Preliminary Front Cover


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Preliminary Front Cover

  1. 1. Front CoverMy original plan for my student magazine was for the title to be “Young Generation”.I then decided to change that later as I found that it took up too much room. Whileresearching magazines I found that all the magazines had a shop and catchy masthead.I change my masthead to “Youth” because it summed up my target audience in oneword, it was easy to remember, simply and catchy. My original magazines layout wasalso change as I did not feel the pictures made a big statement. There was too muchpictures and the main picture would not have made a huge enough effect as I wouldhave wanted it too.I decided to take some more photos but this time some single shots. I then used thepolygonal lasso tool to cut out the girl and blurred out the edges so that it is not assharp.
  2. 2. After I had the single shot away from the background I noticed that the image was notclear due to the location that it was taken. I then decided to take some more photos butoutdoor photos. The image had the right background and was clear. I then used thepolygonal lasso tool again to copy the image of the female alone on to another plainA4 paper while I make changes to the background to create effect. For thebackground I used the blur tool in Image-Adjustment-Colour balance so that theimage is not as sharp and to create a different effect from the single shot image of thefemale. I then copied the single shot image of the girl and placed her in the exact sameplace that she originally was in. I edited the colour of the single shot female by goingto Image- Adjustment- Auto-colour.
  3. 3. I created effect on the masthead in order for it to stand out. I made the text a boldwhite colour and then added and inner shadow, drop shadow, bevel and emboss whichmade it stand out and not look so flat on the magazine. For my main story I made theheading in bold and a different front and colour from the sub-heading. I did this foreffect in order for it to catch the reader’s eye. I did this by adding by using differentcolours and adding on inner & drop shadow and outer glow.
  4. 4. In order for it to look like a real magazine I had to add on a barcode which I copiedand pasted from Google. I resized it and placed it in the corner of my magazine.For my cover lines I used the same front size and type as I used for my main coverlines so that my magazine was consistent. I then made sure the effects I had on mycover lines was a Drop-shadow, Inner-shadow and an orange outer glow to keep inthe theme of my magazine. I choose the colour brown, white and orange as they arewarm colours and neutral colours as my magazine is for both male and female. I alsochoose those colours as I felt they are bright, bubbly and bold with I believe will catchthe eye of the reader.Lastly I made sure that everything was lined up and straight, not over lapping oneanother. I then made sure that my text had enough room between each other and wasnot too spaced out.