CoCCA OpenReg development, registry software
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CoCCA OpenReg development, registry software



Council of Country Code Administrators, or CoCCA, is a non-profit organization and a forum engaged in the collaboration of ccTLD managers.

Council of Country Code Administrators, or CoCCA, is a non-profit organization and a forum engaged in the collaboration of ccTLD managers.



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CoCCA OpenReg development, registry software CoCCA OpenReg development, registry software Presentation Transcript

  • CoCCA Open RegistrySANOG VI Thimphu BhutanMuhammad Aslam<>
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxCoCCACoCCA (Council of Country Code Administrators)Non-profit organizationForum for collaborating among member ccTLDsActivitiesHarmonized policy developmentProvision of training / technical support for member ccTLDsDevelopment of registry software (CoCCA OpenReg)Deployment supportUpgrades, extra value added features according to requirements ofccTLDsMembershipFree membership
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxDefinitionsRegistrant:The organization or person responsible for a domainRegistrar:The middlemen who interact with registries on behalf ofregistrantsRegisterThe data that is maintained by the registryRegistryThe organization which maintains the register andpublishes the zone
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxThin Registry vs Thick RegistryThinSome shared-registry systems distribute much of theregistry metadata to registrars, rather than maintainingit centrallyReturn minimal set of data, usually with a referral to aregistrar’s whois serverThickShared registry systems keep all the metadata centralReturn all the registry metadata from one place, in onequery
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxWhy ?Why to have registry software ?What is the need for registry software ?
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxCoCCA Open RegistryRuns onWindows, Linux, MacOSX & SolarisOpen source basedFully featured Registry-Registrar componentsVarious value added featuresAutomatic PDF invoicing, customizable whois etcShared Registry System
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxShared Registry ModelRegistryRegistrarRegistrantRegistrarRegistrantRegistrarRegistrantReseller
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxComponentsPostgreSQL databasehttp://www.postgresql.orgCaucho Resin Application Serverhttp://www.caucho.comJava 1.4 or Better
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxWhois DataMechanism for retrieving metadata from registryRFC 954 (“nicname”)No data format specifiedMuch of the specification describes a query/retrievalstrategy that has never been implementedEvery registry’s whois output looks differentCoCCA whois is customizable as which data should beavailable for public
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxFeaturesZone generatorCustomizable whoisPublic access to all whois information can be controlled by theregistrantDomain transferRegistrant controlled registrar transfers (full domain nameportability)Flexible in customization according to applied registry policiesRenewalsAutomatic invoicingMulti-year renewals, Bulk renewalsRestriction on what names can be registeredoffensive namesGeneric namesNames of places, famous personalities
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxRegistry - RegistrarsDNS ResolverRegistryRegistrarWhois clientswhoisXML,EPPDNS
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxStatusccTLDs using CoCCA RegistryAfghanistan (.af)Christmas Island (.cx)Dominica (.dm)Norfolk Island (.nf)Timor-Leste (.tl)Legacy (.TP)Mauritius (.mu)Namibia (.na)South Georgia (.gs)In discussion to useMangolia .mn
  • http://www.nic.afhttp://www.cocca.cxLinksCoCCA Registry Software to download presentationhttp://www.sanog.org
  • Thank you!Questions ?