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  • ArchitectureEnterprise Cloud Maturity Model ODCA Hybrid Cloud Arch 1.0Development Program and PrioritiesUsage Models1.1 RevisionsIdentityCompute IaaSService OrchestrationCommercial FrameworkAdditionalAddition of RFP languageTMForum and ODCA Joint Release
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  • Forecast odcau1 100_posttech

    1. 1. OPEN DATA CENTER ALLIANCEODCA UNIVERSITY KICK OFFD a s K a m h o u t , I n t e l C o r p o r a t i o nO D C A T e c h n i c a l A d v i s o rI n t e l I T C l o u d L e a d@ d k a m h o u t
    2. 2. DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTION:AwarenessODCA DefinesRequirementsProvidersDeliverSolutionsEnterprisesAdoptSolutionsODCA DrivesScale withResultsSharingNew/EnhancedRequirements DefinedBest Practices FuelBroad DeploymentsLead Enterprises Investin Required SolutionsProviders Invest toMeet Demands2
    3. 3. Intel Confidential2010-20121.02011-20131.52012-20142.02013-20152.52014-20163.0EndUserAppDevAppOwnerIT OpsFederated, Interoperable, andOpen CloudSimple SaaSEnterpriseTraditionalAppsCompute, Storage, andNetworkSimpleCompute IaaSSimple SaaSEnterpriseTraditionalAppsCloud AwareAppsComplexCompute IaaSSimpleCompute IaaSCompute, Storage, andNetworkComplex SaaS Hybrid SaaSFull PrivateIaaSHybrid IaaSTrad. AppsPrivate PaaS Hybrid PaaSTrad. AppsConsumersCloud AwareAppsCloud AwareAppsODCA ENTERPRISECLOUD MATURITY MODEL (CMM)3
    4. 4. 2012 DELIVERY OF USAGE MODELS4UMs speeding cloud adoption and influencing solution capabilities/consistencyMaster UsageModelsFocused UsageModelsCycle 3Service OrchestrationCommercial FrameworkCompute IaaSNov 1stReleaseIdentity and LongDistance MigrationInterop of Apps/Services July 10th ReleaseQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2013ForecastCycle 3prioritycheckMaster Usage Models 1.0Setting Enterprise Cloud service deliveryrequirements4
    5. 5. ActionableServiceCatalog(UIandAPI)SaaSWeb and Data Services InteroperabilityFacilityPower, Cooling, PhysicalSpacePaaSWeb DataCloud Aware AppsIaaSStorage NetworkTraditional and Cloud Aware AppsComputeODCA CONCEPTUAL ARCHITECTURE 1.0HYBRID CLOUDBusinessProcessesConsume/SubscribeProvideDynamicManagementandOrchestrationofEnd-to-EndServicesSecurityCapacity andPerformanceSW DeliveryOS and AppsConfigurationEventEndUserAppDevIT OpsComplete description now included in ServiceOrchestration MUM for all components55
    6. 6. CYCLE 3 = CMM 1.5Commercial Framework; Regulatory Framework,Standard Units of Measure, Software EntitlementManagement FrameworkService Orchestration; Service CatalogIdentity Provisioning, Identify Governance, SSO,Privileged User Access, Provider Assurance, SecurityMonitoring, Data Security Framework, Data SecurityInformation as a ServiceInterop Across Clouds, SaaS Interop, PaaS InteropLong Distance Migration, Scale-Out Storage; I/OControlCompute IaaS; VM Interop,Distance Workload MigrationSoftware-Defined NetworkCarbon Footprint and Energy EfficiencyActionableServiceCatalog(UIandAPI)SaaSWeb and Data Services InteroperabilityFacilityPower, Cooling, Physical SpacePaaSWeb Data MessageCloud Aware AppsIaaSCompute Storage NetworkTraditional and Cloud Aware AppsBusinessProcessesSecurityDynamicManagementandOrchestrationofEnd-to-EndServicesODCA CollateralNew releases are highlighted 6
