Statement of intent


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Statement of intent

  1. 1. By Onon Ihoeghinlan
  2. 2.  What is your main focus ?Representation of females within the Hip-Hop and R&B Genre of music. To give an alternative representation of females rather then the current degrading one portrayed with this genre in all aspects of media. What age is your target audience?Between 18 – Late 20 What class is your target audience from?Working Class/ Middle class What products will you make?Album Cover, Tour Poster & Calender What is the retail price for your products?*Album Cover - £8.99*Calender - £2.99
  3. 3. What is your aim & why?I attended to base my production on the things that I discovered during my researchwhile creating my essay on ‘An exploration into the representation of women in one of twoHip Hop and R&B music magazines’. For my production I will make 3 products; a fullalbum (cover page, back page and side) and tour poster and a page from a calendar.However, unlike the representation of female artists within the Hip-Hop and R&B genrethe representation that I attended to portray will be of positive, inspiring and powerfulpossible females within that genre. My aim is to shine light within that industry andshow that there is another way for women to be represented without it being taste-lessand degrading .
  4. 4. To accomplished this I will research the products that I attend to make in order for meto know what the codes and conventions are. I will then make a deep analysis of thefeatures of these products by the females of the Hip-Hop and R&B genre in order forme see to what extent are the normal conventions of these products used with thatgenre of music. Based on my finding, I will create my own template that I will use as aguideline in creating my products. I attend to take me own photos that will be used forall three productions and edited them in Photoshop. I then attended to use Indesignto create the final production. All the stages that I go through will be documented onmy blog.
  5. 5.  Album Cover: for the album cover I will be following the typical codes and conventions required. There would be a main image on the front of the album this will be of the artist. In the right corner there will be a logo to represent the record label and it bold will going across the front cover of the album will be the name of the artist and the title of the album. On the back cover of the album there will be another image of the same artist in the same setting where the first image was taken to show consistency. There would also be a list of all the songs on this album and in the right corner there would be a barcode for shops to scan. The side of the album will be keep simple. It will only hold important information such as the name of the artist in one corner, the title of the album in the middle and the record label on the other end. Tour poster: The purpose of the tour poster is to inform the fans of the upcoming tour. It therefore needs to be eye – catching, bold and needs to fulfil its purpose. For the tour poster, there would be one main image to represent whats yet to come on the tour. This image will be of the artist in the setting of the theme of album which will reflect the possible outcome of the tour. The layout will also fit the codes and conventions of a typical tour poster. There will be a main image which will dominate the entire page. There will also be a tour name that would either be the same name as the album or something similar to indicate the links. The poster will be split into two columns; one column for the image and the second for text which will hold the important information such as; how many dates, how many locations and for how long. Calendar page: The layout of the calendar will be very simple but striking. The page will be split into two; the second section of the page will be the actual calendar of the month she will be going on tour will all the important dates pre highlighted. The top half of the calendar will be an image of the artist in performance mode. The calendar will be used as another method of promoting the tour and album and will have all the required information on the calendar such as where you will be able to buy tickets, albums and locations in addition to a personal, exclusive thank you message from the artist to her fans.
  6. 6.  Album Cover: During my research I notice a lot of repeating features of a album cover; the codes of conventions, and based on my research I selectively choose what ones I will follow. Within the Hip-Ho and R&B genre, the artist always has an image of themselves on the front cover of their album. I decided to follow that Code of convention as it could be used as a marketing strategy. If the fans of the artist sees the artist on the cover rather then a random picture, they may be more likely to buy the album. In addition to the image their name also appears on the album cover. The album name is not only a title but another form of the creativity within the album and is therefore an important factor. Another code of convention seen on album covers within the Hip-Hop and R&B genre is the record labels logo to illustrate where the record company the artist is signed to at the present time. Tour Poster: I discovered that the codes and conventions of tour poster differs from genre to genre. Tour posters within the Hip-Hop and R&B genre tends to be very simple in comparison to one within the Retro genre. The main focus on the tour poster Ive seen are the main images as they always tend to be very bold and dominate. Then there are basic information about the tour such as, location, dates and time period. Tour posters within this genre tends to be simple and minimalistic. Calendar Page: The calendar will be made on Microsoft Publisher as the templates are already there to use and it will therefore be easier to use as a base. I will follow all the codes and convention such as the layout but add on features to make it a promotion calendar but the extra text boxes.
