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FIA Dublin Presentations: The role of APIs in exposing cross-device functionalities by Dr. Javier Caminero (Telefónica R&D)
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FIA Dublin Presentations: The role of APIs in exposing cross-device functionalities by Dr. Javier Caminero (Telefónica R&D)






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FIA Dublin Presentations: The role of APIs in exposing cross-device functionalities by Dr. Javier Caminero (Telefónica R&D) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Presented by Dr. Javier Caminero, Telefónica R&D09. May 2013FIA Dublinwebinos – Platform for device-independent Web-Applications
  • 2. webinos – clearly connectedMotivationstarting situation• More connected devices than people on earth [1]• Parallel device usage increases:– “77% of the time when we’re using a TV, we’re using another device.” [2]• Devices are getting more and more powerful and feature rich at the same time– Lots of sensors, but data often shared thoughtlessly impairing privacy– High storage capacities, but files synced with centralized services due to convenience• Even if most new connected devices offer access to Internet services, they rather coexists thaninterplay with other devices• Realization of seamless experiences is a demanding task for service providers and developers– Diversity of device types– Fragmentation of platforms– Often manual handling of synchronization, communication mechanisms, privacyprotection, user preferences Strong trend towards Web-based application platforms, but also a controversial discussion!2[1] http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac79/docs/innov/IoT_IBSG_0411FINAL.pdf[2] Google, “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior”, August 2012
  • 3. Cross-Device ApplicationsTV Smartphones & TabletsCarsPC/LaptopConnected WordUsing multiple devices forcreating richer applicationsEmbeddedwebinos – clearly connected 5
  • 4. webinos – clearly connectedThe webinos projectwhat is it?http://www.webinos.org/members
  • 5. 7The webinos projectthe value of openwebinos supports 3 essential open principles that webelieve are essential for long term successOpen StandardsOpen SourceOpen Marketwebinos – clearly connected
  • 6. 8The webinos projectkey deliverieswebinos – clearly connectedFive Target Devices8 Ported OS’sPlatformAPIsApps StoreSecuritydevices and people in a distributed mannerApplicationsSDK and Portal
  • 7. webinos – clearly connectedThe personal zonekey concept introduced by webinosThe Personal Zone:• defines the set of all devices and services owned by a particular user.• re-establishes user’s control over own personal devices, apps, services and data.Key features:10• Interoperability– Service access across domains• Easy development– Abstraction layer for(remote) APIs andcommunication• Portability– “one virtual device”• Control– Explicit policy based accesscontrol to services and resources
  • 8. webinos – clearly connectedPersonal zonessupporting a personal zone concept12PZH Personal Zone Hub• Single sign on / Auth• Sync across devices• Storage preferences, policies,• Discovery & access• Policy / TrustPZPPersonalZoneProxyPZP PZP PZPPZHPZP PZP PZP PZPPZHPZP PZP PZP PZP3) Communicationbetween devices(bearer independent)2) Discovery, Authentication,Syncronisation1) Identified by a URL,supports a RESTful APIbased upon JSON RPC
  • 9. webinos – clearly connectedDeveloping a webinos app3-steps process overview1. Start realizing your app idea using well known Web technologies.2. Decide which services and resources you would like to use by selecting form theprovided webinos APIs.Implement against an abstract device, thatcomes with all properties provided by allphysical devices.3. Package the application and publish it on apps stores (example store) or on a Website. Downloading this application will allow for installation and execution on thedevice. Latter even in local peer network without internet connectivity.14
  • 10. webinos – clearly connectedDeveloping a webinos appThe result15PZH(Personal Zone Hub)InternetSecurity PolicyAccess todeviceorientationsensor data onremote device.
  • 11. webinos demoshttps://developer.webinos.org/application-overview
  • 12. 17Vehicle Platform• Provides an open web applicationsplatform for rapid development of– Navigation functions– In car media– In car messaging/communications– Engine monitoring– Driver assist• In car “private cloud” gives seamlesssecure interaction with phones at tablets• Remote “private cloud” meanstelematics, engine data and drivingbehaviour can be shared with 3rd parties(new business models)webinos – clearly connected
  • 13. webinos Payment across screens A webinos browser comes with in-built NFC support and Payment API support Retailers and brand owners can create websites that “add-value” to the physicalshopping experience– Curated content: links to catalogue and stock data– Media: links to magazines and articles that mention or are about this product– Social: links to social media streams and commentary All this can be delivered using standard HTML and JavaScript – using a universalbrowser Demo:– Use of webinos Payment API– Pay for goods shopped on one deviceswith your wallet stored on your mobile: Secure, Simple, Fast– Read more:http://www.webinos.org/blog/2013/02/22/webinos-payment-across-screens/webinos – clearly connected 19
  • 14. webinos – clearly connectedConclusion• Web-based approach has a big potential and hence relevance for multi-device / multi-screenscenarios (but work-in-progress)• Personal Zone Concept shows how devices (of different types and from different vendors) can besecurely connected– Forming a virtual device• Results (esp. APIs) are being standardized in W3C• Reference implementation is available as Open Source (Apache License)• Commercially focused projects (apps) starts evaluating webinos code for use• Commercial exploitation of code base is currently under preparationcontact us and get involved!• General information at www.webinos.org• Developer specific information (Code, Tutorials, examples, forum, etc.) at developer.webinos.org26
  • 15. webinos – clearly connected?? || /* */27THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION