A few things to learn about the industrial coatings and its uses


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The coating of industrial painting decreases the risk of fire outbreak or corrosion. This painting is mainly done by the industrial painters and it does not take loads of time to dry. After drying, the color surface remains completely protected from the fire outbreaks as long as the layer sustains.

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A few things to learn about the industrial coatings and its uses

  1. 1. OPC – Ontario Protective Company A Few Things to learn About the Industrial Coatings and Its Uses Overview:The industrial coating is a type of paint subsequently applied on the concrete and steel derivatives to protect the materials from possible corrosion. These industrial coatings are basically vigorously made amalgamations of a number of chemical substances. www.opcontario.com
  2. 2. OPC – Ontario Protective Company Description:The industrial painting which is also known as industrial coating is known as the layer or several layers of protective covering applied to the concrete, steel and other type of materials. These coatings are basically manufactured with the common polymers like polyurethane, epoxy and moisture cure urethane. This layer also helps in keeping the dust and debris away from the surface while keeping it unscathed. Apart from that, the safety of the substances also becomes the foregone conclusion. The formulas and the application methods of these industrial coatings depend widely on the protection and the structure needed. The industrial painting offered by the industrial painters is really very helpful in increasing the lifetime of the materials that decreases the replacement costs. Besides, these coatings are also helpful in protecting all those metals used in the bridges subjected to the oxidation, moisture and salt spray. The most common processes of applying the industrial coatings include using the paint rollers, airless sprays or brushes. The application method which will be used mainly depends on the structure that would be coated as well as the type of coating which would be used. The most complicated methods of industrial painting include spinning or Autophoretic application and electro coating. The spinning or the Autophoretic application spins the subject matter at higher speed in order to spread the painting in an even manner. This process is mainly used to coat the aviation, automotive and other types of specialty parts. Besides, this process also uses the reaction caused by bringing in the organic resins to some acid etched surface, offering a protective layer to the used material. On the other hand, the epoxy coating is the method which involves applying some voltage difference around all the electrodes submersed in some organic solution which builds up a shielding film on the metal. Polyurethane and epoxy painting are also quite common industrial coating materials used in the residential settings in order to protect and seal the garage floors. Adding polyurethane along with the epoxy enhances the resistance power and strength. Another kind of industrial coating is used in the factory ceiling painting by the roofing contractors in the construction industry is the bitumen paint. This type of industrial painting protects the non-ferrous and ferrous materials like as the asphalt, felt and the wood against the water. The common process of applying the bitumen industrial painting on the roofs is by mopping or rolling the material to the outside. This material also protects the steelworks or iron in some of the applications but has a shorter life span than other advanced coatings. www.opcontario.com
  3. 3. OPC – Ontario Protective Company About Company:Barry Pitman has a thorough knowledge on commercial painting and has written a few articles on industrial painting. Contact Us Ontario Protective Coatings OFFICE: - 1.226.777.3494 CELL: - EMAIL: - info@opcontario.com www.opcontario.com