How to be a Citizen Lobbyist - Warren Cooksey


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Warren Cooksey's Ignite presentation on "How to be a Citizen Lobbyist."

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How to be a Citizen Lobbyist - Warren Cooksey

  1. 2. How to be a Citizen Lobbyist It’s your government. You’re supposed to tell it what to do. <ul><li>Warren Cooksey </li></ul><ul><li>@wcooksey </li></ul>
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  3. 4. North Carolina Constitution Article I, Section 12 The people have a right to assemble together to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to the General Assembly for redress of grievances ; but secret political societies are dangerous to the liberties of a free people and shall not be tolerated.
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  10. 13. Mr. Warren, thank you for all your hard work in getting this information together along with the rest of you. I appreciate your help in directing me as to the process, HOWEVER, I have some questions below regarding the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Ordinance you have emailed me. I am very disappointed yet again in you in these Affidavits you sent to me to sign to receive my tax refund for the taxes on my property taxes I have paid for the last 10 years to the city and the county designated for solid wastes. The laws from the Attorney General's office and the city of Charlotte and the county of Mecklenburg MUST be consistent in language. 1) Where can I get a hard copy of ALL the Ordinances regarding the City and County in which this one part concerning solid waste was found ? 2) Please explain if each city or town, i.e. the city of Charlotte, Town of Matthews, etc, are separate in a city ordinance or township ordinance or if the county covers all cities and towns annexed into Mecklenburg County as it regards the laws governing solid waste taxes (fees) on our property taxes. If the county is the ruling governing body as according to N.C.G.S. 105-381 to ask for a refund from, that am I to believe that the $27.00 for multifamily units designated on our property taxes to the &quot;city&quot; and the $15.00 for solid waste paid to the &quot;county&quot;, such as my townhome community is assessed is collected ONLY by the county tax assessor and administrator itself for both the city and county taxes ? Yes, this seems to be the case. There are NOT two taxing governing bodies. You have an amendment update as of 2008 at the end of this Ordinance stating that &quot;IF&quot; the town of Matthews agrees. Therefore, you cannot assess city or township taxes unless the city or town itself does so within the county ordinance. Therefore my next question which will introduce some problems. a) A governing body CANNOT morally assume to &quot;provide&quot; a landfill, it does not own, i.e.the Speedway, as stated in the Affidavits you sent me to fill out for a refund, and even to attempt use a monopoly on such landfill when the city nor the county OWNS IT. Allied Waste in Cabarras County owns that landfill in another county that my private trash collector takes my trash to. My private trash collector does provide this landfill as does the county of Mecklenburg for the city's service to the residents of the city, laterally. Therefore laterally and equally all private trash collectors and cities and towns may be ALLOWED by ONLY Allied Waste to dump on their landfill. Allied Waste has the &quot;say so&quot; here. Not the city of Charlotte or the county of Mecklenburg. TELL ME YOU KNOW THIS. On these affidavits you sent me, which I find interesting that you have the date on it of 2009 -2010, instead of a rote form with blanks to be filled out as to the year and day, SURELY IN GOOD MORAL CONSCIENCE YOU KNOW YOU CANNOT TAX SOMEOONE OR ANYONE FOR DUMPING ON A LANDFILL THE CITY NOR THE COUNTY OWNS. TELL ME YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT RIGHT ! God, I feel like I am in the twilight zone of bad morals. If this is offensive, I do not apologize because you are directly taxing against what is morally right and taking advantage of many citizens. YES YOU ARE. You cannot go to Iredell County or Gaston county or any county and presume to tax each citizen for paying a private trash collector to use that landfill in another county too, when that county that owns their own landfills that we all use. Anymore than I could come to your house and charge your neighbors for throwing their trash into your trash bin on YOUR property. This is OUTRAGEOUS AND IMMORAL. THEREFORE, ILLEGAL IN NATURE. K & S Sanitation, a private contractor, does not HAVE to own the landfill they take our trash to. K & S Sanitation pays the availability or disposal fee to Allied Waste, for the landfill that Allied Waste owns, NOT CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG. This type of attitude presents extortion and is in direct conflict with the