Onsustain, creative sustainability

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  • Thanks My name is O. Pascual and together with my colleague Pim van Gennip and Jon Rodriguez (that unfortunately couldn’t make it today), we have a company on the role of creativity within the field Sustainable Design


  • 1. Sustainability Creative
  • 2.
    • The need for creativity
    • Values
    • Collection
    • The future of creative sustainability
    At a glance
  • 3. S ustainable D esign
    • People
    Planet Profit Product
  • 4. S ustainable P roducts Sexy?
  • 5.
    • Sustainability potential jeopardized by
      • Un-attractive design
      • Appeals to reduced market segment ( believers )
    A s result
  • 6.
    • Creativity
    • Is the ultimate human resource
    • [R. Florida]
  • 7.
    • Creativity
    • Having the ability or power to create, characterized
    • by originality and expressiveness
    • Sustainability
    • Capable of being continued with positive long-term
    • effect on the environment, and society
    In spiration
  • 8. V alues Design Quality Sustainability
  • 9.
    • Platform that markets sustainable design
    • and designers
    • Creation of distribution channels
    • Communication and content development
    On sustain
  • 10. C reative product C ollection
  • 11. C urva Photo: Denis Guzzo
  • 12. F rozen Photo: Denis Guzzo
  • 13. V aho Photo: Denis Guzzo
  • 14. G oods Photo: Denis Guzzo
  • 15. R ag bag Photo: Pim van Gennip
  • 16. W heels on fire Photo: Denis Guzzo
  • 17. E scama Photo: Oriol Pascual
  • 18. C ase study, Escama
    • San Francisco based company
    • Partnered with two women’s cooperatives located in Brasília, Brazil.
    • ESCAMA leads product development, sales and marketing, while the cooperatives carry out all aspects of production.
    • Onsustain distributes the product in Europe
  • 19. C reative minds
    • Developing a sustainable economy by
    • Designing functional objects
    • Exploring material properties
    “ Trashion” the perfect combination between “trash” and “fashion” Vaho
  • 20. C reative minds “ Innovation comes from experience & memory” Azúamoliné
    • Embedding stories
    • Enabling social systems
    “ Bringing real chances to communities from a business perspective” Siem Haffmans (Ragbag)
  • 21. C reative minds
    • Conceptualizing experiences
    “ Live in the now, to fully experience this moment” Patrick Kruithof
  • 22. S uccessful Sustainable Products
    • The market sets up the rules of the game
    • Environment should not jeopardize the imperative quality and design values
    • Functionality, convenience, status, and fun are value for which customers are willing to pay a price for
    • The creative process behind the product is a valuable asset for customer
  • 23. 10 Golden rules of S ustainable E ntrepreneurship
    • Build up a consistent message
    2. Differentiate from others 3. Select coherent portfolio 4. Trendwatch 24/7 5. Understand where your value is
  • 24. 10 Golden rules of S ustainable E ntrepreneurship 6. Develop good relationships with all stakeholders 7. Create a strong corporate identity 8. Why not? 9. Enjoy it 10. Move on, creativity is the best tool for innovation
  • 25. F uture of creative sustainability
    • Create value for the market
    • Sustainability for mainstream
    • Network with Creative Entrepreneurs
    • Creative sustainability as a lifestyle
  • 26. The ball is rolling,…we’re not going to stop it! Onsustain
  • 27. T hanks Questions?