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Contact Oodles Technologies for efficient and dedicated Video Streaming Services,Kaltura Live Streaming,Wowzw 3.0 Development,Red5 Media Server,Ffmpeg Developement that enables easy creation and distribution of video content.Our Video Streaming Experts are keenly focussed to provide comprehensive Video Content Management Services to you.

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Video Streaming Services

  2. 2. Company Find Us on Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Connect At LinkedIn Pin Us at Pinterest Mail us: Our Presence
  3. 3. We provide comprehensive Video Content Management and Video Streaming Services and dig into all the possible aspects of the Video Streaming technologies and will underpin new waves of productivity growth. In Video Streaming the video content is sent over the web in compressed form and is then displayed in real time. It redeems the viewers with the menace of first downloading the video before viewing it. The success of streaming media is pretty newfangled , but the notion at the rear of it has been around for long. Now 57 million people reaches internet for watching videos every week. In 2012, Over 6 billion hours of streaming videos are watched each month on YouTube .
  4. 4. Streaming Video have become the obsession these days with all the perks it provide- ● E-Learning ● Real time training ● Lesser Wait to view video ● Marked up Revenue ● Reduced cost ● Improved Productivity ● Reach to more customers ● Reduced time to market
  5. 5. Why Us ??? Oodles Technologies keep you frisky in this ever changing technological landscape and allowing your business to stay at the cutting edge of media and content management. Our developers are keenly focussed to provide highly reliable and quality bound services to create innovative custom built solutions to meet your requirements and to transform your conceptual ideas to reality. We have extensive experience in Video Content Management and Streaming Services and have done extraordinary work in following areas:- ● Kaltura Video Streaming ● Wowza 3.0 Development ● Red5 Media Server ● FFMPEG Video Streaming Services
  6. 6. If you desire to stream videos for your website then contact us. Our efficient and dedicated Video Streaming Services enables easy creation and distribution of video content as well as streamlining services to provide you with real time monitoring and video setup. We have the Video Streaming Solutions For You…!!
  8. 8. Kaltura is the exclusive open source video platform with preeminent solutions for developers, enterprises and media management. It provides exclusive services for video management, publishing, authoring, distribution and monetization solutions for media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers. Get engaged with our video experts to have the most satisfactory experience in Kaltura Video Streaming Kaltura the leading video platform is cost effective and the most optimal technology for Video Streaming Services
  9. 9. How we are different ? We provide a wide range of services that lets you expand your audience quickly and generates revenue and will create a base for effective digital communication . Our Video Streaming Services include: ● Video Streaming ● Video Monetization ● Video Upload and Publishing ● Video Editing ● Video Management ● Video Processing ● Video Platform Security ● Audience Measurement
  10. 10. We develop our services with utmost flexibility .Using Kaltura Streaming we provides both enterprise level and commercial level services to our clients via most flexible media rich solutions. Kaltura Video Streaming provide huge benefits to the customers that includes- ● Increased distribution of content across web ● Live Video Streaming ● Increased Views on web ● Increased content ● Delivering videos to all medias like tablets, PC’s and smartphones
  11. 11. At Oodles Technologies we provide end to end solutions to completely host ,manage and deliver your services all at one place to save your precious time and money. Seek our expert services in Video Content Management for exemplary Kaltura Video Streaming and publishing Services.
  13. 13. Wowza Media Server is accounted for streaming of live and on- demand video, audio and RIAs(rich internet applications) over public and private IP networks to desktop, laptop and tablet computers, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, internet-connected TV sets , and other network connected devices. Wowza Media Server can stream to multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously . What Wowza Media Server Offers?? Wowza media server does Video Streaming which supports protocols for Adobe® Flash®, Apple iPhone®, iPad®, Microsoft® Silverlight®, Apple Quicktime, Android, BlackBerry® and other 3GPP platforms, IPTV and game consoles . It is also known as Unified Media Server.
  14. 14. Wowza media server delivers high performance to service providers, enterprises and organisations that aims to deliver videos on desktops and mobiles. Wowza 3.0 provides Live -video and video on demand streaming services . Streaming with Wowza Media Server, live H.264 video streaming will be done with RTSP/RTP encoders and live H.264 streaming with MPEG-TS encoders. The most interesting and vital feature of wowza streaming is Content Security. At a given time it only allows a small amount of video content in memory thereby making your content highly secured. Streaming with Wowza also preserves bandwidth making its list of features even more alluring.
  15. 15. Our Wowza 3.0 Development team will combine their professional experience with technical expertise to provide quality constrained services to you. We provide high performance media server services globally in enterprises, advertising, entertainment and internet commerce domains. To hire our diligent employees mail us at .
  17. 17. Red 5 is an extensible platform for video conferencing and network gaming .It is an open source flash server based on java and other powerful open source technologies to provide multiple solutions like Streaming Audio/Video (FLV and MP3), Recording Client Streams (FLV only), Shared Objects, Live Stream Publishing and Remoting (Action Message Format). Red 5 supports the latest multi-user API's i.e NetStream, NetConnection and Shared Objects to provides a powerful servlet implementation. Red5 Media Server is a powerful Video Streaming solution and is based on Java Technology . It additionally contains a Tomcat Servlet container for JEE Web Applications. Red5 is an extensible and open platform widely used for Video conferencing, Enterprise Application Development and Multi-User Gaming. Red5 media server is even used for online video chats and for broadcasting live audio/video streams.
  18. 18. RED5 is an open source Media Server with following features:- ● Audio and Video Streaming with FLV and MP3 format ● Recording of Client Streams in FLV format ● Remoting(AMF0/AMF3) ● Shared Objects ● Publishing Live Streams Red5 media server also brings some benefits with it like it utilises lesser bandwidth, combining streams into one single stream, viewer can jump to any part of video regardless buffering entire video and it even protects media files by not storing it on the PC cache.
  19. 19. Why To Choose Oodles Technologies ??? We accredit our clients with advanced capabilities to manage, deliver and monitor audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet using Red5 Media Streaming Server. We offer complete suite of professional service with decent specialization in Red5, Wowza, FFMPEG technologies. We are a team of more than qualified professionals deeply devoted to work to provide you with dynamic and high quality services. We even offer an around the clock customer support service to respond to your queries quickly and efficiently.
  21. 21. FFMPEG is an overall solution that record, convert and provide Audio and Video Streaming Services. FFmpeg is used by many projects that includes VLC Player, Google Chrome, Facebook, MPlayer, Blender, HandBrake, Plex , xine, YouTube, and many others. It is a command line tool to convert one video file format to another. It also supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a tv card. What is FFmpeg?? It is a software that is used to mold images, audio and video to convert it to different formats. It is used by various video sites on web to convert user uploaded videos into desired formats of FLV or MP4. Ffmpeg enables sharing of video on the website and by using it one can create online video sharing websites similar to Youtube.
  22. 22. FFmpeg hosting service is one of its kind and serve as the most reliable option for sharing video and is preferred because of its its rich features. At Oodles We provide a comprehensive Video Streaming Services with customer centric approach. Our experts have solutions for all your queries and tendency to work on any conceptual idea.
  23. 23. We Provide Services Globally…… Reach us At- Oodles Technologies Pvt Ltd, FF-E307, Sushant Arcade, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon , India, 122002. Email : Phone : India- +91 124 4053373 USA- +1 315 908 7861 U.K- +44 020 3289 7860 Skype :