the efect of lack of security on industry,goverment and economy
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  • 1. Impact of ICT on society: lack of security and its effect onindustry,economy and goverment PRESENTED BY : -Siti nur syuhada binti azmi -yuvarani d/o -4science2
  • 2. introduction• Lack of security means less of action of protecting our computer system and the information the contain against unwanted access,damage,destruction or modification
  • 3. The effect of lack of securityLack of security give effect on: -industry -economy -government
  • 4. The effect of lack of security on industry.• Secrete files of a company can be destroy , stolen and hack by crackers.• Unethical employees break into their employee computer to exploit a security weakness
  • 5. The effect of lack of security on economy• Privacy activity increase because lack of security and make economy of a country easily being hack.
  • 6. The effect of lack of security on government• Some corporate spies have excellent computer and network skill and are hired to break a specific computer and steel it proprietary data and information.• Unscrecerupulous companies hire corporate spies,a practice known as corporate espionage,to gain a corporative advantage.• Cyber terrorist,someone who uses the internet or network to destroy or damage
  • 7. Example :• Destroy the nation’s air traffic control system , electricity , generating , companies or telecommunication infrastructure.
  • 8. conclusion• Security precaution is important in industry,security and government,If there are lack of security , it can give negative effects to the industrial activity,economy of a country and government activity in a country.
  • 9. Sources of reference• Note• Http://• impact-of-ict-on-society.html•
  • 10. The end Presented by :- -siti nur syuhada -Yuvarani d/o 4SCIENCE2 