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Research on gospel magazines
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Research on gospel magazines


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  • 2. Here is an example of a gospel magazine that I found.I realised that gospel magazines is all about the mainimage. I also realised that the main image on a gospelmagazine is very different to one seen on a hip-hopmagazine. The image of the ‘Vibe’ magazine is verysexual and explicit compared to the calm image ofFred Hammond a gospel artist sitting peacefully dressin the costume someone going to church would wear.Both masthead are covered by the front imageindicating the how popular the magazine is. But thedifference is the gospel magazine masthead is veryclear simple and straight forward. It clearly illustratesthe genre of the magazine as that is alreadyincorporated in the masthead and flows perfectly withthe magazine as its not too bold or too plain butsimple and calm indicating it is a gospel magazine asgospel music is also calm and relaxing. This contrastto the other masthead as hip-hop and r&b is very upbeat and bold which explains why‘ Vibe’ magazine iscalled ‘Vibe’. This magazine contains a skylinesomething very common with a normal magazine butwhat indicates it’s a gospel magazines as thelanguage used in the skyline and the content of theskyline as its about famous gospel artist andupcoming tours. The cover lines are written in formalgrammar and English due to the target audiencebeing a more mature Christian age group. You couldtell this due to the front size used and the fact its notin colloquial language and a clear, easy to read text.The choice of colour are classified as warmcolours, one could say this is due to the magazinebeing a gospel magazine as if it was a rock magazineyou would tend to use cold colours such as blue andblack. In addition to that the colours are veryconsistence and simple fitting in with the theme andgenre of the magazine.
  • 3. Here is another example of a gospelmagazine that I researched. One thingthat I realised is that the masthead isvery simple but bold. It sets the theme ofthe magazine. From the masthead I canclearly see that this magazine is aimed atthe gospel genre as they haveincorporated the word “gospel”. Thecolour scheme of the magazine isconsistence, the same colour that wasused for the masthead is also used for themain cover line making it eye catchy andbold. The colour scheme complementsthe picture due to the warm colours usedwhich does not over power the image.The colour and masthead helps indicatesthis is a gospel magazine due to thesimplicity and the warmness whichrepresents the music.
  • 4. What indicates to the audiencethat this magazine is a gospelmagazine are also the cover lines.You would not see in a hip-hop orrock magazine cover lines aboutartists such as CeCe Winans orJones Reynold as they are gospelartists, same way you would notsee cover lines based on the musicof Beyoncé. The cover lines areone of the key selling point as itinforms the reader of what articlesare going to be in the magazine. Inthis case, the cover lines are basedon famous gospel artist whichtherefore indicates that thismagazine is a gospel magazine.The language used also is full notcolloquial language but insteadthe correct grammar and veryformal English indicating that thismagazine is not for a youngergeneration.
  • 5. Gospel magazine follows the codeand conventions of a magazine forinstant, this magazine has a barcode, price, sky line and sellingline. The price are just the basicinformation needed to informpeople of the price and thebarcode is for the shops in orderfor them to sell it to the public. Thismagazine also has a sky line whichhas Christian topic that will bediscussed in the magazine, stillremaining consistence with thegenre of the magazine. the sellingline is indicated underneath themasthead and is a Christianmessage. Theses indicates that thetarget audience is not only peoplewho love gospel music but by theprice being $4.50 they must beworking/ middle class and due tothe topics in the skyline alsoindicates that this magazine is notaimed at the younger generation.
  • 6. The main image is of a famousgospel artist (CeCe Winans)Illustrating the genre of themagazine. CeCe appears to belaying down on the arm of chairsmiling at the camera. This imagefits it with the theme of themagazine as she appears to becalm, warm and happy. Gospelmusic itself is calm, warm andjoyful this image could thereforbe seen as a representation of themusic itself. The image is veryclear and does not overpower anyof the other elements of themagazine by insteadcomplements it. One could alsosay that the fact they choose amore mature gospel artist insteadof a young gospel artist could alsoback up the point that thismagazine is not aimed at theyounger generation but insteadthe more mature generation.
  • 7. The overall layout of thismagazine is very simple andwell structured. Thismagazine does not break thecodes and conventions ofmagazines. One could saythis is due to the Christianreligion behind this genre ofmusic and it being againsttheir religion to break rulesand go against things. It isalso fair to say that theaudience that this magazineis aimed at is a matureworking class or middle classmale or female but mainlyfemales as statist haveproven that females aremore religious then men.
  • 8.  From the research that I done on music magazine I found out that they all follower the same codes and conventions as a normal magazine. The only difference that I found it the gospel magazines is not just about the music but also about the religion and the faith in which the music originally came from. They not only incorporate the gospel music but the also incorporate things about the church and what is going on in today’s society unlike many other music magazines. One thing that I also found ion common in most of the gospel magazines is how the main image sets the tone of the magazine. The magazine is all about the image as that is what sells the magazine. Gospel magazines all tend to be very simple in terms of choice of colours and layouts and all seems to incorporate the religion as well as the music in the magazine.