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Canada's imagine nation challenges to improve healthcare jennifer zelmer


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Canada's imagine nation challenges to improve healthcare by Jennifer Zelmer, Canada Health Infoway

Canada's imagine nation challenges to improve healthcare by Jennifer Zelmer, Canada Health Infoway

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  • This presentation should include detailed, stand-alone information about the case study you will discuss during the How To Alley. These presentations will be published on the OGP site in order to disseminate the information to those who are unable to attend. These presentations will NOT be presented during the Alley itself, and are instead intended for consumption via the web. Make sure to include the following information:The How To Alley topic your case study relates to;A description of project objectives;A description of the results;Any lessons learned or best practices discovered during the project;Contact information; andAny meaningful quotes or visuals regarding the case study.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Canada’s ImagineNation Challenges to Improve Healthcare
      Theme: How to leverage prizes to recognize excellence and stimulate development and industry
    • 2. Our Goal
      Improve health care by identifying, trialing, and spreading novel innovations in the use of information and communications technology with strong potential to deliver value for clinicians and patients
      Foster a community of innovators across the country focused on areas prioritized by clinicians and patients
    • 3. Our Approach
      Broad engagement through ImagineNation innovation challenges
      Prizes awarded to winning teams
      Approach supported by Canadians (2010 survey)
      Work with other supporting organizations to shape the challenges, spread the word, and support participants
    • 4. ImagineNation Ideas Challenge
      March-July 2011
    • 5.
    • 6. Ideas Challenge Results
      Good uptake from across the country
      Broad participation ~ most who submitted ideas were not previously engaged with Infoway
      Ideas that judges ranked in the Top 50 came from 6 of 10 provinces
      Strong support from partners, e.g.
      Volunteer judges
      Positive feedback re: innovation & engagement
      Helpful lessons learned for future challenges
    • 7.
    • 8. Reaction
      “Canadians are passionate about our health system, and we wanted their ideas on how digital solutions could strengthen health care. The calibre of entries we received surpassed our high expectations and the range of ideas on leveraging ICT to improve access, safety, and efficiency of care is inspiring.”
      Richard Alvarez, President and CEO, Infoway
    • 9. From Ideas to Results: ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge
      September 2011-March 2013
    • 10.
    • 11. From Ideas to Results: Outcomes Challenge
      • More than $1 million in awards available
      • 12. Early adopters
      • 13. Most promising solutions (Trailblazers)
      • 14. Highest volume of use and growth in users
      • 15. Four focus areas:
      • 16. Patients book appointments online or with mobile device
      • 17. Patient access to health information
      • 18. Medication reconciliation to improve patient safety
      • 19. Clinical synoptic reporting based on best evidence
      • 20. Education sessions & other support for challengeparticipants
      summary video
    • 21. For more information
      Visit the challenge website: (English) (French)
      Visit Canada Health Infoway’s website: (English)