Goodrich Presentation how they used Open iT software usage monitoring tools to cut down their IT costs.


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How Goodrich used Open iT software usage monitoring tools to cut down their IT costs.

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Goodrich Presentation how they used Open iT software usage monitoring tools to cut down their IT costs.

  1. 1. License MonitoringAcross the EnterpriseGraeme Walker, GoodrichJohn Hovda, OpeniT
  2. 2. License Monitoring across the Enterprise• Goodrich and OpeniT• Why• Requirements• Benefits to Goodrich• Project• Solution• Phase 1• Results• Phase 2• Questions
  3. 3. Goodrich Corporation • Charlotte, NC corporate headquarters • Fortune 500 company, $7B in sales • 25% Defense and Space • 34% Commercial OE • 36% Commercial Aftermarket • 20,000+ employees • Growth through acquisition • Components on every plane flying • 18 Strategic Business Units • Aerostructures, Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes, Interiors, Sensors, Engine Components, etc. • Each SBU has multiple worldwide sites • Typically separate SBU IT decision making
  4. 4. OpeniT• OpeniT, Inc. is an independent software vendor, founded in 1999, present in the Americas, Europe and Asia.• OpeniT creates software for IT resource monitoring, reporting and optimization. Companies around the globe use OpeniT to reduce the cost and complexity of managing corporate assets.• 98% of OpeniT customers renewed their Support and Maintenance contracts in 2008/2009.• R&D budget between 20-30% each year.• Low turnover for key programmers• Debt-free•
  5. 5. Why?• Engineering software is expensive! $20k+ per Engineer • We estimated 5000+ Engineers • $100M asset!• Currently minimal monitoring of most licenses • Individual Business Unit scripts, not enterprise capable• Limited knowledge of what Engineering software is available across Goodrich enterprise • Mostly word of mouth • Few economies of scale with software vendors • Each division buys separately• Diversification of applications with similar functionality• Limited utilization and ability to monitor and predict capacity• Lack of license sharing mechanism between divisions
  6. 6. Requirements• Determine license utilization over enterprise not just division• Get best value from Software Vendors• Use OTS software wherever possible• Consolidate software licenses for best utilization • Reduction in total licenses required• Consolidate license servers• Optimize resources, hardware and personnel• Support FlexLM, LUM, Sentinel plus others as required• User access to current usage• Application Tool requirements: • Monitor license usage across the global enterprise • Ability to report on license denials • Support for multiple license server platforms • Need ability to track license usage by division/location/user • Ability to manage licenses across time zones • Need support for multiple license managers • AD integration
  7. 7. Benefits to Goodrich• Having detailed knowledge of current user patterns of applications is strategic when negotiating future software agreements.• An expected 10% savings to Goodrich - $6-10M over 4 years• Comprehensive Engineering Software inventory• Engineering user discovery, how many, where.• Avoid costs for future software license and maintenance fees by uncovering inefficient or undesired software usage patterns• Remixing license features across the entire enterprise will make better use of these assets• Rationalization of server assets may free up resources• The ability to accurately chargeback by division, location, user, etc.• Accurate reports for audit purposes are easily available
  8. 8. PROJECT• Engineering IT group overseeing this project • Infrastructure concerned with hardware/OS/Office • Have own initiative using PS’Soft to track IT assets• Corporate IT approval 4Q 2007• SBU’s Included in Phase I: • ASG, Aerostructures, Chula Vista CA • AWB, Aircraft Wheel and Brakes, Troy OH • CGO, Cargo Systems, Jamestown ND • ISR, Chelmsford MA • LGD, Landing Gear, Oakville ON and Cleveland OH • SIS, Sensor and Integrated Systems, Burnsville MN • Corporate License Servers • IDC, India Design Center
  9. 9. Solution• Reviewed several license monitoring applications • Most not enterprise capable • Also looked at internal applications• We decided on OpeniT LicenseAnalyzer software • Excellent reporting capability • Licensing is by total distinct users per month • OpeniT also had some other technologies • Application Tracker • License Optimizer• OpeniT were keen to get into MCAD • Mostly focused on ECAD and Oil Exploration • We thought we had expensive software!
  10. 10. Solution cont’d• Client/Server application• Central Linux server located in Mesa, AZ • Web interface for reporting • Data repository and data manipulation• Distributed license server clients • Query license daemons every five minutes • Upload data twice daily to server• Started pilot in spring 2007• Rolled out Phase 1 in spring 2008
  11. 11. Solution cont’d Architecture Burnsville, MN (SIS) Chula Vista, CA (ASG) Mesa, Arizona OpeniT Server Professional and Troy, OH (AWB) License Analyzer Server Danbury, CT (ISR) Mesa Arizona, Jamestown, ND (Corp) (CGO) Cleveland, Ohio Bangalore, India (LGD) (IDC)
  12. 12. Phase one• Divisions commit to monitor licensing• Include all license servers in participating divisions • Pilot only included a subset – 10+ servers • 53 servers to date, keep discovering more • Major management issue• Include all major Engineering licensed software • Pilot only included a subset• AD integration to provide mapping between user and division • Major issues with Active Directory • Divisions, Locations, Departments, Users • 214 Divisions!• Start to centralize certain licenses at Mesa data center • Ansys, DOORS, CATIA
  13. 13. Results• Discovered 3500+ users• Started to consolidate licenses to Mesa• Standardized/documented license server installation• 53 license servers• $800k savings in 2008
  14. 14. Results cont’d
  15. 15. Results cont’d
  16. 16. Results cont’d
  17. 17. Results cont’d
  18. 18. Results cont’d
  19. 19. Results cont’d
  20. 20. Phase two• Rollout to all divisions within corporation, 100+ servers• Additional users expected • Expect to exceed 5,000 users in Phase 2• Added functionality to be rolled out for specific applications • Application Tracker - ability to track license use based on user keyboard/mouse/cpu/disk usage • License optimization - ability to retrieve license if not used within a predetermined time period.
  21. 21. Phase two cont’d• Divisions commit to sharing licenses• Commitment to cover costs until billing resolved• Standardized license servers at data centers • Two in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific• Standardized client license access • Port numbers and environment variables • VPN access• Initiate discussions with software vendors• Licensing across the borders
  22. 22. Phase two cont’d• Determine how to split costs of shared software • Based on % of total hours used? • Based on number of users? • Billed by division, location, project, etc.• Who pays for additional software purchases?
  23. 23. Questions?••