Group 5 Homophobic Bullying PowerPoint


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Group 5 Homophobic Bullying PowerPoint

  1. 1. Group Five Presentation Rose, Mia and Freddie
  2. 2. Our Chosen Genre • We’ve chosen to do a documentary on homophobic bullying about people of in and around our age group. • First thing we did was ask some of the teachers their views…
  3. 3. Mr S. Cuffy ‘No I don’t think homophobic bullying is an issue in our school, however if it was I’d like it to be brought to my attention’
  4. 4. Ms N. Lintern ‘I do still think homophobic bullying is an issue at our school that hasn’t yet been dealt with but then again in some cases its very under the radar’
  5. 5. Comparing the two teachers views… • Mr. Cuffy’s view was very different from Ms. Linterns. • She clearly felt that homophobic bullying was still an issue within our school, this contrasted with Mr.Cuffy’s views that there was no problem within Dunraven. • And then we did a few short interviews…
  6. 6. Lee Smith • Name: Lee Smith • Age: 18 • School: Dunraven Sixth Form • Short interview Link: Question sample: 1 – How were peoples reactions when you first came out? 2 – Why do you think your Dad reacted badly when you came out?
  7. 7. George Neish • Name: George Neish • Age: 18 • School: Dulwhich Boys • Short Interview Link:
  8. 8. Stella Collinson • Name: Stella Collinson • Age: 17 • School: Emmanuel • Short Phone Interview: • I came out over the summer when I was sixteen to my brothers girlfriend. • Everyone was fine with me being gay, my parents were the only ones who didn’t take it well my mum told me I would ‘burn in hell’.
  9. 9. Dave Robson •The chairman of the LGBT Forum. •The Wandsworth, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Forum was set up in 2005, with the support of GALOP (Gay London Police Monitoring Group) to improve the lives of LGBT people living, working and studying in Wandsworth. Their aims are: To provide a platform for our members, to raise awareness and campaign on issues relevant to the Wandsworth LGBT community. To build partnerships to challenge homophobia and discrimination across the borough. To ensure that statutory agencies include LGBT communities in consultations on service provision. To increase awareness of people working in local statutory agencies of the needs and interests of the LGBT community.
  10. 10. Dalia Fleming • A public affairs intern at Stonewall – the lesbian, gay, bisexual rights charity in the UK. • "I believe that you can learn that even the improbable is possible.“ • Sample Questions: • Do you think homophobic bullying is still an issue in secondary schools? •What do Stonewall do to help young gay, lesbian and bisexual teens who are experiencing homophobic bullying? Scheduled Interview – November 15th
  11. 11. Data • We created an audience survey and passed it out to our peers and some teachers at our school. • We received varied results - some that confused us, some that shocked us and some that had no results because individuals were so uncomfortable with the subject matter, they refused to touch the paper.
  12. 12. Questionnaire Results Do you think it's wrong to be gay? 11 26 4 Yes No Not Sure Have you ever witnessed or experienced homophobic bullying? 10 17 12 2 Yes No Seen But Not Been Victimised I Have Bullied People For Being Gay
  13. 13. Have you ever tried to help someone who was bullied for being gay? 11 22 8 Yes No Never Seen Somone Being Bullied Do you think homosexuality is a choice? 2120 Yes No
  14. 14. Does homosexuality make you uncomfortable? 17 22 2 Yes No Don’t Mind Do you think homophobic bullying is an issue in your school? 11 17 13 Yes No Not Sure
  15. 15. Do you have any friends or family who are gay? 22 19 Yes No What do you think of people who are abusive towards homosexuals? 10 31 Positive Opinion Of Them Negative Opinion Of Them
  16. 16. If you found out a friend of yours was gay would you maintain contact with them? 25 16 Yes No
  17. 17. Results • When we looked at all the results and compared we found that: • The majority of people in our survey didn’t think it was wrong to be gay. • Most of them claimed never to have seen homophobic bullying and only two owned up to being abusive themselves. • That the opinion as to homosexuality being a choice was pretty fairly divided between yes and no. • Something that surprised us was that the majority of the people felt uncomfortable with homosexuality even though they thought there was nothing wrong with being gay. • And a lot of people thought homophobic bullying was not an issue in Dunraven.
  18. 18. Further Target Audience Research • We asked ourselves where people our age went to, in order to find out interesting news and find out how things were affecting us specifically. • The answer was simple.
  19. 19. So we did some research on how homophobic bullying was perceived on YouTube.
  20. 20. And then looked at popular openly gay YouTubers
  21. 21. Location • Soon we will be setting up our interviews, and after our test runs we know certain things we need to adjust. • We plan to film everyone in their own personal location, at their homes or work spaces in order to communicate to the audience what they are like through the mise-en-scene in the shot with them.
  22. 22. Conclusion Nowadays it is far more acceptable to be gay, and it’s shown on YouTube, the amount of people supporting gay marriage and protesting against homophobia is clear, teenagers are trying to be more informative in order to help each other and get their point across, though not all the feedback is positive we have derived that our film will join the growing ranks of anti-homophobic protestation.