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MDST 3703 F10 Studio 3
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MDST 3703 F10 Studio 3


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  • 1. Studio 3 Building out Your Site
    Introduction to the Digital Liberal Arts
    MDST 3703 / 7703Fall 2010
  • 2. Some responses
    Poetics of reuse
    Anticipated by HT theorists?
    Lasting effect of HT on what counts as knowledge work?
    “Many professors seem to brush aside the use of technology assuming it distracts from the authentic nature of their work. Yet those who have chosen to embrace technology, the way Father Busa did, will discover new pathways, a new staircase in Borges’ library.”
    “I am the interpreter.”
  • 3. Goals
    Go over projects
    Review WordPress issues
    Learn more WordPress features
    Add content to your site
  • 4. Projects
    Purpose – create a research portal on a topic of your interest
    Use Collab to sign up for a meeting
    We can add more meetings
    The goal of the meeting is to achieve focus on a topic
    Topic choices will be made final after fall break
    We also want to learn your interests
    Second-half studios can be altered to reflect your interests
  • 5. Rubric Preview
    Amount: we will specify minima
    Variety: Text, images, links, video, maps, etc.
    Organization of content
    Using Categories, menus, and tags
    Overall Presentation
    Is the site intelligible to a new user?
    Does the site contain items that connect content to form arguments?
    Must have at least one hypermedia essay on the content
  • 6. WordPress Issues
    Missing posts?
    Anyone having problems seeing posts (or pages) on their site?
    Missing plugins?
    Check to see if you have the option “My Page Order” under Pages in the Admin page
    Reading Set Front Page Displays
    General  Change the Tagline
    Privacy  Select “I would like my blog to be visible only to registered users from blog community.”
  • 7. Review: Pages and Posts
    The main “lexia” in WordPress
    Produce different kinds of hypertext network
    Pages are organized by menu
    Posts are organized by categories and tags
    Note that a hypertext network is achieved by different devices
    Menus, categories, and tags
    But also text links and embedded media links
  • 8. Emergent Hypertext Structures
    Axial hypertext
    Ordinary hypertext
  • 9. More WordPress
    Adding Content
  • 10. Pick an Effective Theme
    Clean design
    Custom header
    Lots of options
    Some “don’ts”
    Background image that prevents reading
    Text that is too wide
    So “dos”
    Widget with your picture
  • 11. Exercise: Add a Custom Header
    Use Google to find an image
    Image should be at least 800 pixels wide
    Use ScreenGrab to select a portion of the image
    Save the image
    Go to Appearance  Custom Header and upload
  • 12. Choose Effective Widgets
    They provide navigational tools
    And give the user context
    Free text (put what you want)
  • 13. Exercise: Create an About Me page with photo
    Find a photo of yourself (Facebook?)
    Create a page with text and a link to your image
  • 14. Adding Images
    Use ScreenGrab, Google Images, and other tools to access content
    We will not be scanning content in studio
    Learn a simple image editor
    PowerPoint works fine for many tasks
    Insert into pages and pages using the editor
    Images are stored in the media gallery
  • 15. Adding Links
    An important part of the content
    Links are categorized
    Link widgets can display categories of links
  • 16. Copyright
    In real life, you will worry about copyright
    Some images are protected
    Wikipedia provides open access content. See also:
    Familiarize your self with Creative Commons