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Phnom penh mapping meetup #15
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Phnom penh mapping meetup #15


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Update on the launch of GeoServer and ODC's online-library

Update on the launch of GeoServer and ODC's online-library

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. .Update on the launch of GeoServer and ODC’s online-libraryPhnom Penh Mapping Meetup #15By: Sreng Saren & Mean Naro
  • 2. What is GeoServer? GeoServer is an open-source software server writtenin Java that allows users to share and edit geospatialdata. Designed for interoperability, it publishes data fromany major spatial data source using open standards.
  • 3. What is GeoServer? GeoServer is the reference implementation of theOpen Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web FeatureService (WFS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS)standards, as well as a high performance certifiedcompliant Web Map Service (WMS). GeoServer forms a core component of the GeospatialWeb.
  • 4. GeoSever – Data ProcessingDATAFrom LocalComputerWindow SeverPublish and Share
  • 5. GeoServer – Data SourcesVector Data Sources Directory of spatial files (shapefiles) - Takes a directory ofshapefiles and exposes it as a data store PostGIS - PostGIS Database PostGIS (JNDI) - PostGIS Database (JNDI) Properties - Allows access to Java Property files containingFeature information Shapefile - ESRI(tm) Shapefiles (*.shp) Web Feature Server - The WFSDataStore represents aconnection to a Web Feature Server. This connectionprovides access to the Features published by the server, andthe ability to perform transactions on the server (whensupported / allowed).
  • 6. GeoServer – Data SourcesRaster Data Sources AIG - Arc/Info Binary Grid (AIG) Coverage Format ArcGrid - Arc Grid Coverage Format DTED - DTED Coverage Format EHdr - EHdr Coverage Format ENVIHdr - ENVIHdr Coverage Format ERDASImg - Erdas Imagine Coverage Format GeoTIFF - Tagged Image File Format with Geographic information Gtopo30 - Gtopo30 Coverage Format ImageMosaic - Image mosaicking plugin JP2MrSID - JP2K (MrSID) Coverage Format MrSID - MrSID Coverage Format NITF - NITF Coverage Format RPFTOC - RPFTOC Coverage Format RST - IDRIS (RST) Coverage Format WorldImage - A raster file accompanied by a spatial data file
  • 7. GeoServer – Data Projection
  • 8. GeoServer - Output WMS AtomPub GIF GeoRSS GeoTiff Geo Tiff 8-bits JPEG KML (compressed) KML (networklink) KML (Plain) OpenLayer PDF PNG PNG 8-bit SVG Tiff Tiff 8-bits WFS CSV GML2 GML2-GZIP GML3.2 GeoJSON Shapefile Application/gml+xml,version=3.2
  • 9. Adding Data From GeoServer into ODCWebsite
  • 10. Inputting - Using Data from GeoServer
  • 11. GeoServer – Output It can be used with other map applications such as : Arc GIS 10.1 (Arc Map) WMS Quantum GIS (Geojson) WFS Geocommons And other applications.
  • 12. GeoServer – Output
  • 13. GeoServer – Output
  • 14. GeoServer – Output
  • 15. NewGenLib(NGL) Library NewGenLib is an open-source library management systemdeveloped by Verus Solutions Pvt Ltd (India). It was released in March 2005. More than 2500 libraries across 30 countries are usingNewGenLib Library.
  • 16. NewGenLib(NGL) Features Functional modules are completely web based,using Java Web Start Technology Uses Open-source component Capabilities – Complies with internationalstandards Support Unicode OS independent – Window and Linux Customizable OPAC interface
  • 17. NewGenLib(NGL) on ODC
  • 18. NewGenLib(NGL) on ODCThe online resource center contains nearly a thousandsearchable and they are available to download. We keep addingnew documents.
  • 19. NewGenLib(NGL) on ODC
  • 20. Thank You!