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11-20 Of Presentation Slide

  1. 1. Here are the 4 original photographs I shotfor the project……
  2. 2. I modified each photograph; here is theoriginal next to the final version:Raw 1 Final 1Here is how I changed the photograph and why. I originally took this image witha Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera in order for my shot to be sharp. Once Iplaced this image onto Photoshop I then clicked edit and auto colour andbalanced out the colours evenly to ensure that this image is not too sharp. I thencropped the top section of the image above the hand, made a copy of I and I thenplaced it above the image in order for there to be room for the masthead on thefront cover, I did not the masthead to be overlaying the image. I then used thescale tool to enlarge the image to the size that was best fitted for my front cover.Lastly I cropped some on the sides of as I felt it was unneeded.
  3. 3. And the second one:Raw 2 Final 2Here is how I changed the photograph and why. The purpose of this image was for it to beused in the masthead. I used my camera to capture an image of someone that looks likethey are currently in praise and worship. I then placed this image in Photoshop and usedthe easel tool to erase the white background of this image as it was not needed. I thenused the quick selection tool to erase the areas that were still there. For the tiny areas thatstill remained I zoomed in around the edges and used the wand tool, selected the relevantpieces and deleted it. I then used the fill and after selecting the colour black I coloured inthe remainder image black and further erased any other areas that needed to be erased.This image was to be apart of my masthead and in order for my masthead to be able to goon any background it needs to be clear and neat which is why I made sure that there wereno areas that no longer needed to be there.
  4. 4. And the third one:Raw 3 Final 3Here is how I changed the photograph and why. This image was to be used on myfront alongside many other images. A key thing about this image was that it hadto represent a new clothing line. For this reason I used a high tech Canon camerain order for this image to appear sharp. I then imported he image on to in design.I resized the image as I was originally to large for the space required. I thencropped out some of the edges as I was not needed and blurred thesurroundings. Lastly I right clicked my mouse and clicked effect, I clicked ontransparency and made this image fade away as it got to the edge for effectwhile also adding a level to en sure it stands out.
  5. 5. And the last one:Raw 4 Final 4Here is how I changed the photograph and why. This image was to be used for thedouble page spread so I used my high tech Canon camera for a high quality effect. Ichanged the colour from black and white to a light turquoise colour I then importedit into instagram and edited the colour to make sure it balanced well. I then importedit into in design where my double page spread was and placed it on the first page. Ithen used the gradient effect to make the picture a little bit light at the end and Ithen used transparency so the image almost appeared transparent so that the textand everything else stands out just as much as the image and in order for the imagenot to be solely the centre of attention but for everything to blend well together.
  6. 6. Here are a couple of research modelsfor my contents page…
  7. 7. This is my contents pageContents Page These are key features… After looking at different types of music magazines content pages I was able to distinguish the key features of a content page. One of the feature was the title on a content page to inform the reader what the page is about. I recreated a design of the title ‘content’ and placed it at the top left corner of my content page. According to my research columns are a key feature in a content page as it makes it clear to distinguish the different section on the page. It also makes it easier to place the text and the image another key feature for the content page. One of the key aspect of my content page was the masthead as it was a clear link to what magazine the content page is from. The colors used also help identify the magazine as it normally tend to be the same color used on the front page. The feature and regular column are something that I saw in all magazines as it shows the common aspect of the magazine and what the reader expects to see in every edition. Lastly a main image which will be either the largest image of an image which is presented slightly different from the rest of the images in order for it to stand out, this also normally tends to be the top story of the magazine for that edition.
  8. 8. How does the contents page link backto the cover page? Both the content page and the front link as both pages have the masthead on it which is a clear indication of what magazine both pages are from. Another link are the choice of colors and the fact that they both use the color black, white and brown. They both also have the same images used and the same cover lines.
  9. 9. Key points of contents pageHow have you made the reader want to read on?Under each heading I gave the reader a further small passage of what else will be happening in the page. This willtherefore make the reader more intrigued and eager to find out the full story. Not only did I give the reader aglimpse of what will be happening I also gave a visual image of what ever ever the article will be based on. Lastlythere are also free give always that will interest any reader and lead them to read on.What are the links between images and words?The images I presented are a small capture of the words expressed. The link therefore is that the images is a visualimage/evidence to back up what the text says.What determines the dominant stories?The dominant stories has to be something eye catching and fresh news that will catch the readers attention andmake them interested to know more. It has to give the reader a thirst for more knowledge.How have you gone about ordering the information on the page?I used three columns as I wanted to dedicate two columns to solely images and text and one column to just text.He reason being is because the page will look too crowded if there was an image supporting every article so I hadto make sure the articles that have a supporting image are key, top articles. I al so placed the regulars and thefeatures in the same column as the text because it will make sense if everything is placed together rather then allover the page.
  10. 10. How does the contents page flag upyour double page spread? My content page is very eye catchy due to the layout and the over all presentation. I believe the sub heading and the pictures work very well together to ‘flag up’ the double page spread. The reason being is because the content page gives a small but very detailed capture of whats coming up on the up coming page.