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Research on content page

  1. 1. I wanted to make sure that my content page is unique anddifferent, in order for me to achieve the look that I wasgoing for I had to do some research and get a range ofdifferent looks before I make my final choice. I done someresearch on different types of music magazines andcompared the difference and similarities before making myfinal choice.
  2. 2. This content page is split into two. Onone side there is an image of an artistswhich also takes some part of the bottompart of the page due to the position of theartist. On the other side of the page iswhere the text is. There is different textsizes to distinguish between the mainheading and the brief explanationunderneath. The are also lines for effectand also to separate the different pages.This content page is from the eventhough this content page does not havethe magazines masthead on the pageyou automatically know that it is from theVibe‟ magazine, due to the large „V‟ in-between the legs of the artist. A keyaspect of this content page is the imageas that is the main focus. The text allworked around the image, and thelighting was especially directed at theimage of „Beyoncé‟. This is clearly acontent page due to the bold format ofthe word „contents‟ immediately catchingthe attention of the reader.Although, a disadvantage of this contentpage is the layout of the text.
  3. 3. • I did not want to base my research solely on music magazines but on content pages as a whole; in order for me to do that I had to look at different types of magazine content pages. I came across a well known fashion magazine „Elle‟ and what first attracted me to the content page was the vibrant, bright, warm colours in both the images and text portraying an image to me off fun, warm and summer. I believe that the colours used were extremely effective as they were eye catchy but for a good reason. You become intrigued drawing your attention to the article based on these images. This warm colours are also reflected on the masthead with has not become incorporated in the design of this page. This page consist of two columns of clear text on a plan white background in order for the page to not look busy. I believe this page is effect partly due to their creativity in making the background warm, vibrant images of the articles.
  4. 4. • This content page is very clear. It clearly indicates that it is a content page due to it being presented as a skyline on a black background making it very clear to read and bold. The colours used throughout this content page is consistence. The colour red is striking and draws your attention. This is a good thing as it draws you to the purpose of this page fulfilling its duty. White one black/ black on white is very classic look which does not make the page look too over crowed but simple as its only a content page. The usage of boxes is effective as it draws the attention of the reader on what is important and creates some dynamic on the page. The image used indicates that page will be based on music due to the props used. This content page fits in with the codes and conventions of a regular magazine as there is two columns, a space for the features and regulars, an image, information on things going on in the magazine and the word “content” in the skyline.• Although, one could say that this content page could be more effective if there was more colours used, a vase range of different pictures, more effect pictures that will draw you to the page, a range of fronts for effect and not a plan white background as more could have been done with that space.
  5. 5. • When I saw this content page I was draw to it straight away. This content page is very straight forward, at the top it clearly indicates the purpose of page by the bold white on black background. The page consistence of two columns one which dominates the page of photos and text and the other column is just text. The colours used are very consistence as the main colours are black and white but whit a hint of blue, yellow and red. The layout of the image is very simple and clear, you can automatically tell what the image represents as they are numbered to the page and also has text underneath it to inform the reader for any further information needed. Although one criticism of this content page is that I don‟t know what magazine it is from. There is no masthead or anything that will indicate it is from a certain magazine. however, the text used is very clear due to the choice of colours used and the overall aim of this page is successful in my eyes as it is a content page and that is clearly shown. After looking at other content page I believe that I would mostly likely base my content page on this layout as it is very basic and clear.