    7. 7. USAGE MODELS – DEFININGREQUIREMENTSIaaS, PaaS, SaaS (Cycles 1,2 3) Top Member PrioritiesMaster UsageModelsCompute IaaS, SDN, Scale-Out Storage IaaSService OrchestrationCommercial Framework Ease startup costsInformation as a Service Standardize data for cloud & Big DataFocused UsageModelsVM Interoperability and Long Distance Migration Heterogeneous like HomogenousInteroperability of Apps/Services (SaaS/PaaS) Heterogeneous like HomogenousIO Control QoS in the CloudCarbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Reduce CO2Standard Units of Measure Normalize CloudService Catalog Compare cloud service features and pricingRegulatory Framework Cloud enabled RegulationProvider Assurance, Data Security and SecurityMonitoringSecurity top impediment to cloud adoptionIdentity Management Secure access7Cycle 1 & 2 building solid foundation for Enterprise Cloud 1.0Cycle 3 completes foundation – New UMs releasing today7
    9. 9. WHAT ARE MASTER USAGE MODELS?SecurityAutomationCommonMgmt&PolicyTransparencyCompute IaaS 1.0, Scale-out Storage 1.0,Software-Defined Networking 1.0Service Orchestration 1.0Commercial Framework 1.0Integrates Requirements fromPublished Usage ModelsFocus on Solution LevelRequirements FrameworkDrives Ease of Implementation,Accelerated Delivery9
    10. 10. COMPUTE INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICEOrchestrationContainerServerStorageNetworkOrchestrationContainerServerStorageNetworkOrchestrationContainerServerStorageNetworkCloudProvider 1CloudProvider 2CloudProvider 3CloudBrokerCloudSubscriberDefines Enterprise-class CIaaS UseCasesDefines Tiered Service DeliveryBronze/Silver/Gold/PlatinumAddressing Fastest Growth Segment of CloudIaaS Growing to >$24B by 2016Outlines Requirements for CIaaS• Compute Container• CPU & Memory• Network Components• StorageSupports both Traditional and“Cloud Aware” Apps10
    11. 11. SCALE-OUT STORAGEAdd Storage Component toCompute IaaSDefines Tiered Service DeliveryBronze/Silver/Gold/PlatinumMake storage scale out and appear “infinite” for capacity andperformanceDefines on-demand storagecapacity at service-level agreementperformanceProvider includes Network-Attached andDirect-Attached storage elements11
    12. 12. SOFTWARE-DEFINED NETWORKINGAdd Network Component toCompute IaaSMigrates level and locus of control;Improves management & automationWorking to solve many of the limitations imposed by currentnetworking technologyAddress rapid physical and virtual serverand bandwidth growth, increasinggeographic concentration, elasticity, andmobility12
    13. 13. SERVICE ORCHESTRATIONDefines Requirements forCompute IaaS DeploymentThorough Definitions of:• Service Catalog• KPIs• Lifecycle Process (order to delete)Maps to ODCA ConceptualArchitecture 1.0Improves Cloud Interoperability while Reducing Barriers forService Adoption13ServiceProvider
    14. 14. COMMERCIAL FRAMEWORKSimplifies and Standardizes the Process toCreate and Negotiate Cloud ContractsDefines 25 “Drivers” for Cloud ServiceAgreements from Data Ownership to Multi-TenancyScopes Business Process from Discovery toTerminationAccelerates CIaaS Adoption Through Streamlined BusinessEngagementsFrees providers to focus on innovationthrough differentiation of services14
    15. 15. INFORMATION AS A SERVICEInformation architecture enhanced by BigData, mobile applications, and cloudcomputing technologiesCommon transformation, integration andenrichment of the data supply chainMethods to create, manage, exchange, andextract meaningful informationGetting the right information, in the right format at the right timeFull Session Tomorrow15
    16. 16. ODCA U AGENDA16
    17. 17. SUMMARY• ODCA focused on complete lifecycle from requirements toadoption• Accelerating ODCA members and industry path to CloudComputing• Learn about the ODCA work and join up to take part17
    18. 18. QUESTIONSODCA UniversityDeep dive into the ODCA Requirements andUsage Models now…www.opendatacenteralliance.org18
    19. 19. © 2013 Open Data Center Alliance, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.