LAD Solutions PPC Management Proposal


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LAD Solutions PPC Management Proposal

  1. 1.  “(PPC) is at once starkly simple, bafflingly complex, and highly effective.” -- Rick Bruner, Director of Research, Internet Marketing Proposal Prepared For: ________________________________ Website URL: ________________________________ Prepared By: _________________________________ Title: _______________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________ Email: _______________________________________ 523 W. 6th St, Suite 524 Los Angeles, CA 90014 888.523.2926
  2. 2. “As a growing number of businesses shift offline advertising expenditures to online marketing efforts, search competition has become more fierce, and average click prices have correspondingly increased. The rising competition has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to develop and manage a profitable search marketing initiative. LAD Solutions uses a variety of advanced search analytical tactics and strategies to beat your competition and help keep the advertising spend under control, while offering a paid search marketing management package that systematically focuses on growing online market share and maximizing ROI.” Summary:  PPC (Pay-per-Click) lets you place your ad in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & MSN.  Your PPC ads are displayed when a user searches for your service. This means your ads are shown only to people who are interested in your product or service.  Your ad's placement is based on how much you bid against your competitors: the more you bid, the higher your ad will appear.  Of all advertising (telemarketing, magazine advertising, newspapers, radio, TV, banner ads, email marketing, etc.), PPC brings the highest conversion rates and the most qualified leads.  In contrast to nearly every other form of advertising, PPC is fully trackable: you know what works, what doesn't, and you can concentrate your budget on what works. Paid Search Marketing Strategy: 1) Increase sales/leads while reducing the cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and increasing the return on investment (ROI) / return on advertising spend (ROAS) of each search marketing initiative. 2) To widely promote your website, LAD Solutions will generate an expansive database of terms that will allow us to maximize the exposure and acquisitions your website can achieve through search engine marketing. 3) In addition to bidding and creative strategies, LAD Solutions’ advanced long-tail approach to keyword generation promotes the generation of highly-targeted, low- competition keywords, thus minimizing CPA and maximizing ROAS. 4) LAD Solutions’ proprietary embedded matching techniques will be implemented throughout your PPC account to accurately target which keywords or phrases are profitable and which need to be paused. 5) LAD Solutions tests multiple variations of our advertising copy, finding the right mix of appeals to maximize response rate and improve conversion rates. Page 2
  3. 3. LAD Solutions’ Initial and ongoing Pay Per Click management services comprises of following features:  Fact Finding Consultation: We will consult with you in person or over the phone to determine your objectives and understand the products and services you are promoting.  Detailed Campaign Structure: We will optimize your campaign structure to help with ease of management, increase Click Through Rate & Quality Score, and to easily identify non-performing keyword groups.  Keyword research: We will research the keywords in your market to determine the popular ones and also to uncover the lower cost niche search terms. We will also use long tail keywords to drive qualified traffic at lower CPC's.  Ad copy creation: An effective ad copy is required to entice your visitors to click on your ad. We create an attractive, call to action ad copy, which increases the probability of a click from the search engine traffic. Quite often you might see a decent product, backed by a poor ad copy, which often turns the traffic, and more importantly, the possible sale away. Attractive ad copies can increase the click through rate, which in turn increases the probability of high number of sales.  Website landing page optimization: We will ensure that the pages on your site where PPC traffic is being sent are optimized to give you the best conversion rates by assigning keywords to the most relevant landing pages on your site. We will also make suggestions and recommendations to your landing page that will help turn visitors into customers.  Ad split testing: We will create and test multiple ads to run against each other. This way you can be sure you are always using the best converting ad copy.  Optimized bid strategy: Through thorough reporting and keyword level data, we will adjust the bidding to determine the best and most profitable position for each of your keywords.  Negative Keywords: We will run reports to identify irrelevant keywords and block them to ensure that your ads only show for relevant keyword searches.  Customized Targeting: (If Applicable) We will create campaigns and geo-locate ads to specific countries, states, regions, cities, and even down to specific neighborhoods. We can also target ads to specific languages.  Monitoring and reporting: We will monitor the results of your PPC campaign and track conversions to see which ads are successful and more importantly which clicks are generating sales for you. From this we can modify your campaign accordingly to make it successful. We will provide monthly reports with detailed charts for quick identifications of trends.  Great Service and Support: Any questions regarding the campaign can be discussed personally with your PPC expert. Page 3
  4. 4. LAD Solutions’ Ongoing Daily Analysis: The aforementioned search-engine marketing strategies promote continual, evolving optimization. With the fundamental search marketing practices in place, advanced search analytics will be utilized in order to maximize ROI on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Ongoing keyword generation based on targeted customer searching patterns will act to further grow the expansive nature of each unique campaign. Professional interpretation of historical search analytical information will be used to determine the future strategic direction and growth opportunities of each unique campaign. Beginning the LAD Solutions PPC Process… Congratulations! You have decided to add LAD Solutions as your secret weapon for your Marketing Campaign. NOW WHAT? 1. Kick Off call w/in 48 hours of signed contract 2. Introduction to your dedicated LAD Solutions PPC Account Manager 4. Identify target CPA/CPL goal, volume goal, etc. 3. Account optimization begins starting w/: - Reports Pulled / Historical Data analyzed 4. Based on the above, any number of the below may occur over the next 7 days+: - Bids/Positioning Updated (as needed) - Account restructuring (as needed) - New ad copy creation/testing (as needed) - Updated match types (as needed) - Landing page destination URL testing (as needed) - Landing page recommendations (as needed) - Keyword exploration to identify new opportunities (as needed) - Look to expand reach (Google Content, Yahoo, Bing, etc) Page 4
  5. 5. After this, you decide how often you would like to speak with your account manager. In the beginning, we recommend that you set up a weekly or bi-monthly call to review performance and new ideas. This may turn into monthly calls once most of the heavy lifting has been done and most of the major changes have been implemented. Email communication will happen quite often as that is the most efficient way to exchange our ideas for new ad copy, landing page recommendations, new keywords, etc. We run all recommendations by your first to get your opinion and approval. At some point in the future you can elect to give us creative freedom without prior approval but until then we want to establish trust by being transparent. PAY-PER-CLICK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: LAD Solutions charges a nominal monthly management fee based on the combined amount of the actual monthly spend related to your Pay Per Click accounts. The fee is separate than any fees associated with any other service provided by LAD Solutions. LAD Solutions Pay Per Click (Sponsored Placement) Account Management. (Cancelable at any time with 30 days advanced written notice) Our Pay Per Click fee schedule is as follows: One-Time Setup Fee: $500  This fee is the exact same whether you only have a few hundred keywords in one campaign or you have 100,000 keywords in different campaigns.  Waived if Monthly Spend over $3000 Monthly Fee:  $1000 or less Monthly Spend  $250 monthly management fee  $1001 - $3000 Monthly Spend  $500 monthly management fee  $3001 - $6000 Monthly Spend  $1000 monthly management fee  $6001 - $50000 Monthly Spend  17.5% of the ACTUAL Amount Spent  $50001 - $100000 Monthly Spend  13.5% of the ACTUAL Amount Spent  $100001 and up Monthly Spend  11% of the ACTUAL Amount Spent Page 5