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SaaS Application Service Providers  India
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SaaS Application Service Providers India


Oodles Technologies is one of the best SaaS Application service providers in India having hands on experience in SAAS Application,HTML5 Development,Groovy Grails Application Development.Node.js & …

Oodles Technologies is one of the best SaaS Application service providers in India having hands on experience in SAAS Application,HTML5 Development,Groovy Grails Application Development.Node.js & Jqury Development.We are acquainted with all the latest technologies to deliver exceptional SaaS Projects for our leading clients.

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  • 2. Company http://oodlestechnologies.com/ Find Us on Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Connect At LinkedIn Pin Us at Pinterest Mail us: info@oodlestechnologies.com
  • 3. Oodles Technologies is among one of the best SAAS Application service providers in India. Our experienced team is known to build worthwhile and exceptional multi-tenant software applications for our leading clients. We are acquainted with all the latest technologies including Groovy on Grails in both niches Website Development and Mobile Application Development, HTML5 programming, node.js web development, JQuery and other complementary technologies.
  • 4. Some popular and leading Services we provide under SaaS Applications Include:- ● HTML5 Development ● Groovy Grails Application Development ● Node.js Development ● JQuery Application Development We have exemplary technical expertise to help you drive the challenges of building a SaaS application whether on existing platform-as-a-service(PaaS) or creating an application from the scratch. How can we help you?? ● Fast Deployment ● Lower cost of implementation ● Reliable and highly skilled tech team ● Platforms we provide to help your saas application include Force, OpenStack, Azure, Google App Engine. ● Extensive technical experience and timely delivered SaaS projects.
  • 5. HTML5
  • 6. HTML5 has been imminent on the mobile realm for a number of years now, tantalising the industry with opulent mobile apps. When it comes to the end user the benefits of HTML5 apps are pretty obvious. Browser-based apps could facilitate the biggest app store ever, or an abundance of smaller stores, where iOS ,Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users have access to the same pool of apps. Users can also benefit from a more seamless experience between desktop and mobile apps, allowing them for instance to continue playing a videogame from one platform to the other.
  • 7. Reasons to choose us for HTML5 Mobile and Web Development:- ● Robust Services ● Richer Style ● Innovative Development Features ● Improved markup Our Services include:- ● Application Development ● Prototyping ● Opulent User Interface Design ● Cloud Integration
  • 8. HTML5 Development @Oodlestechnologies HTML5 is already big and is the future of internet and the thriving Mobile industry is the largest expounder of HTML5's towering. We are an out of the box HTML5 Development company in India with unmatched quality of service. Our expert developers will create an interactive experience for affordable HTML5 Web Development in India as well as for our overseas clients. Seek Oodles technologies to increase the accessibility of your website with abundant functionalities and features for a more better user experience.
  • 10. We are offshore service providers offering a wide range of services in software development for organizations. We utilize all potential benefits and provide extensive services in Groovy Grails Application Development and are known to build a fairly standard 4-tier java application. We account Grail for user interface and Groovy for implementing web services. When it comes to Grails Development we are the best. Groovy is a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine and Grails is an open source web application framework based on groovy programming language. Grails "Convention over Configuration" paradigm improves the development productivity by many folds.Surprisingly only few companies are using Groovy and Grails now, and are still using old stuff like Spring and Hibernate.Grails is just not a good replacement for vanilla Spring/Hibernate, but it’s even more better.
  • 11. Why Groovy over other programming language? ● Lightweight and provides higher level of abstraction ● Groovy enhances java rather than replacing it ● Dynamic Framework with inbuilt testing tools ● Ease of Deployment ● Lesser code ● Closures ● Native syntax for lists and maps ● Groovy Markup and GPath support ● Native support for regular expressions ● Polymorphic iteration and powerful switch statement ● Dynamic and static typing is supported - so you can omit the type declarations on methods, fields and variables ● Embedded expressions inside strings ● Lots of new helper methods added to the JDK ● Simpler syntax for writing beans for both properties and adding event listeners
  • 12. GROOVY GRAILS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT We have some of the best Grails Developers around having hands on experience in developing robust and highly scalable Web Applications On Groovy Grails to deliver innovative applications to global businesses. In present business scenario it is highly essential that the web applications adapt to the business instead of the business adapting to the framework. We have a highly rich lagoon of business professionals to help you there in Grails Development process. Our Grails Development Services Include:- ● Grails Web Development ● Grails Application Development ● Grails Website Development ,Implementation and Testing Our skilled and Tech-savvy team will keep a keen eye towards the quality from the basic start to the final roll out to steer your business growth.
  • 14. Node.js is a platform which is used to build especially Server-Side applications using Javascript as the scripting language . Node.js contains in-build HTTP server library that enables a web server to run despite using any external software. We have gained extensive experience in delivering high quality apps using Node.js. We specialize in building rich, high performance and scalable web applications. Our services include integration, extension / custom module development, installation, third party integration and migration of applications from one platform to Node.js. Advantages Of Node.js ● Event Driven ● Lightweight and efficient ● Nonblocking I/O model ● For data intensive real time applications
  • 15. Why Javascript is chosen? ● Inherently single Threaded ● Event Orientation ● Is present everywhere in browsers ● Functions and closures available at first class objects At Oodles we create both Client-side and Server-Side high quality Web Applications as segment of our Node.js Development process. Contact us for the quickest turn around time on your deliveries and to re-live the professional software development experience.
  • 17. To streamline the client side scripting of HTML Jquery was designed. It is a cross- browser javascript library facilitating the mantra of write -less and do-more. JQuery Application Development: The Jquery moblie framework enables to design a high quality application which will function on all desktop and smartphone platforms.It makes things like HTML document traversal,manipulation, event handling,animating, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. Jquery architecture extends its functionality via plugins having wide range of functionalities comprising Ajax helpers, datagrids, dynamic lists,XML and XSLT tools, drag and drop events and cookie handling.
  • 18. Few of the wonderful features of JQuery include: ● Extensibility through plug-ins ● User Agent Information and feature detection utilities ● Multi Browser support ● Animations and Effects ● Ajax ● DOM Traversal and modification The services we provide at Oodles Technologies are not only exceptional but are provided after a thorough market research in both technical and market domains to cater you with the best possible applications in unmatched price. Our services are not only customer-centric but are also market-centric with 24*7 help and support team.
  • 19. We Provide Services Globally…… Reach us At- Oodles Technologies Pvt Ltd, FF-E307, Sushant Arcade, Sushant Lok-I, Gurgaon , India, 122002. Email : info@oodlestechnologies.com Phone : India- +91.9811174860 USA- +1 315 908 7861 U.K- +44 020 3289 7860 Skype : oodles.tech