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Obesity and Related Conditions 25 March Manchester

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  • FDF and its members are committed to engaging fully, positively and proactively with this government and beyond. We want to make a positive contribution not only to the Responsibility Deal, but through it to support Government efforts to help consumers lead healthier lives.
    We can only do so much - Need academics to provide good underpinning scientific evidence to inform government policy and really understand what will make a difference.
    Need HCPs , media, to play their part in helping people understand how to achieve balance, healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable
  • 12.30 kate halliwell

    1. 1. Food and Drink Industry Action: Industry initiatives to help consumers follow a healthy and balanced diet Kate Halliwell Nutrition and Health Manager Food and Drink Federation
    2. 2. Largest UK Manufacturing sector 400,000+ Employees £12bn – 77% to Europe Food & Drink Annual £1bn R&D spend 8,500 New Products2/3rds UK Farm Production 6,000+ Businesses £76.2 bn Turnover The UK food and drink industry
    3. 3. Obesity: a growing public health issue
    4. 4. Public Health Responsibility Deal  Better diets, increased physical activity and healthier lifestyles;  Encourage people to drink sensibly and responsibly;  Maintaining a healthier lifestyle in the workforce.
    5. 5. Food Network  Salt Reduction: Salt targets Catering pledges and targets  Removal of Artificial Trans Fat  Calorie Reduction  Increasing Fruit and Vegetables  Saturated Fat Reduction  Labelling: Out of Home Calorie Labelling Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling
    6. 6. Salt reduction: UK context Timeline May 03 SACN report on Salt and Health Oct 03 Draft FSA salt model published Sept 04 Salt campaign: first phase Oct 05 Salt campaign: second phase March 06 Targets for 2010 published March 07 Salt campaign: third phase May 09 Targets for 2012 published March 11 Responsibility Deal launched July 12 Catering salt pledge launched March 14 Targets for 2017 published March 14 First catering salt targets published
    7. 7. Voluntary removal of artificial trans fat Average population intake total trans fatty acid between 0.7-0.8% energy, the majority from natural sources WHO recommends less than 1%; SACN recommends less than 2% Still some concerns particularly small catering businesses e.g. bad frying practice
    8. 8. Calorie reduction pledge “We will support and enable our customers to eat and drink fewer calories through actions such as product/ menu reformulation, reviewing portion sizes, education and information, and actions to shift the marketing mix towards lower calorie options. We will monitor and report on our actions on an annual basis."
    9. 9. Clear labelling
    10. 10. Clear labelling – Ingredients list
    11. 11. Clear labelling - Nutrition table Typical values Per 100g Half a pizza %RI per half pizza Energy 1205 kJ 1865kJ 22% 290 kcal 445 kcal Fat 11.8g 18.3g 26% Saturates 5.4g 8.3g 42% Carbohydrate 29.4g 45.5g 18% Sugars 3.8g 5.9g 7% Protein 14.2g 21.9g 44% Salt 1.9g 2.9g 48%
    12. 12. Clear labelling - Front of pack nutrition
    13. 13. Some final thoughts  The UK food and drink manufacturing sector has shown real leadership in reformulation, innovation and labelling  Voluntary initiatives have been proven to work  Our members see reformulation as part of the solution but it will not solve obesity on its own  Our members will work with others to make it easier for people to move towards recommended diet and physical activity levels  Action has to be in the context of scientific evidence of a public health benefit and in response to Government initiatives
    14. 14.  the best outcomes come through partnership between industry, Government and others. …and most importantly
    15. 15. Kate Halliwell Nutrition and Health Manager kate.halliwell@fdf.org.uk www.fdf.org.uk