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OpenEye Digital Video Recorder Overview

  1. 1. OPENEYE DVR OVERVIEWUnderstanding OpenEye Digital Recorders
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThis presentation provides general information on the following aspectsof OpenEye X, Xr and E-Series Digital Recorders:Each slide contains some basic information on the purpose of thedescribed function and identifies the associated options. OpenEye Overview
  3. 3. WHAT IS AN OPENEYE DVR? OpenEye Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) set the standard in user friendly, high definition recording. • Analog recording of up to 480 Pictures Per Second. • Network camera recording on X & XR-Series recorders allows unmatched versatility. • Multiple backup options, including a DVD RW drive, standard, ensure data can be easily archived. • OpenEye RADIUS software allows you to monitor and control up to 100 DVRs from a single workstation. OpenEye Overview
  4. 4. OPENEYE DVR MODELS X-Series Xr-Series E120/E240 E480Analog Channels 4/8/16 8/16/32 4/8/16 16 4 4Network Cameras None None Upgrade Available (32 max) Upgrade Available (32 max)Alarm Relay Outputs 4 8/16/16 4 4Internal Storage Up to 4TB Up to 10TB Up to 4TB Up to 4TBAudio Up to 16 CH Up to 16 CH 4 CH 16 CHImages Per Second Up to 240 IPS Up to 480 IPS Up to 240IPS 480 IPSMax. Recording 720x480 720x480 702x480 702x480ResolutionRemovable HDD No Yes No No OpenEye Overview
  6. 6. CHASSIS SIZES OpenEye Overview
  7. 7. CHASSIS SIZES OpenEye Overview
  8. 8. HVR/NVR HARDWARE CONNECTIONS Analog Video InputsTermination Switches Looping Outputs Alarm Outputs Audio Inputs/outputsAlarm Inputs Keyboard/Monitor/ Mouse Outputs Ethernet Port OpenEye Overview
  9. 9. XR/H-SERIES REMOVABLE DRIVES REMOVABLE HARD DRIVES The Xr-Series has five removable hard drives capable of storing up to 10 TB of video in a secure hard drive bay. OpenEye Overview
  10. 10. E-SERIES HARDWARE FEATURES Alarm Outputs Alarm InputsLooping Outputs Video Inputs Audio Inputs/Outputs Main/Spot Outputs VGA Output Ethernet Port OpenEye Overview
  11. 11. AVAILABLE UPGRADES (HVR/NVR) OpenEye Overview
  13. 13. XR/H4-SERIES INTERNAL RAID A hard drive fails1. in the DVR. RAID 5 A DVR with RAID 5 will continue running after a single hard drive has failure and will rebuild itself once the failed hard drive is The failed hard replaced.2. drive is removed. A new hard drive3. is inserted. The hard drive is4. Restored. OpenEye Overview
  14. 14. HVR/NVR EXTERNAL STORAGE EXTERNAL STORAGE HVRs and NVRs can use OpenEye’s Granite Rack external storage solutions. These storage units can add a large amount of storage capacity to a recorder. OpenEye Overview
  15. 15. RECORD
  16. 16. ANALOG CAMERAS ON HVRS FRAME SETUP Frame Setup allows configuration of the frame rate, resolution and quality of analog cameras connected to the DVR. NVR systems do not have this option. OpenEye Overview
  17. 17. NETWORK CAMERAS ON HVR/NVR NETWORK DEVICE SETUP The NETWORK CAMERAS option is a central location that handles the basic functions related to connecting a network device to the DVR. OpenEye Overview
  18. 18. E-SERIES RECORD SETUP RECORD SETUP Record Setup allows configuration of the frame rate, resolution, and quality of any connected cameras. OpenEye Overview
  19. 19. HVR/NVR SCHEDULING RECORDING SCHEDULE Detailed recording schedules can be configured using the SCHEDULE option. The schedule controls how and when the DVR records and transmits alarms. OpenEye Overview
  20. 20. E-SERIES SCHEDULING RECORDING SCHEDULE The SCHEDULE screen is used to specify the recording type for each camera at every hour of the day. OpenEye Overview
  21. 21. HVR/NVR MOTION DETECTION MOTION DETECTION The MOTION option is used to configure motion regions and sensitivity. In addition, it can be used to specify custom actions on motion and pre and post event recording periods. OpenEye Overview
  22. 22. MOTION DETECTION ON E-SERIES MOTION/EVENT SETUP The DVR can be set to record when a motion or sensor (or both) event takes place. This screen enables configuration of these event types. OpenEye Overview
  23. 23. AUDIO RECORDING ON ALL RECORDERS RECORDING AUDIO Record up to 16 channels of audio on E480, X and Xr-Series Digital Recorders. Record 4 channels of audio on E120 & E240 Digital Recorders. OpenEye Overview
  24. 24. REVIEW & ARCHIVE
  25. 25. HVR/NVR SEARCH BASIC SEARCH There are several different types of searches that can be performed on the HVR. The most basic involves selecting the date, the time, the camera, and clicking play. OpenEye Overview
  26. 26. HVR/NVR ADVANCED SEARCH OpenEye Overview
  27. 27. E-SERIES SEARCH SEARCH FEATURES E-Series DVRs offer several search methods to ensure that it is always easy to locate recorded video. OpenEye Overview
  29. 29. HVR/NVR BACKUP PROPRIETARY BACKUP The fastest and most complete backup method is the Proprietary Backup, which backs up all cameras during the selected time period using the DVR’s native format. OpenEye Overview
  30. 30. HVR/NVR BACKUP OTHER BACKUP OPTIONS Video from a single camera can be saved in the proprietary format, printed, or saved as an image or AVI file. OpenEye Overview
  31. 31. HVR/NVR BACKUP VIEWER BACKUP VIEWER The Backup Viewer is required to play back data saved in the proprietary format, and offers advanced search and export functionality when reviewing archived data. OpenEye Overview
