UVA MDST 3703 JavaScript 2012-09-27


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UVA MDST 3703 JavaScript 2012-09-27

  1. 1. JavaScript Prof. Alvarado MDST 3703/770327 September 2012
  2. 2. Business• Directories page – Make sure you have the MDST3703 directory, with no spaces – Naming is important! Allows us to link to each others’ work• Resource page – Links to helpful pages so you can teach yourself
  3. 3. Home Directory Tip• You can access your Home Directory via SFTP – SFTP is more robust but not integrated with your desktop (i.e. no mounted drive)• Steps – Install the FTP plugin in JEdit …
  4. 4. Go to Plugins > FTP > Connect to FTP Server …
  5. 5. … and enter the following info:
  6. 6. Review• CSS is the language used to add style to HTML pages – HTML (used properly) defines structure• Styles are associated with elements by means of selectors – Selectors point to element by means of location in the DOM, classes, and IDs• Specific styles are added by means of key/value pairs
  7. 7. "I feel that most of the things that we arelearning how to do are by trial and error basis.... You can’t just expect to code something rightaway and get it right. It takes time and patience-- A LOT of patience -- before actually almostthrowing your computer out the windowbecause you have no idea why your codedoesn’t work and then you come to find out youare missing a semicolon somewhere inhundreds of lines of C++ code!!!! >:(" Computers are stupid! And: To grow, fail early and often
  8. 8. "Today’s studio has me thinking more about howthere are so many possible variances in logicalpathways that defining computer logic has somany inherent variances across the different textprograming languages. Is there a system that canread all of them? Regardless, it is important tonote that any logic possessed in any machine firstextended from a human mind." "I wonder what tool or language will allow us to connect our pages and create a cohesive unit?"
  9. 9. "Does the fact that the two are often separated(as we separated our persuasion.html file fromits link to the default.css file.) allow for a moredescriptive CSS?" "It has me thinking that the entire system of the computer is founded upon a system of layers."
  10. 10. "I wonder if most thematic collections I see are coded by hand, orif most scholars use webpage creating software?""What do you do if you want to use a layout element that doesnot exist in the current CSS language? Will there ever be a way towrite style, content, and structure with a single language?""It is crazy to think that our exercise only involved working withone page, whereas creators of Thematic Research Collectionshave to mark-up thousands of pages of research. I wonder howmuch time and resources such tasks take up."
  11. 11. "[W]e created a digital representation ofthe text with HTML but used CSS tomake it resemble its original analogform. Don’t you think we are limitingourselves by doing so?"
  12. 12. A programming language built into your browser Allows you to create applications in web pages Allows you to add behavior to web pages Has a built-in awareness of the DOM DOM = Document Object Model= the way HTML pages are viewed by the computer
  13. 13. JavaScript hasnothing to dowith Java …
  14. 14. The DOM represent HTML as a tree structure
  15. 15. We will be using jQuery, which makes it easy to do powerful things with JavaScript
  16. 16. Another layer to our stack … CONTENT | utf8 STRUCTURE | html STYLE | cssBEHAVIOR | javascript