Forecast 2012: Cloud Storm Keynote Andy Stokes


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Forecast 2012: Cloud Storm Keynote Andy Stokes

  1. 1. Cloud Storm Track Keynote Andrew Stokes June 12, 2012 Chief ScientistDeutsche Bank Global Technology 1
  2. 2. Cloud Storm Track SECURITY TRANSPARENCYThe top challenges to be solvedin delivery of cloud solutions: MANAGEMENT REGULATION10:15-11:00Deutsche Bank Keynote11:05-11:50Cloud Security Panel1:00-1:45Cloud Transparency Panel1:50-2:35Cloud Management Panel2:25-3:20Cloud Regulation Panel 2
  3. 3. Establishing a Vision for Cloud Computing Drive new levels of IT agility through fulfilment of unified customer requirements for cloud computing, enabling secure federation of cloud services, common management and policy for service assurance, transparency in cloud service capability and metrics, and continual compliance to all applicable laws and regulations. ODCA Vision Statement 3
  4. 4. Hundreds of Global IT Leaders Steering Committee Contributing Members Solution Providers Supermicro Computer Inc. Adopter Members Aavex AIMS Technology Data Centre Apollo Group SystemsBusiness Applied Sdn Bhd Aquantia Corporation SDN BHD Axess Biznet CHRISTUS ClearCenter Communications Networks Health Clouds Sky Connectria Cypress GmbH Hosting CoreSistem CSC Management Daimler AG Group Corporation ECLIPSE ASSESSORIA Droisys, Inc. EM REDES E Enomaly Forum Systems Getronics Grainger COMPUTADORES Inc. NL BV LTDA Hughes IT Integrated Device Security Technology Intellebyte Internet2 Intuit Consulting JARING Manhattan Communications Joynet Inc Lewis & Co Associates Sdn Bhd Memorial MOLABTVX New York NovaTech Hermann Orange MobileHealthcare System HD-MDN Internet Services Inc Ortman Perfect World PROTEGRITY RampRate Consulting LLC Risc-Group IT Solutions, STS R-Systems SaaS ID Scope Infotech, SFDATAID Supply Chain Group Inc. Management, LLC Talisman Temperature The Data Center Energy Inc Control Marketplace Total S.A. Vertotech do Viridity Virtacore Voltage Security Yokogawa Brasil ltd Software Systems Corporation Intel Serves as Technical Advisor to the Alliance
  5. 5. Focus on Tangible Solutions 2012 GOAL Broad scale solutions delivery, member adoptionJUNE, 2011Usage modelrelease TODAY ODCA members leading the way with initial proof of concept 5
  6. 6. Alliance and Industry Lifecycle Providers Requirements ODCA Defines Invest to Define Demand Usage Models Meet Demand SP’s Deliver Opportunities Solutions & Challenges that Meet Emerge UM’s Collaborations Alliance ODCA Facilitates ODCA Shares Members / Enterprises Deployment Results Industry Adopt Consume Solutions at Scale (Vote with Wallet) 6
  7. 7. Cloud Adoption: Biggest Challenges Migrating applications is top of mind. Security, implementation strategy, and operational efficiency are also priorities.What is your organization’s If your cloud budget increased by 20 percent, what single challenge wouldbiggest cloud challenge? you address? 40% 2 APAC/PRC 31% Security 0 3 0 North Am 2 EMEA 11% Operational 1 8% 7% efficiency 3 2% 0 Lat Am 3 Simplified 1 management 1 0 Implementation 7 strategy 3 4 development 1 7
  8. 8. Alliance Unique Approach:Focus on Service Assurance Security Transparency Management Regulation 8
  9. 9. Security Remains Our #1 ConcernChallenges Requirements• Protect intellectual property (e.g., • Ensure cloud providers can algorithms, documents) deliver at least equivalent security to enterprise IT• Protect sensitive client data • Agree and deliver standard• Protect transaction data across security levels across all geographic boundaries providers • Focus on security by design plus security assurance by active monitoring 9
