Thesis Presentation: SAP NetWeaver influence on development of further SAP business solutions


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Thesis Presentation: SAP NetWeaver influence on development of further SAP business solutions

  1. 1. Master thesis project SAP NetWeaver influence on development of further SAP business solutions Prepared by: Diana Gold Oguzhan Osman Erim   Academic supervisor: Prof. Mark Smith
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Introduction to SAP • SAP NetWeaver and SOA • SAP NetWeaver impact on development of SAP solutions • Conclusions
  3. 3. Introduction SAP NetWeaver is a new platform developed by SAP that helps to integrate SAP and non-SAP solutions.
  4. 4. Research question ? How SAP NetWeaver influences further development of SAP business solutions? ?
  5. 5. • Thesis goals • Study the background of SAP as a company and as a system • Analyze the service oriented architecture (SOA) concept as SAP NetWeaver is based on its principles • Analyze SAP NetWeaver integration platform, its background and main components • Study the differences of pre-NetWeaver and NetWeaver-based SAP applications: ❖ SAP architecture ❖ integration of SAP and non-SAP applications ❖ development of SAP applications ❖ implementation of SAP solutions • Study the influence of SAP NetWeaver on SAP customers, consultants and developers
  6. 6. Thesis structure 1. Introduction to SAP solutions 2. SAP NetWeaver overview 3. SAP NetWeaver impact on development of SAP solutions
  7. 7. Research methods • Literature study • Interviews • Survey
  8. 8. SAP background
  9. 9. SAP history Third largest independent software provider worldwide Full solution – one platform provider for 42750 employees multi SAP solutions enterprise 7341 mln EUR application services; 43 000 customers in revenue SAP Netweaver 120 countries Internet multi- 28400 employees 29 000 employees product vendor 1892 mln EUR 15000 customers in 20 500 customers in revenue 120 countries 120 countries 10000 employees R/3 – Client/Server 7500 customers in 70 countries 424 mln EUR revenue R/2 - Mainframe 3200 employees 5.1 mln EUR 2800 customers in revenue 35 countries R/1 60 employees 0.3 mln EUR revenue 50 customers in 2 9 employees countries 1972 1979 …. 1992 1996 2001 2003 Today
  10. 10. SAP solutions Application Definition Enterprise Applications MySAP Business Suite It is a family of business applications Duet A joint product of SAP and Microsoft SAP Manufacturing Specific solution for manufacturing companies. SAP Services and Market Management Solution for improving service delivery and asset accounting. Different applications that could be used for various business SAP xApps Composite Applications needs Business Solutions SAP Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance Includes corporate governance and oversight SAP Solutions for Information Workers Enables information workers to easier find and use information. Empowers organizations to manage all financial and operational SAP Solutions for Performance Management strategy SAP Solutions for RFID Enterprise-class solutions that support RFID Solution Extensions Cross-solutions and cross-industry functionality. Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies SAP Business All-in-One Adaptive business solution for midsize business SAP Business ByDesign Complete on-demand business solution for midsize businesses. SAP Business One SAP solution for small businesses.
  11. 11. SAP system evolution mySAP Business Suite mySAP Solutions: mySAP ERP, mySAP ERP CRM, SCM SAP R/3 Enterprise SAP NeatWeaver SAP R/3
  12. 12. mySAP Business Suite mySAP PLM Indu SAP stry Cus Solut tom ions er mySAP SRM mySAP CRM Ser mySAP ERP vice s Net wor mySAP SCM k SAP NetWeaver SAP xApps
  13. 13. SAP NetWeaver
  14. 14. Evolution of IT architectures Pre 1950’s to 1970’s to mid 1980’s to mid Mid 1990’s to Late 1990’s Today 1960’s 1980’s 1990’s early 2000 Subroutines Remote Enterprise Service Monolithic / Remote object Message Application Oriented Architectures procedure invocation processing Integration Architecture calls (EAI) Increasing modularity to achieve flexibility
  15. 15. Service Oriented Architecture Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a conceptual business architecture where business functionality, or application logic, is made available to SOA users, or consumers, as shared, reusable services on an IT network. "Services" in an SOA, are modules of business or application functionality with exposed interfaces, and are invoked by messages.