Clayton Act and anti trust laws where monopolies are established with the insane attitude and utter gall that you have any say so whatsoever on someone else's land. I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THIS. IF WE ARE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE HERE, THEN WE MUST ADDRESS SOME LAW CHANGES AND THE WAY THE LANGUAGE IN WHICH THIS ORDINANCE AND/OR AFFIDAVITS ARE WRITTEN. Because I will not sign anything that is not truthful. I will re-word an Affidavit of TRUTH only and not the way your Affidavits are written to lead anyone reading them to believe YOU OWN the landfill near the speedway. N.C.G.S. 105-381 does not state I HAVE TO use your Affidavits. It states that I must give a good defense to the governing body. Those are the only requirements from our General Assembly. You cannot make something available that you do not own. Tell me you know this. Also the laws from our Attorney General's office from the North Carolina General Assembly do not state that I can go back ONLY ONE YEAR like you have written in these Affidavits dated back to January 1, 2009. It says I can go back five years. I agree that I may have to get our private trash collector to sign an Affidavit saying that he pays the availability fees or disposal fees, (HOWEVER YOU WANT TO WORD THIS, fees or taxes ) on our property tax bills, out of his pocket to the Allied Waste landfill. So I will do that as proof. And in TRUTH he does make the landfill available, but the language from your perspective like he is using &quot;your&quot; facility that you do not own, .......:&quot;INCLUDING THE LANDFILL NEAR THE SPEEDWAY, like you own it when you DO NOT, as you have stated it, WILL BE REMOVED. Are we clear ? As to the recyclables you may have a right to some degree from only the city and/or the county, whichever entity truly owns SCR or FCR recycling company out of New Hampshire as you must be renting out or have paid for the equipment and the land beneath this business or whichever is the correct name, located on Amble Road, where our private trash collector dumps our recylables. However, I find this abusive since I have been told by Mr. Perry Knuckles, of K & S Sanitation, on tape, that we pay nothing to him for him to take our recyclables, and he is our private trash collector, and which recyclables, WHICH YOU ALL MAKE A PROFIT ON, to the SCR recycling center and the city DOES NOT, LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, DOES NOT PICK UP OUR TRASH OR RECYLABLES AND YIELD ANY SERVICE WHATSOEVER, EVEN IF YOU THROW OFF ON US SOME OFFER FOR CITY TRASH PICK UP WITH A SMELLY HEALTH HAZARD OLD DUMPSTER WHICH OUR DEVELOPER DID NOT GRADE OUR LAND FOR BECAUSE THEY ASSUMED THAT THE CITY WOULD PICK UP OUR TRASH LIKE OUR SISTER COMMUNITY BUILT BY THE SAME DEVELOPER LESS THAN ONE MILE AWAY IS BEING PICKED UP BY THE CITY. NOW PEOPLE, YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE CUTTING CORNERS TO SAVE YOU SOME MONEY AND TREATING ME AND MY COMMUNITY &quot;NOT&quot; LIKE YOU YOURSELVES WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED. AND I AM GOING TO TAKE GREAT ISSUE WITH YOU. You all have some explaining to do. I have sent in my request for the refund for my town home through my parents since they are the rightful owners for this refund to Ms. Susan Burgess and Ms. Jennifer Roberts representing both the city and the county. I do appreciate your sending me these Ordinances and the process by which to properly do this. I will therefore use my Power of Attorney and my notarized letter from my parents to send this to the tax administrator and I expect to hear back from them within the fifteen (15) days that is stated for a response time. I hope to God that I get a positive verdict, because if I do not, according to what is ethically and morally fair and right, and I have to go through this RIDICULOUS long process of then appealing again to the board of the solid waste that you will appoint, when it should be granted the first time, I wlll be sorely dissapointed. I think what hurts me and dissappoints me the most is that I BELIEVE YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEARTS THIS IS WRONG. YOU HAVE TO. Therefore if you persist, IT WILL CAUSE ME TO LOSE FAITH IN THE GOODNESS AND THE ETHICS of OUR VERY CITY AND COUNTY OFFICIALS. If I go through the correct process and you press this, which I hope to God Almighty does not happen,..... Then..... WE WILL HAVE TO GO TO COURT AS IN N.C.G.S. 105-381, AND I WILL TAKE MY CASE ALONE TO SET A PRECEDENT AND I WILL GO FURTHER TO NOTIFIY ALL THE OTHER TOWNHOME ASSOCIATIONS THAT ALSO IN THE SAME SITUATION AND ARE INTERESTED IN DOING THE SAME. I totally ABHOR anyone or any municipality or government agency who OUTRIGHT TAKES ADVANTAGE and does not abide by good ethics, morality and the fair practices that should govern all. Thank you for your attention and your working with me.
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