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  • 1. Preliminary Task- Content Page
  • 2. Before starting my content page I had clicked on layout then create guides so that I will have a simple guide of where everything will be such as the text and image.I then split mypage in twocolumns makingone side largerthen the other formy text. I alsoplace a boarderaround the pageand createdmargins.
  • 3. I then went back into Adobe Photoshop and imported the photos that I had previously taken. Using the tools provided I was able to rotate the images and using scale I was able to also change the size of the photos so that it was smaller. I then put a boarder around the photos and created more effect on the images by adding a strokeI then opened the Adobe and bevel and emboss. ThisInDesign software, clicked on made the images stand outlink and linked my saved more.Photoshop file with theInDesign which imported the4 edited imaged that I hadpreviously made. Using therectangular tool in InDesign, Imade 6 small boxes which Iused for the numbers of thepage.
  • 4. From my content page plan that Ipreviously made I copied all the texton to my page. I did this by using thetext tool. I then changed my frontsize and type by using the differentfront size and text available whilestaying consistence in my theme andtarget audience.
  • 5. To create the background, I clicked on swatch option andusing the colours available I was able to create the colourbrown witch is a neutral colour for both male and femalesex and suitable for my magazine target audience.
  • 6. For the heading “features”and “regulars” I used therectangular tool and created abox making the words fitperfectly inside. To createmore effect I then used theswatches options and madethe box a tone lighter then thebackground. I then used theline tool and drew on a line ontop of the box slightlyseparating the two differentsections from one another.
  • 7. To import my magazine logo Iwent back front cover andcopied my masthead on to ablank paper. I then enlarged itand copied it on to my contentpage at the top left corner on topof the text. I used the grids tomake sure that my magazinelogo is lined up correctly and notover the boarders.