalization and overall ITexpenditure.Cost catalog and standard invoice templates cover the needsfor pay-per-use, chargeback, cost based on elapsed/concurrent/average, etc., and cost based on individualfeatures or feature sets.IT CHARGEBACK/SHOWBACKWith Open iT, you can accurately charge internal users,groups, departments and business units for use of softwarebased on actual usage.
  6. 6. IT CHARGEBACK / PAY-PER-USEWhich license agreement is best for you?ENABLE PAY-PER-USECompanies with expensive software licenses stand to gainthe most by keeping an eye on usage monitoring. ThePay-per-use model provides options to enter into a moreflexible agreement with core vendors: • Base payment for access + extra payment for use • No base, only pay for usage • Base payment includes “free” usage up to a limit Usage is metered as a function of elapsed time, number of distinct users or devices, number of concurrent users or devices, or combinations.
  7. 7. INCREASE TECHNOLOGY UPTAKEDo you have IT metrics that adds value to yourbusiness?When a company decides to switch to a new core businesstechnology, software application monitoring is an integralpart of a robust implementation program that can be usedto determine the program’s effectiveness, measure KPIs andreduce the loss of productivity during the transition.License Usage MetricsContinuously monitoring license usage throughout theprogram, not just at the beginning and the end, will give theimplementation team a real-time dashboard on which to seehow well the program is progressing. It is important that the metering tool can calculate true global concurrency, even if the licenses are served locally, to get a correct picture of your true global license needs.
  8. 8. IMPROVE USER EFFICIENCYCan you reduce IT costs and enhance productivityat the same time?Open iT also delivers a complete software audit for licenseportfolio management, enables performance improvementsby documenting best practices and identify undesirableusage patterns. A heat map report shows the data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. The busiest hours for certain license use will show up as red, while the least busy will be green. Measures CPU, memory and I/O usage by different application, users, machines, etc., permitting fine- tuning of machine capacity and charge- by-use accounting for a variety of system-wide IT functions.
  9. 9. STAY COMPLIANTAre you prepared for your next software licensingaudit?Open iT software can help managers get more value fromsoftware vendors by providing detailed knowledge ofcurrent user patterns of applications, to use as leveragewhen negotiating future software agreements.Compare the usage by location, region or department vs.overall license usage. Identify named users who are notfully utilizing their assigned licenses, and document optimalways to distribute and allocate licenses. This report performs a global usage analysis of a certain feature which doesn’t reach the maximum utilization of concurrent licenses. There is no need to have much headroom in your licenses, unless you expect to grow dramatically. You can remix, trade in or re-negotiate the contract, based on accurate usage data.
  10. 10. FLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL REPORTINGInteractive Real-time ViewView actual license check-outs, user details and most utilizedfeatures.Excel DashboardWork with templates and create your own instant ad-hocreports.
  11. 11. CUSTOMER CORNER BURLINGTON RESOURCES Business Challenge Reduce annual software costs and improve the teams’ synergy and global sharing of information. Open iT Solution The customer invested in Open iT LicenseAnalyzerTM and saved $5 million on software costs in two years by harvesting unused and under-utilized software. • 36% reduction on the first year • Additional 19% reduction on the second year Using Open iT, Burlington Resources identified a business value improvement 20 times higher than that of the IT savings alone.
  12. 12. www.openit.comHOUSTON PHILIPPINES GERMANYTwo Park Ten Place Doña Aurora Blvd., Im Neuenbühl 716300 Katy Freeway Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, D-71287 Weissach,Houston, Texas 77094, USA Lucena City 4301, PHILIPPINES GERMANYPhone: 281-599-3400 Phone: +63 42 710 8566 Phone: +49 7152Fax: 707-760-4575 307090-0OSLO STAVANGER OPEN IT, INC.Karoline Kristiansens v. 5 P.O. Box 265 info@openit.comN-0661 Oslo, NORWAY N-4066 Stavanger, NORWAYPhone: +47 22 20 40 50 Phone: +47 51 64 09 80Open iT and the Open iT logo are registered trademarks of Open iT, Inc. References from BurlingtonResources used with permission. Other branches are copyright of their respective owners, and arementioned for reference only. Specifications subject to change.© 2013 Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved.