CASE                 HOW A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY REDUCED ITS                 DATABASE COSTS BY 30%      ...
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Fortune 500 used Open iT software asset management tools to reduce 30% of their database costs.


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How a Fortune 500 company reduced its database costs by 30% using Open iT software asset management tools.

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Fortune 500 used Open iT software asset management tools to reduce 30% of their database costs.

  1. 1. CASE HOW A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY REDUCED ITS DATABASE COSTS BY 30% Multi-national company has extra-ordinary IT needs and expenditures. A large, industrial conglomerate, involved in such diverse activities as oil and gas exploration, fertilizer pro- duction and light metals, wanted to assess how its computer resources were being used to better manage its IT expenditures. With a complex IT infrastructure distributed in multiple sites around the globe, getting a system-wide overview of its resource usage patterns and needs seemed a formidable task. Perception of software need vs. reality of software usage Management was aware that ac- curate and comprehensive knowl- edge of IT and usage patterns could potentially yield enormous savings in software alone. One known area of widespread costs was in database software. World- wide, the company had approx. 30 different license agreements with their database suppliers. These agreements were based upon estimated usage, while ac- tual user statistics remained un- known. 60% more licenses than necessary The Gartner Group predicts that companies lacking a reporting system for their software usage will have 60% more licenses than necessary. Overlicensing in many compa- nies is due to the fact that pur- chases are initiated by software users, who typically over-esti- mate the time to be spent using the applications – and they are made at the local level, robbing the company of the benefits of centralized purchasing, such as that its maximum number of si- Why Open iT LicenseAnalyzer? flexibility and savings found in multaneous database service us- • Identifies application users and corporate license deals. ers was significantly lower than distributes licenses to the users had been estimated and paid for. who need them With this knowledge, the com- • Measures usage continually, so pany was able to match software Open iT Software provides ac- license purchases to actual need trends can easily be seen curate overview thus reducing li- • Counts the user once, regard- and reduce license costs by 30%. less of whether he/she is using cense costs Additionally, with a better under- Open iT Software was purchased more than one application at a standing of software user trends time to measure a variety of IT system through-out the organization, the statistics, with the Open iT Licen- • Provided by an independent company was able to save more vendor seAnalyzer module applied to money by consolidating software documenting its company-wide • Stores measurements as signed, license purchases and benefit encrypted, read-only logs, software license usage. Upon from enterprise discounts. viewing the license usage reports, preventing data manipulation the company quickly discovered © 2004 Open iT, Inc. All rights reserved. This case study is for informational purposes only. Open iT makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Open iT is a registered trademark of Open iT Inc.