  16. 16. SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver provides a unified application development platform that contains the tools, methodologies, rules, user interface patterns, and services that allow SAP, its partners, and customers to build composite applications – either as products for sale or custom applications for use by one company.
  17. 17. SAP NetWeaver People integration Life-cycle Composite Multi-channel access management application framework Portal Collaboration Information integration Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Master Data Management Process integration Integration Broker Business Process Application platform J2EE ABAP DB and OS Abstraction
  18. 18. SAP NetWeaver solution IT practices IT scenarios User productivity Running an Enabling user Business task Mobilizing Enterprise Enterprise enabler enterprise portal collaborat. mngt business knowledge mngt search processes Data unification Master data Master data Central master data Enterprise data harmonization consolidation management warehousing Business information Reporting, query Business planning Enterprise data Enterprise knowledge and analysis and analytic serv. management Enterprise mngt warehousing search Business event Master data harmonization Master data harmonization management End-to-end process Enable app-to-app Enable business-to- Business process Enable platform Business task integr. processes business proc. management interoperability management Developing, configuring and adapting Custom development Enabling platform interoperability applications Unified life-cycle Software life-cycle management SAP NetWeaver operations management App governance and Authentication and single sign-on Integrated user and access management security mngt Consolidation Enable platform SAP NetWeaver Master data Enterprise knowledge Enterprise data interoperab, operations consolidation management warehousing ESA design and Enabling enterprise services deployment
  19. 19. SAP NetWeavers’ competitors • IBM Websphere • Oracle Fusion • BEA AquaLogic • Microsoft middleware
  20. 20. SAP NetWeaver impact on development of SAP solutions
  21. 21. SAP NetWeaver impact on architecture Client 1 RF (Financial Accounting), RA (Assets Accounting), RK (Cost Accounting), RK-P (Projects), RP (Human Resources), RM-INST (Plant Maintenance), RM-QSS Server (Quality Assurance), RM-MAT (Materials Management), RM-PPS (Production Planning and Control), RV (Sales ABAP/4 and Distribution) Data dictionary Dynpro Interfaces Client N RF (Financial Accounting), RA (Assets Accounting), RK (Cost Accounting), RK-P (Projects), RP (Human Resources), RM-INST (Plant Maintenance), RM-QSS (Quality Assurance), RM-MAT (Materials Management), RM-PPS (Production Planning and Control), RV (Sales and Distribution) SAP R/2
  22. 22. SAP NetWeaver impact on architecture Presentation (SAP GUI) BC (Basis), AM (Asset Management) CO (Controlling), FI (Financial Accounting), HR (Human Resources), IS (Industry Specific Solutions), PM (Plant Maintenance), PP (Production Planning), PS (Project System), QM (Quality Management), SD (Sales and Distribution), MM (Materials Management), WF (Business Work Flow) Application Server 1 Database Application Server N Presentation (SAP GUI) BC (Basis), AM (Asset Management) CO (Controlling), FI (Financial Accounting), HR (Human Resources), IS (Industry Specific Solutions), PM (Plant Maintenance), PP (Production Planning), PS (Project System), QM (Quality Management), SD (Sales and SAP R/3 Distribution), MM (Materials Management), WF (Business Work Flow)
  23. 23. SAP NetWeaver impact on architecture Applications Role-specific user interface DB1 ERP CRM SRM … Workflows Applications DBN ERP CRM Integration Platform SAP NetWeaver SRM … SAP ECC
  24. 24. SAP NetWeaver impact on integration 1 Integration ability Process automation Lower Use integration 2 products with pre- workload configured business Enhanced content and productivity connectors to reduce custom integration Lower hardware Adaptability to costs TCO 3 specific industry reduction requirements Lower development costs SAP NetWeaver 4 Reduced integration Lower costs costs through integration hubs Lower maintenance costs provides 5 Use Web Services and other open standards out-of-the box instead of proprietary API technologies integration
  25. 25. SAP NetWeaver impact on development SAP NetWeaver provides a set of changed and improved development tools.