  10. 10. Transparency Delivers Greater Choice, Liquidity, and Price TransparencyChallenges Requirements• Growing volume of services • Create consistent definitions to makes it challenging to compare describe standard services to options, measure services and encourage the evolution of a align their attributes dynamic global marketplace• Service catalogs are helpful but • Encourage cloud providers to add lack standards and consistency value by offering extensions on top of standard services• Need to understand service assurance levels in tangible detail • Be explicit with commercial terms and contractual language 10
  11. 11. Management Strong Integration and Partnership is KeyChallenges Requirements• Diverse cloud solutions (both • Need to be able to connect to our internal and external) each have internal management processes their own management challenges (e.g. incident, problem, change, capacity, configuration, …)• The accountability for service delivery still rests with enterprise • Need to integrate service IT teams selection, orchestration and billing through to our business clients 11
  12. 12. Regulation Global Multi-Business-Sector Compliance is Extremely ComplexChallenges Requirements• Every business sector and • Service providers must be able to location has specific regulations meet regulatory obligations and laws that have to be fully specific to their our various respected business sectors, in an auditable manner• Requires interaction with hundreds of regulatory bodies • Enterprise customers must be able to assess and monitor• Ignorance is no defense regulatory obligations when acquiring and using cloud services 12
  13. 13. Deutsche Bank’sCloud Story 13
  14. 14. Deutsche Bank’s Cloud Computing Evolution2002-2008 2010-2012 2010-2012Evolution of shared Internal private Exploringhosting services “DB Cloud” opportunities… transition journey Exploring public and2008-2009 Our “4G” concept community cloud offeringsPrototype first Defining cloud attributes Working with cloud startupsgeneration “cloud”: Increasing adoption of & cloud alliances3CV technology standard services Launching our own externaldemonstrator cloud research environment 14
  15. 15. Our DB Cloud Key Concepts Complete Full operating model, including lifecycle management Virtualized Enabling utilization, flexibility, and technology compliance Automated Accelerating repeatable processing at industrial scale Policy Driven Straight-Through (No-Touch) Processing for standard requests Tiered-Service Model Providing a choice of capabilities & SLA’s at different price-points 15
  16. 16. Our DB Cloud Longer-Term Vision:Private Cloud Transitioning to Enterprise Hybrid Enterprise Hybrid Cloud App A Federation App B Internal Cloud Policy automation External Cloud enterprise-grade highly optimized Information regulator-approved internal cloud services external cloud Security Ubiquitous virtualized x86 architecture Elastic cloud services using massively pooled resources Seamless alignment & integration of internal and external 16
  17. 17. Use Cases for the DB Cloud:Internal and External Evolution of future Development/ Data Centers Test Dynamic Cloud-Burst Grid computing App Capacity External PPU & speed of delivery opportunities Multi-tier Apps Future hybrid Internal private cloud extension cloud evolution 17
  18. 18. DB Cloud Conceptual Future State(Sample vendor names for illustration purposes only) Apps ApplicationBusiness App4 Decoupled fromApps Business App1 e.g. P+L Risk Business App2 Business App3 Etc… Application Platform Compute Calc Database Web Java Older • Self Service Resource (VHS) Platform Service Abstraction (GHS) Calc (DHS) (WebHS) (JavaHS) Compute PaaS Configuration (SHS, AHS)PaaS (GHS) • Self Service Resource Provisioning Platform Hosting • Platform Resource Mgmt Dynamic Data Grid Synapse, Database Web Decoupled Hosting WL, from App JBOSS, Data Synapse MSFT Oracle Apache, IIS PaaSGrid PaaS PaaS