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  • A musical mashup – music as data, serves as a good metaphor
  • MDST 3703 F10 Studio 11

    1. 1. Studio 11 Timelines, Maps, Graphs Introduction to the Digital Liberal Arts MDST 3703 / 7703 Fall 2010
    2. 2. Business • Quizzes due
    3. 3. Review—Effects of Big Data • BD allows for the discovery of megapatterns – or “petapatterns” – Petabyte = 1000 Terabytes = 1000 Gigabytes … • Appears to entail a new hermeneutics, or interpretive approach to humanities data – E.g. behavior (online interaction), texts, paintings, etc. – At a remove from the individual work or act • Question: viewed in the aggregrate, what do these data reveal? – Moretti: Darwinian patterns – Anderson: Who cares?
    4. 4. Is there a “mother of all funk chords” for social life?
    5. 5. to%20Measure%20Culture/Kroeber%20Fig.jpg Kroeber’s Model of Women’s Fashions [Krober] studied women’s dress fashion over 300 years and discovered that skirt length changed in a periodic cycle. Kroeber considered various causes that might affect the skirt length, such as political instability, but failed to find any reason for the cycle. Therefore, he came to the conclusion that fashion cannot be explained by outside factors because it evolves according to its own internal laws. pology/Kroeber.html A. L. Kroeber, “On the Principle of Order in Civilization as Exemplified by Changes of Fashion,” American Anthropologist 21, no. 3 (7, 1919): 235-263.
    6. 6. Overview • Scrum • Check WordPress fixes • Go over more hacks for creating and inserting timelines and maps – Use Google Spreadsheets to create SIMILE timeline – Use Google Maps to create a map – Embed both in WordPress using shortcodes
    7. 7. WordPress Plugin Check Look for … • My Page Order – Lets you sort pages visually – Under Pages • Vipers Video Quicktags – Lets you embed video into pages and posts – Under Settings and as menu items in the editor
    8. 8. Hack 1: Creating a Timeline with Google Spreadsheet • See the Post “How to Create a Timeline with Google Spreadsheets” associated with today’s class • Shortcode = [shanti-gg src=“longgoogleurl”]
    9. 9. Hack 2: Creating a Map with Google Maps • Go to Google Maps • If you are logged in, you should see “My Maps” – It’s in the upper left inside the light blue strip below the Google Maps logo. • Select “Create new map” – Give it a Title and Description and press Save • Use the toolbar on the map to add points and lines • To publish, grab the second line of code, under the label Paste HTML to embed in website. – Or select Customize and preview embedded map
    10. 10. Hack 2: Continued • Paste the embed code in your page or post • Remove the iframe end tag (</iframe>) – It’s not the last item – Google also adds a link you may want to keep • Change the start tag to shortcode as follows From <iframe...> to [shanti-gmap...]
    11. 11. Hack 3: Create a Graph using GraphViz • Go to • Enter a series of “edges” in the box on the left – E.g. A -> B • Voilà! • To learn more, download GraphViz – – PC: WinGraphViz • – Mac: PixelGlow •