Open High School of Utah


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A brief introduction to the vision behind the Open High School of Utah

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Open High School of Utah

  1. 1. The Open High School of Utah <ul><li>David Wiley, PhD </li></ul><ul><li>Department of Instructional Psychology & Technology </li></ul><ul><li>Brigham Young University </li></ul>CC BY A Moonshot for Bloom’s 2 Sigma Challenge
  2. 2. Bloom’s 2 Sigma Challenge <ul><li>Bloom, 1984 </li></ul>CC BY
  3. 3. One-to-One Tutoring <ul><li>And other methods compared to 30 students in the classroom </li></ul>CC BY
  4. 4. Average Tutored Student by 2 SD <ul><li>In other words, the average student is capable of much more </li></ul>CC BY
  5. 5. Tutoring is Expensive <ul><li>So we teach class instead! </li></ul>CC BY
  6. 6. Bloom, 1984 <ul><li>If the research on the 2 sigma problem yields practiced methods (methods that the average teacher or school faculty can learn in a brief period of time and use with little more cost or time than conventional instruction), it would be an educational contribution of the greatest magnitude . (p. 5) </li></ul>CC BY
  7. 7. To Tutor Or Not to Tutor? <ul><li>That is the (false) question </li></ul>CC BY
  8. 8. “ Strategic Tutoring” <ul><li>What if we could do just-in-time, just-on-topic, one-on-one tutoring? </li></ul>CC BY
  9. 9. Obs. 1 - Requires Great Insight <ul><li>We’d have to know who needs help, when, and what they need help with </li></ul>CC BY
  10. 10. Obs. 2 - Requires Great Curriculum <ul><li>The more the student can learn from the materials, the less tutoring is required </li></ul>CC BY
  11. 11. Obs. 3 - Data Is the Key <ul><li>You’d need live, fine-grained data about student, assessment, and curriculum performance </li></ul>CC BY
  12. 12. Simultaneous Continuous Improvement <ul><li>Working in a way that constantly improves both student learning and the curriculum </li></ul>CC BY
  13. 13. The Loop CC BY Curriculum Use Curriculum Redesign Student Performance Data Data Describing Curriculum Performance Data Supporting Strategic Tutoring
  14. 14. OHSU Teaching Model <ul><li>Create and aggregate great curriculum, let it do as much instructing as possible, follow-up with “strategic tutoring” </li></ul>CC BY
  15. 15. How Do You Improve Curriculum? <ul><li>Performance data alone aren’t sufficient – you need permission </li></ul>CC BY
  16. 16. Open Educational Resources <ul><li>Give OHSU the permissions it needs to engage in continuous improvement </li></ul>CC BY
  17. 17. OHSU Charter Requires OER <ul><li>Founders’ way of “burning the ships” </li></ul>CC BY
  18. 18. Two Quick Screenshots <ul><li>From the Agilix BrainHoney system </li></ul>CC BY
  19. 19. State Standards As Skeleton <ul><li>Standards provide the framework for content aggregation and assessment </li></ul>CC BY
  20. 20. Restricting Access to the Bible <ul><li>Zealously and passionately </li></ul>CC BY
  21. 21. Supporting Strategic Tutoring <ul><li>Data visualized in an easy to use manner </li></ul>CC BY
  22. 22. When Tech and Policy Collide <ul><li>A story from history: 1000 - 1600 </li></ul>CC BY
  23. 23. Watch Out Bloom, Here We Come! <ul><li>OHSU is only a few weeks but the model is already proving terrifically effective </li></ul>CC BY
  24. 24. Lots of Research to be Done <ul><li>We would love more research partners! </li></ul>CC BY
  25. 25. Thank You <ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>801-422-7071 </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>CC BY
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