Infrastructure PaaS PaaS • Resource Chargeback & Reporting Platform Tomcat OS MSFT SLES Infrastructure Service Abstraction RHEL SLES MSFT OEL RHEL SLES Solaris, AIX Compute Hypervisor VMware HyperV RHEV Infrastructure Able XenIdentity Zones, LPARs Network OVM Storage To Be Compute Optimized Independent of the App Server HP IBM Cisco Hosting options internally or Dell SuperMicro Oracle, IBM Storage IaaS Single pane of glass: onto the hybrid cloud environmentIaaS Optimized command Integrated Virtual resource management Storage EMC control and HP HDS IBM NetApp Dell Interconnect Integrated Physicalof the technology stack Lifecycle resource management independent of the application stack Interconnect Cisco HP IBM Dell HP Cisco Network Self Service Resource Service Assurance Dynamic Resource Resource Chargeback Config & Delivery Parameters Management and Reporting Network Cisco Juniper Arista HP Cisco Juniper 18
  19. 19. Enterprise Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) 2010-2012 2011-2013 2012-2014 2013-2015 2014-2016Consumers 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0End Simple SaaS Simple SaaS Complex SaaS Hybrid SaaSUser Cloud Aware Apps Cloud Aware Cloud Aware Enterprise Apps AppsApp Legacy Apps Enterprise Legacy AppsDev Legacy Apps Legacy Apps Federated and Open Complex Compute IaaS CloudApp Private PaaS Hybrid PaaSOwner Simple Compute IaaS Simple Compute IaaSIT Ops Compute, Storage, and Compute, Full Private Storage, and Hybrid IaaS Network IaaS Network 19
  20. 20. Where areWe Heading? 20
  21. 21. Impact of Solutions Delivery Accelerate $50B of cloud services1 Saving $25B in TOTAL annual IT spend within 5 years2 1: Source: Projections based on IDC Cloud Services Forecast, May 2010. Assumes a 25% acceleration in cloud services from IDC estimate between 2010 and 2015 2: Source: Estimated 15% reduction in operational costs based on Bain’s $142B annual spending estimates. 21
  22. 22. Open Interoperable Competitive Solutions Cloud Service Global Providers Enterprises Delivering Rich, Growing consumers of Elastic, Flexible, cloud. Potential sellers Global Solutions of excess capacity as at Scale. Emerging well. Dynamic Cloud Market Place Technology Solution Providers Technology, Brokerage and Management Services. 22
  23. 23. Up Next: Cloud Storm Track Panels Moderator Panelists Rapid Fire Panel: Christofer Chris Swan Greg Brown Mark Wood Matt Lowth Cloud Security Hoff UBS McAfee Dell National (11:05-11:50) Juniper Dov Yoran Ian Lamont Australia Networks ThreatGRID BMW Bank Moderator Panelists Rapid Fire Panel: Krishnan Eric J. Joe Houle Matt Estes RensCloud Transparency Subramanian Kristoff AT&T Disney Troost (1:00-1:45) Rishidot UBS Marvin Wheeler Virtual Research ODCA Clarity Moderator Panelists Rapid Fire Panel: George Reese Kevin Reid Peder Ray Solnik WayneCloud Management enStratus Virtustream, Ulander Appnomic Adams (1:50-2:35) Inc. Citrix Systems DMTF Moderator Panelists Deborah Brett Smith Gordon Haff Marvin Wheeler Rapid Fire Panel: Salons Deutsche Bank Red Hat ODCA Cloud Regulation José E. González Aron Dutta (2:25-3:20) Trapezoid Digital Cisco Security Services, LLC 23
  24. 24. Resources Learn the latest about ODCA requirements PRIORITIZE at Use ODCA PEAT Tool for Upcoming RFPs DELIVER Explore the Latest Solutions at ODCAs Cloud Expo Showcase Booth #411 #Forecast12 Actively Participate in Todays Sessions SHARE Scale your Knowledge with ODCA MEET Forecast Reception. Build relationships with other IT experts while sipping cocktails and filling up on food from the roof of Sky Room, which offers stunning views of the New York City skyline. WHEN WHERE HOW 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. ET Sky Room Times Square Buses will begin running (330 West 40th Street) at 4:45pm from the Javits
  25. 25. Q&A 25