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Q1 a2 evaluation Q1 a2 evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms or conventions of real media products?
  • Similar Conventions
    It also uses conventions of a music video in its category as it has a variety of costume changes. This convention is used to show the different locations as well as shots used by the director in the video.
    Another convention which is shown in our video is the choice of location. As our video is a grime/hip hop video you expect to see locations which are usually associated with crime. In our music video we have used this convention as we included many shots to suggest that our artist comes from a crime ridden area, for example the use of our CCTV shot suggest that this particular area is watched constantly for a reason. In addition to this the fact that we have many shots showing council estates in London which are known for being high places for crimes to take place.
  • Similar Conventions
    My music video use conventions of other music videos in its category such as the use of split screen which you can see was used quiet frequently in the so high video. This allows us to use more shots within our video which would allow the audience to get a good view of the artist and it familiarises the audience with the artist.
  • Similar Conventions
    Another way we used the convention of a grime/hip hop music video is by adding a narrative to our music video. Narratives are used in a lot of music videos as it keeps the viewer entertained and gives a storyline to the music video. In our music video we have decided to put a narrative of our artist’s life, about how he struggles to make it out of his council estates and the problems he faces with his life as he tries to make it big. The use of a narrative will allow the audience to respond more to our video as they can usually reflect the situation of the song and can identify themselves with the artist
    Another convention we used was the use of green screen. This allows us to manipulate the background of our music video to whatever we wanted it to be.
    Use of green screen
  • Similar Conventions
    Another convention in our music video the footage we show of our artist rapping in the studio which shows the audience the artist at work and this shot can be seen in famous rap videos such as ‘ In Da Club ‘ a song by famous artist 50 Cent
  • Challenges Conventions
    A way we challenged conventions in our music video was by not including a clear narrative. We instead decided to include the narrative in the lyrics rather than the video and make the video performance based instead
    A way our music video challenges the conventions of a grime/ hip hop music video is by our choice of editing and our choice of camera shots. Many grime music video tend not to have a vast amount of editing and tend to use hand held cameras as the like to use point of view shots most of the time. We decided to make our music video using shots which would have been used in most hip hop videos such as the performance part of song, for example we decided to film our artist on the green screen at our clc which allowed us to add any background behind him. This shot is used in a lot of hip hop video such as the Kanye West video “Good life” which allowed them have animations come out of know where.
  • Developed Conventions
    A way our music video developed conventions of a real media product is by adding images of our artist in our music video. In the beginning off our music video we added still images off our artist which isn’t something you would see in most music videos. We did this because it shows the artists face to the audiences to allow them to familiarise themselves with the character it also shows our editing skills which we used to add images into our music video.
    Through the use of genre. We have a hybrid genre which includes hip hop and grime. The grime genre normally appeals to a niche genre which is predominately made up of young males. Where as hip hop is more mainstream as it appeals to a mainstream audience but we have managed to incorporate both of the genres to appeal to a larger audience.
  • Developed Conventions
    We developed conventions in our music video through editing. The use of split screen allowed for more camera shots of our artist.
    Use of camera stills in the opening
    Of the music video