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    Tamana Tamana Presentation Transcript

    • TAMANA How would you like to visit Tamana ?
    • Do you know where Tamana is in Kumamoto Prefecture?
      • Tamana city is
      • close to
      • Kumamoto city,
      • but
      • it’s more northwest than
      • Kumamoto and
      • near to Ariake sea.
    • Hot Spring
      • Tamana is famous for its hot spring.
      • There’re 20 Japanese-style hotel
      • at Onsen Streat in Tamana.
      • It was discovered
      • approximately 1300 yrs ago.
      • Its warm water is week
      • Alkarine and you’ll get
      • smooth skin from it.
    • Ashiyu[ 白鷺足湯 ]
      • It is a hot spring for just
      • only your feet.
      • The temperature is 41℃ ,
      • and there is so large that
      • many people soak in there.
      • You can enjoy for free!
    • Chinese noodle
      • Tamana is famous for
      • its Chinese noodles.
      • There's approximately
      • 26 ramen restaurants;
      • Touen 桃苑 , Senryuu 千龍 ,
      • Tairin 大輪 and so on.
    • ‘ Tamana Ramen’
      • Ramen in Tamana is made with rich ‘tonkotu soup’ with burned garlic.
      • Its soup is made by stewing pig skeleton for a long time.
      • Typically its noodle is
      • mudium-fine.
      • They're different from Kumamoto ramen.
    • Events Tamana has a lot of events every season.
    • Hanashoubu Festival
      • In spring ; Hanashoubu festival is from May 14th
      • to May 24th.
      • 66000 hanashoubu blossoms are at their
      • best during the event and120 flag of an arrow wave bravely.
      • They're illuminated at night until 10:00.
      • We can experience various events like
      • cooking sweets, oshibana or
      • something during it.
    • Fire work Festival
      • In summer ; Firework display in August
      • Surprisingly there's displayed fireworks 9900 times!
      • This is the most times
      • in Kumamoto one,
      • so many people come
      • there for it.
      • We can watch in
      • Takase bridge.
    • Odawara Korogashi
      • In Fall Equinox Day; Odawara Koragashi''
      • We compete rolling
      • 'odawara’ with the team.
      • [Odawara means
      • big straw bag which is
      • 2.5 m in diameter, 4 m in
      • width and 800 kg in weight!]
      • We can also enjoy concert and fireworks after the event.
    • Conclusion
      • Tamana is worth visiting though it is very rural.
      • Tamana is healing city, because there are a lot of kind hot springs, so we can soak in for our health.
      • We can eat traditional Tamana ramen.
      • Tamana is warm city, because people cherish traditional events.
      • How would you like to visit Tamana if you're tired with your business or something.
      • You'll get away from your stress!