Call Center Agent Desktops and Wallboard Metrics


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THe type of call center metrics that should be delivered to agent desktops and wallboards.

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Call Center Agent Desktops and Wallboard Metrics

  1. 1. Spectrum Corporation May 2011Agent Desktops and Wallboards: A Synergistic SolutionThere is a synergistic relationship between LCD screens and agent desktops that report call center KPI’sto agents and call center floor. Most often this relationship is ignored and because of that call centersmiss an opportunity to improve their efficiencies. By utilizing both LCD screens and agent desktops topresent real time data to the agents call center managers create a more effective and efficient callcenter environment.As a manager have you ever stopped and looked at the LCD screen showing you have calls in queue andagents available? Have you also stopped and yelled will someone please answer the phone (Or at leastwanted to yell that out). This real scenario plays out in many call centers around the world and thereason it happens so often is no one takes responsibility for the metrics on the LCD screen accept themanager.An LCD screen displays group (split skill) KPI’s to the entire call center. Typical call center statistics thatare displayed are: Calls in Queue Tickets in Queue Adherence Oldest Call Waiting Agents Available Abandon % Service LevelIn addition, thresholds are assigned to the KPI’s to trigger an alert and notify the call center thatsomething needs attention. LCD screens are a tremendous tool when needing to alert the group.However, the group does not take responsibility.
  2. 2. Agent desktops provide agent specific information about the group (split skill) the agent is logged into.These statistics might include: Agent Adherence Service Level Calls in Queue Abandon Rate AHTTo improve agent efficiency a threshold may be attached to some or all of the statistics to alert theagent that their attention is required. Agent desktops provide specific information to the agent allowingthem to react in a proactive manner. However, many agents believe that their team leaders andmanagers are not aware of their current status so they do not react as they should.If the call center has just an LCD screen displaying KPI’s agents are able to deny responsibility for KPI’s inthreshold by claiming they were not aware. Conversely call centers using only desktops run the risk ofmanagers and team leaders not being aware of the status.Call centers that utilize both LCD screens and agent desktops improve the productivity of the call center.Team leaders, managers and agents are all aware of the current status of the call center and they areable to take responsibility for the call center metrics. Or put another way managers no longer have toyell someone please answer the phone.Spectrum is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center Reporting. Contact Spectrum today to learnmore about Contact Center Activity Monitoring and Unified Reporting.Dan BoehmVP Sales and 713 986 8839