  32. 32. E-SERIES BACKUP BACKUP Video is backed up using the DVRs native proprietary format, which is secure and flexible. OpenEye Overview
  33. 33. E-SERIES BACKUP VIEWER BACKUP VIEWER The Backup Viewer is included with all backups, and offers search and export functionality when reviewing archived data. OpenEye Overview
  34. 34. DIGITAL SIGNATURE VERIFIER VERIFY FILE AUTHENTICITY Use the Digital Signature Verifier to analyze exported .AVI and .JPG files to determine if they have been tampered with after export. OpenEye Overview
  36. 36. HVR/NVR LIVE VIEW LIVE VIEW CONTROLS The HVR/NVR live view can display up to 16 cameras in a number of configurations. In addition, the software interface can be hidden or automatic sequencing configured. OpenEye Overview
  37. 37. E-SERIES LIVE VIEW LIVE VIEW The E-Series live view can display up to 16 cameras in a number of configurations. In addition, sequencing can be enabled and icons show the status of each channel. OpenEye Overview
  38. 38. TYPES OF ALARM EVENTS OpenEye Overview
  39. 39. EMERGENCY AGENT WHAT IS EMERGENCY AGENT? The Emergency Agent software is designed to manage incoming alarms from remote DVRs OpenEye Overview
  40. 40. REMOTE CENTER FEATURES The Remote Center software are is a remote access application providing video monitoring, video search, PTZ control and system configuration. Remote Center allows remote connection to DVRs from a Windows® PC over the Internet or a local network. OpenEye Overview
  41. 41. HVR/NVR WEB VIEWER IDVR WEB VIEWER The web viewer is the ideal way to connect to the DVR for anyone who only needs to view live cameras. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 and later. OpenEye Overview
  42. 42. E-SERIES WEB VIEWER WEB VIEWER The E-Series web viewer is an excellent client utility for anyone who does not need to enter setup. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 and later and automatically installs when connecting to the DVR. OpenEye Overview
  43. 43. MOBILE REMOTE VIEWER MDVR The MDVR Software allows remote connection to DVRs using any mobile device with a supported operating system. OpenEye Overview
  44. 44. RADIUSRadius provides the freedom and control necessary to manage all DVRs from a single location,regardless of DVR series or age. Using Radius you may simultaneously monitor live video, audio, andalarms from multiple DVRs using customizable maps and display screens. HVR/NVR Recorders E-Series Recorders OpenEye Overview
  45. 45. RADIUS ROLES Radius is a Central Station Application. There are two distinct roles of RADIUS: OpenEye Overview
  46. 46. RADIUS DVR MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT & CONFIGURATION Functions such as Maps and Alarm Monitor help keep tabs on everything that happens. Device Configuration allows nearly any setting of the DVR to be changed. OpenEye Overview
  47. 47. RADIUS LIVE & SEARCH LIVE & SEARCH Cameras from any combination of DVRs can be viewed at once on up to 4 monitors. Search can be used to locate video using the same search methods available at the DVR. OpenEye Overview
  48. 48. RADIUS HEALTH CHECK HEALTH CHECK ITEMS Health Check is designed to monitor the functions of the DVR that are critical to proper operation. OpenEye Overview
  49. 49. RADIUS EMAIL EMAIL NOTIFICATION Radius is capable of sending email notification on certain events. Any number of recipients can be configured to receive specific types of alarms. OpenEye Overview
  50. 50. DDNS SETUP DDNS OVERVIEW OpenEye DDNS is a service included with all DVRs that enables connection to any remote DVR regardless of it’s IP address. This service is free for the life of the DVR. OpenEye Overview
  52. 52. INTEGRATION – SUPPORTED IP DEVICESOpenEye HVRs and NVRs support IP cameras and video servers made by the following companies:
  53. 53. REDIWATCH POS REDIWATCH POS The RediWatch POS Software integrates seamlessly within Openeye’s HVR/NVR DVRs providing both alarm and search capabilities. • POS Data can be viewed as a text overlay and embedded in the recorded video • Setup alert items defined as any product or text that is sent from the register. (no sales, voids, cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets, etc) OpenEye Overview
  54. 54. VIDEO ANALYTICS VIDEO ANALYTICS The Video Analytics Software integrates seamlessly with Openeye’s HVR/NVR DVRs providing real time intelligent video analysis for detecting events such as: • Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection • Counting / Directional Alarms • Loitering, Running, Slips and Falls • Crowd Management with Alarms for Overcrowding • Parking Violations • Graffiti / Vandalism • Object Theft and Abandonment Detection • Camera Incompetence and Anti-Sabotage Warnings • Traffic-Flow Analysis and Reporting OpenEye Overview
  55. 55. REPORTSTAR WHAT IS REPORTSTAR? ReportStar is a web-based service designed to give you peace of mind in knowing your video surveillance system is working properly. • Receive notification of critical health alerts • Easily monitor the status of all your surveillance systems from virtually anywhere • Receive daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports on the operation of your systems OpenEye Overview
  56. 56. 23221 E Knox Ave Liberty Lake, WA 990191-888-542-1103 © 2010 Openeye, Inc. All rights reserved. OpenEye Overview