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We plan to make few embedded devices for people with disabilities, This is first presentation for the same.

  • It will be my pleasure if i could involve in this work...
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  • Co-Founder at Robogyan- Niec vision to robo world, 16 seconds ago edit delete
    An Open source fan never just think of his benefits but also he shows his efforts to do something for his nation [i think it is not good to say nation or national for open source as it is world wide] or world.
    your work comes under that category...

    Idea to involve students for innovation is very nice idea and 'starting from understand basics' that we also following in ROBOGYAN our newly established society or robotics in Northern India Engineering College, New Delhi.

    Moving from scratch or junkyards to Hi end technology makes knowledge more clear and former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says 'Learning use creativity, Creativity leads to think, Thinking provides knowledge, and Knowledge makes you great'...

    Hats off to your work Vinay Ji.... you are leading to the last line of what missile man of India says.... 'You are GREAT; and creating GREAT' this is your product actually devoted to the world...

    you rocks..... \m/
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  1. 1. Technology to Aid People With Disability ( Due to Age, By Birth or Accident )
  2. 2. Quick Summary● India has huge population of persons with limited disability, The biggest group is persons with visual impairment.● A device which enable them do routine jobs like making a phone call (including checking missed calls) is desired.● We are working on that and have all the skills.
  3. 3. Why We are Suitable● Team with technical competence and passion
  4. 4. Team Member – Vinay Chaddha● Working with electronics since the age of 12● Has over 200 commercial designs and made money● Have seen his mom suffer from disability and declared that he will transform the situation.
  5. 5. Team Member - Manisha● Electronics Graduate and pursuing post graduation in electronics.● Worked with NGO supporting autestic childern for one year.
  6. 6. Supported By
  7. 7. Detailed Presentation● Tecnhnology● Problems it solves● Commercial potential● Team Competence● Resources we already have● Fund requirement
  8. 8. Technology● This is electronics with interface to real world devices to create a home automation system.● Targetted towards making life easy for people with disability due to age, accident or disease, or by birth.● Enabling new technology to add in their life.
  9. 9. Problem It Solves● Populations of persons with disability is increasing.● Taking care of them drains the family financially as disabled persons need continous assistance and monitoring.● A device which assist persons and alerts in case of emergency can reduce anxity levels and need for continous monitoring.● Providing these devices at reasonable cost is the problem that we are solving
  10. 10. Product - Home Automation● Phone with Audible prompts – audible caller ID in self/family/friend voice.● Dialling using just switches.● Integrating them with home devices like Lights , Aircons, Door, TV etc..● Monitoring Health and mobility. (More about product in another presentation)
  11. 11. Few Products That Inspire Us●●●●
  12. 12. Why we are suitable● We have skills in controlling and intergrating devices.● Have over 50 customers who bought designs from us and are keen to partner for sales and service.● We are fast, supported by Amity Incubator.
  13. 13. Present Company● GVC Systems Pvt Ltd is an existing company engaged in busines of electronic embedded devices.● Founded by Vinay Chaddha, who takes care of technical and manangement side.● We have been working as a services company deisgning hardware and software for various OEMs● Some of the products and customers are .....
  14. 14. Some of GVCs Customers
  15. 15. Products with GVC Designs
  16. 16. Controllers for Following Products
  17. 17. Team● Vinay Chaddha – CEO, Founder, 50 years● Saurabh Kumar – Engineer, 3 years with GVC● Vikas Dec – Engineers, Fresh, Working with GVC as intern since last 2 years● CV Paul – Experiece in marketing and imports, will join us a partner.● Chankya Agnihotri – Engineer, Marketing, Strategy.
  18. 18. Marketability, Plans and Competition● As a startup we are short of funds and skilled man power.● We are adapting low cost means of marketing using students and open source software.● We have started offering enggineering students these some of these designs as part of their summer projects.● Idea is to get some revenue from sales of training kits and these students will become our support team later for small cities.
  19. 19. Working with Students● This is an innovative idea.● India has number of colleges and huge number of students in enggineering● They are required to do a minor and major project in seventh/eight semester.● We propose to contact them (as well as to college faculty) and encourage them to work on our ideas.● To start interacting with us students / faculty can Join our facebook page at
  20. 20. Why students may choose us● These ideas will be new and using latest technology.● Students will like to gain real life experience and excitement of seeing their project in real use.● Vinay Chaddha has already published seven construction articles based on his commercial projects. EFY may publish some of these projects.
  21. 21. Why students may not choose us● This require efforts.● There are lot of shops (online as well as offline) offering ready to use projects which gets students good marks but does not require them to work.● We will not be able to match these shopss offers of ready made designs.
  22. 22. Financial Viability● India has 7.2% (over 9 crore) persons who are 60+● Income and disposable income is rising.● Life expectancy is increasing every year, and need for devices to make life comfortable will be more.● Our existing customers have committed their support for marketing and distributions.
  23. 23. Risk● Technical – Our past designs for home to industrial automation worked. This product is next level of technology on which we have worked and mastered in last 2 years.● Marketing / Management – At GVC we lack the skills in house. However Amity Incubator management, faculty from Amity Business School, IMI and Goenka World Institute support us regularly. We are in process of hiring team under their guidance.
  24. 24. Contact DetailsVinay ChaddhaAmity Innovation Incubator,Amity University Campus, Sector 125, Noida,UPIndia - 201303Mobile : +91.9811074026Email : vinay@gvc.indetailed profile at