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Michele Hovet's Ignite presentation about QR Codes.

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  • Welcome to the new world of information What in the world are they? These QR Codes – Quick Response The QR code is that carry meaningful information in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal, hence the two-dimensional term. By carrying information in both directions, QR code can carry up to several hundred times the amount of data carried by an ordinary bar codes. Originally created to track parts in warehouses – Toyota company
  • How do they work – well I don’t know but this graphic shows some of the characteristics
  • Readers for smart phones and for androids – I use Red Laser on my iphone – many are also bar code readers – Red Laser for example will read bar codes on products and tell you prices of those products and tell you how far away stores are with their prices. QR codes everywhere, for everything from people’s pets to public restrooms. Even though the technology has been around for nearly 16 years now, much like AJAX, it is slated to be the “next big thing”.
  • QR codes at the airport for airlines advertising – Have you see the Washington times QR ad – 3 QR codes one easy one medium one hard to download the latest crossword puzzles
  • Recent Target holiday ads – many of you saw them – it is this special time of the year when consumerism pulls at our heart strings and empties our wallets. Just scan and see a video on the latest toys
  • Florida hotel – hidden QR Codes
  • On star – the reader is shown a one to two minute video about the service. A heart string video that makes you consider buying their service – much more powerful than a simple print ad
  • Geo based tours of cities – art tours – scavenger hunts in parks
  • Coupons – Geo based -
  • Do any of you guys have trouble deciding what you need for a great outfit? Well Esquire magazine wants to help you out – tells you how and when different types of clothing should be worn – business / social
  • creative use of qr codes – ask people to follow you on twitter – get a date – make a statement without really making one at all
  • Washington DC Transit buses - Washington DC to put QR codes on the Circulator buses in the heart of Washington DC. Each code is personalized to each bus – allowing you to comment, tweet, or view bus schedules per route and stop.
  • What about contests – this department store held a contest – you enter by using the qR code
  • Looking for a new house – just driving by and those darn handout bins are empty – use a QR code to get all the details, pictures and videos
  • Feeling patriot – want to enlist – get Army information? Scan and go directly to army.com
  • Times Square (7th and 43rd NYC media will be sponsoring the Reuters screen to feature QR codes. The plan is to assist New Yorkers with their mobile lives by offering content downloads relating to the offer.
  • QR codes on your TV – yes they are here on Fox – you probably need your DVR to rewind to capture the qr code in time - Fox used this QR code to promote their fall lineup
  • Calvin Klein – tired of getting the run around by consumer advocates on what is appropriate and what is not – gave up and created a giant qr code sign which links to an unsensored ad – racy – with something for the men and women
  • What will you do with QR codes?
  • QR Codes - Michele Hovet

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