Portfolio production brief


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Portfolio production brief

  2. 2. • What is the name of your music magazine?I choose to name my magazine “Lifted up” as it represents the genre my magazine represents.• What will your music magazine be about?my music magazine will be based on the Christian religion and the gospel music within it.• Describe the design of the title?My title will be a bold custom made front, it will incorporate the cross ads that is the symbol that represents theChristian religion and will also be youthful in terms of the choice of colour and design as this magazine will beaimed at youths that love gospel music.• What will the dominate image on your magazine cover be; Why will you be choosing that image?The dominate image on my magazine will be an image of a youth choir performing. I will be choosing this asgospel music is all about people coming together and singing there hearts out to the Lord and that is what thischoir will be representing. I decided to choose a youth choir as that will be my target audience.• What does the image tell your potential target audience about the content of the magazine?Yes as my image will be of a group of people singing dressed in uniform your would expect a church choir to bewearing.• Will your target audience find your front image appealing? Why or why not?Yes: As it is a noticeable image that they will be able to relate to.No: As some peoples may believe that there is more to gospel music then just a choir.
  3. 3. • Will you be including other images on the front cover? If yes, what will they be? If no, what image(s) do you think will be including on your music magazine cover?Yes, I intend to add other images of other types of gospel music such as gospel rap, in order for everyone to feel that thismagazine incorporates all of the different types of gospel music.• Who is the potential target audience for your magazine? how do you know?My potential target audience is for youths and young adults aged 16-25. I know this because of the way I structured my magazineto fit that criteria.• What articles will be found in the magazine as will be depicted by your choose cover lines? How do those articles relate to the title of your music magazine?Articles found in the magazine will not only be based on gospel music but also the Christian religion as the music originated fromthere. There would also be some cover lines about the latest conventions & performances and how to win tickets to the next one.• How many different fonts (style, colour and size) will be using for your front cover? Will your target audience find these appealing? Why or why not?I will be using no more the 3 different text sizes to insure the magazine is kept consistence. The style of the magazine will also bevery stylish but edgy as it is a youth magazine witch will be very appealing to my target audience as its what they will be used toseeing for things aimed at their age group. The layout, picture and size will also all be done taking in consideration of the agegroup in order for them to feel comfortable with the magazine.• Will your chosen font depict the genre of your music magazine?Yes it will, I will try my best to make sure that every decision I make is related to the genre of my magazine and my targetaudience.