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21-30 Of Presentation Slide

  1. 1. Here’s an example of an inspiringdouble page spread…
  2. 2. This is why I think that double spreadworksI found this double page spread very effective for theses reason:Images: the images are effective due to the technique used to make the firstimage transparent apart from where the artist name is capturing theimportance of who the artist is. I also found the second image effective as it wasa large scale image of the artist looking happy and relaxed sending off apositive atmosphere.Colours: the use of colours was very clear as it informed the reader thedifference in when the artist was speaking and when the interviewer wasspeaking. It also remained consistence throughout including in the title.Layout: the use of columns was effective as the passage because clear to readand understand because everything was placed in a neat and ordinary fashion.You also have the flying text by the side of the first image a common thing youtend to see on double page spreads.Text: I believe that the text also has a part to play as it is lined up within themargins and is consistence with the choice of colour and the front. It is not toobig nor too small and fulfils the purpose of this article.
  3. 3. This is my double-page spread
  4. 4. This is how my double page spreadworksImage: The images that I used for my content page are very striking and eye-catching due to the layout of theimage being in placed two columns. Also due to the effects that used it made the images stand out from thesurface and works well as the effects was not too much but fitted my target audience.Layout: Three columns used were also effective as they made the page seem more clear and enabled me toadd more information to the page which will relates to the thing expected from my target audience such as thearticles in the feature and regular sections. The layout is overall simple and my research indicated that thatgospel magazines are very simple. This therefore means my layout fits the codes and conventions of a gospelmagazines. I also used margins and grids to ensure that all the text are neatly located in the text box providedand does not run off the page. This also makes everything located in the middle and the pages looks not onlyprofessional but classy.Colours: the colours used are simple and bold. Some of the colours used are the same used on the front coverand could be seen as a link between the front cover and the content page. The colours used does not clashwith one another instead it complements one another. One thing that made sure I did while picking the imagesthat I were to use for the content page was to ensure that they do not clash with one another or overpowereach other. For that reason I made sure that the images used all had the same effect and the backgroundcolour was not too striking.Masthead & Title: in order for people to know the purpose of the page I made sure that the page was titled“content”. I sued a large and bold front size/type to guarantee that it does not go under noticed. I also placedmy masthead on the top left corner of the page to link both my front page with the magazine.My content page works because through the research I done I made sure that everything that I found out wasapplied to my content page to ensure that it fits it with the codes and conventions of a gospel music magazinebut to also ensure that it is suitable for my target audience. I was able to accomplish this by adding keyfeatures such as images, and effective layout, bold colours that complements one another, a masthead andtitle, guide and margins and boxes that captures
  5. 5. This is how all three components are linked together….Colours: The use of colours are a key link as it shows thesimilarities between the pages. I believe that the main coloursthat were used that linked the pages together were black,white and brown. I choose these colours as black can be seenas a harsh colour and white as a pure colour that can give awarmth to the page that black is not. I also choose the colourbrown as it is a calm, warm colour that will brightening up thepage.Text: The size are in similar front I order for everything toremain consistence. On the front cover, content page and thedouble page spread the text are all very simple in order for it tobe readable and suitable for my target audience.Images: The images are all linked together as the image on thefront cover is also the image on the content page as itrepresents another article. On the content page there is also animage of the same person on the double page to represent thearticle based on this person.Layout: On all three pages I made sure that the layout is keptsimple as through the research I done I found out that’s one therequirements. I also made sure that I used columns in all threepages to make sure everything is clear. Another link betweenthe three pages is that I have used margins and guides for all ofthem to ensure that nothing runs off the page.Masthead: The masthead was a key element that linked boththe pages to one another and to ensure that the pages arelinked to the magazine. for that reason I made sure that boththe content page and the front cover had the masthead toillustrate what magazine it comes from.
  6. 6. This is my re-drafted cover pageCover Page Key modifications from feedback One of the feedback that I received told that my main cover line was spread across the gentlemens hand in the image I was also told that my page looks too crowded with all the cover lines as they are not all needed. With feedback I had received I deleted one of the cover stories and just placed in on the content page as I did not want my front cover too look over crowed. I then had more room on the right had side of my page so I made my other cover lines smaller and placed my main cover line also on that side. I then made a double of that cover line to add effect and make it stand out from the other cover lines. My front cover was not as crowded as it previously was and there was nothing obstruction my main image.
  7. 7. This is my re-drafted contents pageCover Page Key modifications from feedback Originally I was told that my content page looked too empty and did not have a lot going for it. I then decided to create complete new draft layout which I worked with to create a new content page.
  8. 8. This is my re-drafted double spreadDouble spread
  9. 9. Key modifications to double spread fromfeedbackThe two pictures that I first had it mind for my double page spread did notlook good together as they cashed, the feedback that I was given was touse only one of the images and use the tools available to create effect onthe image.I was also told that my text looks too dull and does not stand out as muchas it could which lead me to place a stroke on my text.Lastly I was told make sure that everything is placed in the right columnsand are lined up correctly so I went over my work to make sure everythingwas lined up correctly.
  10. 10. EvaluationYou can find my blog here:http://ononghinlan.blogspot.co.uk/AndYou can find my evaluation with responses to the 7questions here:http://ononghinlan.blogspot.co.uk/