  7. 7.  Album cover: For the album cover I decided to use shoulder up images of a female artist. This is because I wanted to move away from the stereotypical images of a full shot female in a sexual position with lack of clothing. A close up shot from the shoulders up will empower the artist instead of making her look vulnerable and portray a different side to the images of females within this industry. The image that I will be using at the back of the album cover will captured in the same setting as the one on the front cover but will be a full shot image of the artist from a low angel to establish power from the artist. Tour Poster: The image of the tour poster is very important as it is a indication of whats yet to come within the tour. Therefore, the image that I will be using will be of a female artist in her element ( a female artist performing). Calendar Page: the image used on the calendar will be similar to the image used on the tour poster to distinguish the link between the two. This image will be of the artist on a stage about to perform. The props that will be used will be a micro phone, extra lighting to make it look like a performance, that will either be on the scene on or added during the editing process. There will be an audience which will also be added during the editing process.
  8. 8.  Album: On both the back and the front of the album the colours from the images used to the text will be the same to remain consistence. The colours will be determined depending on the outcome of the images in order for the colours to blend and not clash. Over the colours used will be bold and pure i.e. white and red. Tour poster: As the tour poster will be based around a musical environment the choice of colours will be bright and bold but will all depend on the image used. Calendar Page: in order to appeal to the target audience the calendar colour will be bold and bright. The colours used will also mimic the type of flashing colours normally seen in performances. The background and text colour will also be determined by the choice of picture used but will not be far off from the colours used fore the tour poster.
  9. 9.  My aim is to show a different representation of female from the Hip-Hop and R&B industry. I am therefore challenging the representation by giving a alternative view. My initial thoughts of the representation is that it portray women in a negative way through the sexual images and degrading text. My hope is to show a more powerful, pleasant and strong representation through my choice of images, props, mise en scene, camera angel, layout, colour choice and text.
  10. 10.  Album: The album cover will appeal to my target audience because it will showcase a young artist within my target audience age. It will have a powerful image of a female on the cover which could represent a role model for young females. Tour Poster: The tour poster will appeal to my target audience as it will be based around the genre of music in a music environment that my target audience will be familiar with as it is a place they will go to. Calendar Page: As my target audience is young a calendar is not the norm of things to buy. In order for it to appeal to them I will consequently make the image of the artist bold, eye- catchy and prominent, that will it will draw their attention. By them seeing their artist on the cover of a calendar promoting the tour it will be more appealing to my target audience because the calender could be seen as a something they can keep for themselves to highlight the tour. I will also ensure that the text on the calendar is short, quick and snappy as the longer it is the less interested they would be to read it.The layout and the text on both products will appeal to my target audience as the layout will be very clear and simple for them to understand and they language used will be short and brief, something that someone from my target audience may even write themselves. The style will be very young to fit in within my target audience and the choice of colours be bright and eye catching to draw the attention of my target audience.
  11. 11.  While researching, I analysed key characteristics of my album covers and tour posters that will appeal to my target audience. From my research I was able to gain an understanding of things to include in order to make my products appealing to my target audience. This included an eye catchy image. Originally this was hard as the images that are usually used for females within this industry can be seen as degrading so in order for me to appeal to my audience I had to ensure that my images are appealing but empowering instead of degrading. Hip-Hop and R&B can also be seen as urban, therefore to appeal to my target audience I have to ensure that the overall look has urban features. This may be down to the choice of colours, text style and the language used.