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OnState Spring '10 Updates
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OnState Spring '10 Updates


Published on

View this slideshare to see what changes are happening in OnState's Spring '10 release of its virtual call center and virtual PBX solutions.

View this slideshare to see what changes are happening in OnState's Spring '10 release of its virtual call center and virtual PBX solutions.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10 Emphasize adding more visual and dashboard analytic elements. Joyce will get into more detail, but Expect to see more us in this regard - drilldown to CRM if it’s linked-up, for example.
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10 You can never have too many reports, and this will be a continuous and on-going enhancement for us. Learn about things that are beneficial to your business, responding not only to your requests, but the entire community will benefit from your enhancements. So will SaaS, not everything is custom. Here you can see the changes we’ve made in this release, based upon your input.
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10 InterRoute, IntelliPeer as examples of carrier network certifications
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10 Native, and now support for professional (as opposed to requiring enterprise)
  • 03/29/10 03/29/10 Planning phases for next release – here are several of the feature requests that have been submitted. Which would you most like to see?
  • Transcript

    • 1. OnState Communications On-Demand, Business Presence Communication Solutions Spring ‘10 Release Preview +1.617.934.0381 +1.866.532.5036
    • 2. OnState Spring ‘10 Release
      • SaaS solution = frequent updates
      • Second major release in 2010
      • Dozens of new features
        • These come from customer requests, so submit yours!
    • 3. SaaS Update Model Old Model Cloud Model
      • Software installed on client
        • Updates must be installed on every client
      • Software based in cloud
        • Frequent updates and increased responsiveness
    • 4. OnState Offerings
      • OnState composes applications by creating and modifying business and routing rules that act on Business Presence data. These are offered as packaged and custom solutions:
      • Virtual Contact Center
      • Network Call Recording
        • Outbound Dialing Campaign Mgt
        • CRM Integration
        • Live Chat
        • Click-to-Call
      • Virtual PBX
      • Virtual Workforce - Remote/Mobile/Telecommuting
      • Communications Disaster Recovery
    • 5. With OnState, It’s About the People…
    • 6. People Management Features Added
      • Administrator Insight
      • Reporting Enhancements
      • Supervisor Control of Agent State
      • Network call recording on outbound SIP calls
      • More Skill Prioritization Options
      • Configurable After Call Work
    • 7. Visual Analytics % of time in State Gannt View w/ Drilldown
    • 8. Reporting Enhancements
      • Call Detail Report
      • Export Abandons to Dialer
      • New fields: Answered Skill, Device Type
      • Skill-Based Agent Status Chart
      • Gantt chart displaying agent activity for one or more skills
      • Call Summary Totals Report
      • New “By Category” option
      • New fields: Answered Skill, Call Type, Device Type
      • Agent Daily Summary Report
      • Separate fields for AutoDialer calls and agent-dialed calls
      • Call Summary Totals-All Report
      • New “By Category” option
      • Campaign Summary Report
      • New field: Total Calls
      • Skill Detail Report
      • Breakdown of call types
      • Totals hyperlinked to calls in the Call Detail Report
      • Campaign Detail Report
      • Includes all fields that were originally uploaded as a CSV file
    • 9. Automatic Callback of Abandons
    • 10. Reporting Enhancements
    • 11. Network Recording on Outbound SIP calls Secure Public/Private Cloud Storage All calls and chats are automatically recorded by OnState. Users can be located anywhere on the Internet. Managers can access calls and chats in multiple ways, including email, the Web, insides Storage Prem Server
    • 12. Enhanced Agent Flexibility
      • Multiple Call Devices Associated With One User
      • End-User Ability to Change Call Delivery Device
      • Agent State Timer
      • Log On In Away State
      • Configurable After Call Work
    • 13. Multiple Call Devices Associated
    • 14. … .and more!
      • Expected Wait Time Announcement
      • Configurable Voicemail Time Limit per Device
      • Customization of System Messages
      • Localization
    • 15. Behind The Scenes
      • Multiple SIP Server enhancements for distributed redundancy
      • Multiple carrier network certifications
      • Private network support
        • MPLS
        • Voice Virtual Private Networks
      • Enhanced SIP Registrar capabilities
    • 16. Native Client
    • 17. Summer ‘10 Poll
      • Configurable timer to automatically send calls to Voicemail
      •   Customizable "Not Ready" codes
      •   Download Call Recordings in Bulk
      •   Configure Multiple Users Simultaneously
      •   Add Scheduling to Queues (callers go to After Hours mode outside of set times)
      •   Supervisor Application Supported Across Browsers
      •   User Reset of Own Password
      •   Support for "Ring All Agents" Using Any Device
      •   New Report to Show Call Volume on Hourly Basis For Dialed Numbers