ODC BarCamp 2013 - Free Web Map Online


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An ODC Introduction to Google Maps, for BarCamp Sihanoukville 2013.

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ODC BarCamp 2013 - Free Web Map Online

  1. 1. Free Web Map Online Mr. NHIEP Seila and Loch Kalyan ODC, Mapping Team
  2. 2. Google Map • On your internet explorer, type http://maps.google.com.kh/ • The dialogue will pop up:
  3. 3. Google Map • • • • • • • Click on create with classic My Maps Type Title name and Description Search for “Sihanoukville, Cambodia” Click to add the school point Use to drag and change location Mark School points as much as possible Click Saved and Done
  4. 4. Google Map • Click Link and check Short URL • You can copy the full link and past to search bar and type (=0) at the end to get access to KML or KMZ file • You can share the short URL with your friend through this link: http://goo.gl/maps/zYp9Z • Or you can call for collaboration with other friend
  5. 5. Google Map • • • • • • • • Go to ODC web site: www.opendevcam.net Click download maps tab Click download Province Census 2008 as KML format Click on create with classic My Maps Click Import Browse to KML file directory Click Load from file Click on any province and change fill color as you need
  6. 6. • kml files shape files that you can find on opendevcam.net • download page such as :
  7. 7. Google Map
  8. 8. Create Map • Click on Create Map • When dialogue pop up, click on Create a new map • Click on search to search for a specific place, like a restaurant, hotel, or museum to add to your map
  9. 9. Create Map
  10. 10. Create Map • Click on Untitled Map to give the name to the map • Click on import to use the your previous draft of school location made • Click on and choose the color and change the icon suited to the place name and type • Icon dialogue will open, show you can choose any one
  11. 11. Create Map • Click on style, then you choose any style: Uniform Style Sequence of color and letters Individual styles Style by data column:  Name  Description
  12. 12. Create Map • Click on Data • Edit the description with the type of school “University, School and Center”
  13. 13. Create Map • Click on Label to display the label on the map
  14. 14. Create Map • Click on Base map to choose the background layers for map
  15. 15. Create Map • We can create any points by by and draw lines
  16. 16. Add layer • We can add additional thematic layer like desktop GIS by click on Add layer button • Then, type the name of the layer to be created • Do similar to the previous import and add file
  17. 17. • Click on Share to publish map to web and embed into your website • Click and then embed on my site • We can export it as KML
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!