  26. 26. SAP NetWeaver development tools • SAP Web Dynpro • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio • SAP Composite Application Framework • SAP Solution Manager • Others
  27. 27. SAP NetWeaver impact on implementation Phase 0 - Planning Phase 1 – Project preparation 1 Define project goals 1 Develop project plan 2 Develop SAP implementation strategy 2 Define business process re-engineering tasks 3 Conceptualize the new system 4 Budget, project schedule Phase 2 – Business Blueprint 1 Design new business processes 2 Configure the system 3 Define add-on functionality to be developed 4 Approve the project plan Phase 3.1 Realization Phase 3.1 Realization Phase 3.1 Realization Baseline prototype Final Scope Integration testing 1 Define the main new process 1 Final testing of the new system 1 Complete testing of the new 2 Complete system configuration 2 Conduct a cutover rehearsal business process 3 Design add-on functionality 3 Create operation manual 2 Develop and conduct unit testing 4 Prepare master data 4 Conduct user trainings 3 Create a migration plan 5 Create overall migration plan 5 System and tolerance testing 4 Create a training plan 5 Create a system operating plan Phase 5 – Go live and support Phase 4 – Final preparation 1 Post go live support 1 User acceptance testing 2 Evaluate implementation benefits 2 End-user training 3 Close project 3 Complete migration preparation 4 Final migration 5 Project confirmation
  28. 28. SAP NetWeaver impact on project actors A survey was carried out in order to find out the opinion of SAP specialist about SAP NetWeaver impact on project actors: • 200 invitations sent out • 42 responses • Specialists with experience ranging from 1 to 14 years • Answers from USA, Brazil, India, UK, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and South Africa
  29. 29. SAP NetWeaver impact on customers Benefits
  30. 30. SAP NetWeaver impact on customers Drawbacks
  31. 31. SAP NetWeaver impact on developers Benefits
  32. 32. SAP NetWeaver impact on developers Drawbacks
  33. 33. SAP NetWeaver impact on consultants Benefits
  34. 34. SAP NetWeaver impact on consultants Drawbacks
  35. 35. Conclusions
  36. 36. Conclusions • The ability of SAP to adapt quickly to changes in the market, fulfil customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction. • SOA could be seen as an evolution rather than revolution • SAP was one of the first software companies to adapt SOA principles introducing its integration platform – SAP NetWeaver • SAP NetWeaver is a brand name that covers well-known SAP development and integration tools with enriched functionality.
  37. 37. Conclusions (continued) • The main solutions that could be compared to SAP NetWeaver are: IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion, BEA AquaLogic, and Microsoft Middleware. • SAP NetWeaver evolved by changing the three-tier SAP architecture to SOA-based SAP architecture. • SAP NetWeaver helped to ensure a better integration of SAP solutions forming the mySAP Business Suite. • SAP NetWeaver is formed from various enriched tools that help to develop further SAP applications.
  38. 38. Conclusions (continued) • The SAP Solution Manager empowered to monitor and control the implementation process much better than before. • According to SAP NetWeaver specialists, the SOA market, is going to grow rapidly in the following three years. However,SAP is believed to have slower growth rate than the market average. • SAP NetWeaver specialists also claim that SAP NetWeaver is an important competitive advantage of SAP as a company as well as a system in the ERP market.
  39. 39. Conclusions (continued) • The benefits of SAP NetWeaver on SAP customers is believed to be high however there would be some minor drawbacks. • SAP NetWeaver effects on SAP developers are smaller than on customers as the tools used for the development of new applications are basically the same with the addition of enriched functionality. • According to SAP specialists the impact of SAP NetWeaver on SAP consultants is the least among the three analyzed business partners.