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  • Maybe add a similar photo to the reload one but its needs to be wage so we can see the text
  • Όλα τα actionπου παίρνουμε στο Cookisto τα βλέπουμε κάτω από αυτό το πρίσμA.Acquisition – πως θα πάρεςι τα πρώτα μέληActivation – πως θα κάνεις τα μέλη να κάνουν το βασικό action που θέλεις –στην περίπτωση μας .. Οι cooks να καταχωρήσουν πιάτα και οι καλοφαγάδες να παραγγείλουνRetention – τι actions θα κάνεις ώστε οι χρήστες να επαναλάβουν την πράξη που θέλεις Revenue – τα actions που έχουν να κάνουν με την άυξηση των εσόδων σουReferral – και τέλος πως θα μετατρέψεις τους χρήστες σου σε πρεσβευτές των υπηρεσιών σου ώστε να σου φέρουν και άλλα μέλη
  • Εμείς είχαμε ώς βασικές στρατηγικές τις παραπάνω εξαιτίας ορισμένων παραγόντων όπως έλειψης κεφαλαίων, από το γεγονός πως είμαστε peer to peer κτλπ.Ποτέ δεν θα κάνει κακό το free media exposure αλλά πριν το θέσετε σαν βασική στρατηγική πρέπει να λάβετε υπόψιν σας τα παρακάτω Disclaimer: We will tell you what did and did not work for us.That does not mean that this is the case for your companies but still you could benchmark most of the points FactorsYour type of businessYour marketRevenue modelCompetitive landscape Your money in the bankYour expertise…you name it
  • Cookisto Open Coffee Athens LX

    1. 1. Someone’s cooking for you! “Open Coffee, November 2013”
    2. 2. Agenda • About Cookisto • Story So Far • What Media Want • Hacking Media in London • The To Do List 2
    3. 3. We are not the only crazy ones The “Revolution” started with and now you can… Books a stranger’s house @ Share your knowledge @ Who wants to try my mother’s stuffed tomatoes? Enjoy experiences @ Rent your neighbor's car @ Complete your tasks @ Do something different @ 3
    4. 4. The Problem Healthy, personalised homemade meals Foodies • • • Cooks • • • students employees /bachelors other Don’t know Don’t want No time professional cooks housewives other Know Want Have time To Cook Unhealthy diet Big expenses To Cook Want to share their passion Earn extra cash Recognition & cash 4
    5. 5. The Solution A community marketplace where you can find personalised, delicious and healthy homemade food prepared by local cooks. 5
    6. 6. The Product 1. Tell us where you are 2. Choose your cook & meal 3. Send your order & enjoy! 1 2 3 6
    7. 7. The Product … or send a request and get just about any food and menu prepared at your style and budget. 7
    8. 8. Vision To be the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace for food; offering healthy, personalised homemade meals to the world. 8
    9. 9. Overview – The Story So Far Phase 1 « We’re not crazy » Free Media Exposure Social Media + Minimum Viable Product = Proof of Concept Learn BOOTSTRAPPING 9
    10. 10. Overview – The Story So Far Phase 1 Phase 2 (we are here) « We’re not crazy » « Better, faster, stronger » Free Media Exposure Social Media Free Media Exposure Word of Mouth Social Media + Minimum Viable Product + Killer Product (getting there) = = Proof of Concept Learn Learn Product Lock Show Growth Potential BOOTSTRAPPING SEED FUNDING 10
    11. 11. Overview – The Story So Far Phase 1 Phase 2 (we are here) Phase 3 « We’re not crazy » « Better, faster, stronger » « Show me the money » Free Media Exposure Social Media Free Media Exposure Word of Mouth Social Media Social Media Affiliate Internet Advertising + + Killer Product (getting there) «THE Killer Product » + Minimum Viable Product = Proof of Concept Learn = = Learn Product Lock Show Growth Potential BOOTSTRAPPING SEED FUNDING Boost Members Growth and Revenue! ROUND A 11
    12. 12. AARRR Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral 12
    13. 13. Sell To Customers: To your Employees: To yourMedia: To the Investors: “ I have the solution “This is aagreat “This is a great “This is great tocompany!” your problem!” business!” story!” Alec Baldwin at Glengarry Glen Ross 13
    14. 14. What Media Want ? Fresh stories Nobody knows you Stories that sell Different angles Exclusivity Be creative You do their work You = waterboy 14
    15. 15. Fresh Stories – Nobody Knows Us 15
    16. 16. Stories that Sell - Different Angles Tailored message depending on the journalist’s previous works • • • • • Young Greek Entrepreneurs / Greek Crisis Youth entrepreneurship Cookisto story in Greece Cookisto + Sharing Economy Cookisto + Society/Food trends 16
    17. 17. Exclusivity – Be Creative Only you will have the chance to review our service before we go live in London! 17
    18. 18. You Are the Waterboy! Photos, banners, written stories… everything ready for them 18
    19. 19. 30 Days in London - Hallelujah 19
    20. 20. First Cohort of Users in the UK – Mission Accomplished 7.300 foodies | 130 cooks |0€ spent 20
    21. 21. The to Do List • Leverage your network for contacts • Identify your business’s different media angles • Clear message to the journalists – Exclusivity – Call to action • You do the work – Material (Photos, written stories etc.) • Build long-term relationships – Say thank you! 21
    22. 22. Thank you! You want to find out more? Contact: Michalis Gkontas |
    23. 23. Disclaimer Market Revenue model Competition Cash Network Expertise …. 23