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This is about Vinay Chaddha, one of the mentor at Open.Embedded

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About vinay chaddha

  1. 1. About the Mentor
  2. 2. About Vinay Chaddha - Personal● Vinay is 50 years,● Stay in Noida with Wife Geeta, Daughter Upasana and little sweet heart Maggie● Is an entrepreneur, electronics hobbyists and enjoy sharing his knowledge and skills
  3. 3. About Vinay Chaddha - Professional● Over 32 years of experience● Worked in Computer companies like DCM , PCL and Intecon for 15 years● Self Employed for 15 years● Incubated at Amity University Campus since 2008.● Received a grant of 20 Lacs from Ministry of MSME and Deptt of Science and Technology.● Has developed over 200 commercial products.● Filed for 3 patents, over 20 copy rights.● Won awards from iWeekend(2010), Tatva (2009)
  4. 4. Working on Controllers from
  5. 5. Have Customers Like
  6. 6. Designed electronics for products
  7. 7. Some more products....
  8. 8. Sharing Knowledge● Seven of commercial products published in EFY.● Complete with source code, circuit and all details● First one was published in 1997● And the recent one in June 2011.● Training students of villages and slums● to engineering students● Regular contributor to EFYs and other online communities.
  9. 9. EFY June 2011
  10. 10. EFY May 2011
  11. 11. EFY Oct 2006
  12. 12. EFY - Oct 2002
  13. 13. EFY - Sep 1999
  14. 14. EFY - April 99
  15. 15. Training Kids @ BegumpurKids of Class V to VIII learning electronics and computers atBegumpur Community Centre in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.
  16. 16. Visit of India Army Persons at GVC40 persons from Indian Army were getting training forentrepreneurship at Amity, Noida. During May 2011 theyvisited GVC to understand problems and benefits ofentrepreneurship at the age of 40+.
  17. 17. Email from one of the visitorsHi Sir,Heartiest compliments!The visit at Incubator and the session of your class was really wonderfulexperience for me. The style of your speech, the way of expressions andeach and every words spoken by you really inspired me a lot.The way you approached us was nothing but your greatness. Franklyspeaking I consider my self so small infront of your stature and am still notable to find the means, in whichI may be of some utility for you....as I am aguy from arts and literaturebackground with nothing else but confidence and passion....for the excellencein the interested field...It will be alwasys so pleasing to be in touch with you.Thanks and regardsAshokashok mishra <ashokmishra821@gmail.com>May 30,2011
  18. 18. Ideal Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad
  19. 19. BPIT, IP University, New Delhi
  20. 20. EFYs Design Community on facebook has over 50,000 fans. They announced top contributors onJune 10th,2011 and I was declared the top most contributor.
  21. 21. Live Video Streaming via EFYs page
  22. 22. Feeback from Neha Sharma
  23. 23. Feedback from Shivam Kashyap
  24. 24. Feedback from Divyajyoti
  25. 25. Feedback from Anamika Yadav
  26. 26. Patents Applied for Power Monitor
  27. 27. Patent applied for Traffic Fault Monitor
  28. 28. Contact VinayJoin Vinay on facebookfacebook.com/vinay.gvcfacebook.com/open.embeddedCheck detailed profilevisualcv.com/gvc3065Call / SMS / email / meet9811074026vinay@open-embedded.infoAmity Innovation Incubator,Amity University, Sector 125Noida-201303