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Megaform sport-catalogue-internet

  1. 1. www .megaform .be Sport and freetime equipment Edition 10 New Sport Games InnovationsPhysical Education SportFitness Physical Education New SportNew Sport Megaform-2013-12-03-Couverture-Catalogue-Sport-2014-Decembre 2013-Def-03.indd 1 16/01/14 09:20
  2. 2. Table of contents Edition 10 Megaform - Rue Haute, 177 - 4700 Eupen - Belgium Tel .: +32 (0)87-32 17 18 - Fax: +32 (0)87-31 29 99 E-mail : info@megaform .be - www .megaform .be Easy to Order +32 (0)87-32 17 18 +32 (0)87-31 29 99 info@megaform .be Spordas product Abilitations product Megaform product Megaform Eco product Megaform Ethic product Park & Sun product Tangle product Dom product Skillastics product R Omnikin product Activity guide available VIDEO Video on the website Set of 6 colors BEST SELLER Best Seller INTRODUCTION 3 INNOVATIONS 4-7 NEW SPORT GAMES 8-18 Xplore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Skillastics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Omnikin . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 Bumball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Sport Games . . . . . . . . . . . 13-18 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 19-52 Adapted PE . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Balls for teaching & play . . . . . . . 20-24 Handling, Throwing & Catching . . . . . 25-33 Movement . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-41 Balance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-44 Teamwork . . . . . . . . . . . . 45-47 Circus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48-49 Portable Facilities . . . . . . . . . 50-51 Packs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 SPORT 53-78 Eco-Fairtrade . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55 Football . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56-57 Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Handball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 American Football & Rugby . . . . . . 60-61 Volleyball . . . . . . . . . . . . 62-63 Outdoor Sports . . . . . . . . . . 64-66 Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Badminton . . . . . . . . . . . . 68-69 Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70-73 Storing & Accessories . . . . . . . . 74-78 FITNESS 79-82 Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79-81 Cardio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 INDEX 83 Megaform-2013-12-03-Couverture-Catalogue-Sport-2014-Decembre 2013-Def-03.indd 2 16/01/14 09:20
  3. 3. Introduction Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 Introduction 3 The company "Megaform" Our Mission: MEGAFORM is dedicated to supply innovative and educational products and ressources to the institutional market (clubs, schools, institutions, ...) in the field of Physical Education and Well Being, through distributors in Europe, in respect of sustainable development. Our Core Values: Responsibility Dynamism Openness Open-mindedness Simplicity EMAS Certification: EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary environmental management system (EMS), under which companies and other public organisations evaluate, manage and continuously improve their environmental performances. Megaform is an environment-conscious company and has taken some important measures to contribute actively to a sustainable development. 1. Reduce and prevent pollution-related activities within the company: - reduce energy consumption on our site - reduce waste discharge through better prevention and recycling measures - improve mobility aspect 2. Establish an environmental management system like EMAS that meets the requirements of this approach. 3. Ensure compliance with legal requirements related to environmental aspects to which Megaform subscribed. 4. Ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance at Megaform. 5. Inform and educate staff to optimize its participatory process based on continuous improvement. 6. Communicate periodically with customers about the improvements achieved in sustainable development initiatives and introduce innovations in this field. 7. Integrate sustainable development in all present and future aspects of the company. Megaform meets the EMAS requirements also by selling environmentally friendly products: our ECO products, marked in the catalog with the Megaform ECO logo. REG.NO.BE-RW-000040 MEGAFORM ECO PRINT As part of MEGAFORM's commitment to environmentally responsible practices, this catalogue is printed using paper from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 3 15/01/14 18:04
  4. 4. Innovations www.megaform.be4 Innovations 2014 Megaform Flashy Basketball Very resistant cellular rubber ball with an excellent rebound on all playgrounds. The grippy texture is similar to the best basketballs. Ideal ball for recreation and school use. Colors: flashy yellow/pink. Ref. M401603 Size 7 Megaform Flashy Football Cellular rubber football, ideal for recreational and outdoor use. The flashy colors will definitely appeal to young an old. Its exceptional grip will be very appreciated on hard playgorunds. Colors: flashy yellow/pink Ref. M401601 Megaform Flashy Handball Synthetic rubber ball with a honeycomb structure which guarantees an excellent grip and a very good bounce. Very resitant for in- and outdoor use (waterproof). Very player-friendly and appreciated by players at all levels. Colors: flashy yellow/pink. Ref. M401604 Size 1 Megaform Flashy Volleyball Synthetic rubber Volleyball with a honeycumb structure en soft touch. Very resistant and suitable for in-and outdoor use (waterproof). Very player- friendly and highly appreciated by players at all levels. Colors: flashy yellow/pink. Ref. M401602 Size 5 Twist Ball Twisted American Football out of foam for beter grip. Ideal for beginners. Weight: 184g , Length: 23cm Ref. M440194 Super Parachute Pack Discover our new pack including all accessories you need to organize parachute games. This new pack contains: · Parachute Games Activity Guide · 6 Pom Pom Balls · 6 Edubug Bean Bags · 6 Colored Unihockey Balls · 6 Small Emotional faces · 2 Finger Lights · 1 Heavy Duty Beach Ball · 1 Mesh Bag Ref. M551760 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 4 15/01/14 18:05
  5. 5. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 Innovations 5 Innovations 2014 Giant Target Chip Each color of the target is a heavy-duty nylon pouch. The pop-up frame is collapsible for easy transport. Diameter per colored zone: red zone 21,6cm, green 60,9cm, blue 101,6cm. Ref. M440157 Pop Up Goal N' Target Three Targets, Three Times As Many Uses It’s a quick goal, it’s a bullseye, it’s a number target. And…it sets up in seconds. Our new Pop-Up Goal-N- Target was created to give you a variety of options at a reasonable price. Use it as a soccer goal for your new players, to help teach proper throwing movements, or to reinforce beginning math concepts. The bullseye target is made out of hook and loop material. Folds down into a convenient carry case. Measures 1,2m x 1,2m. Ref. M452270 Foldable aluminium goal Goal structure made out of 38mm aluminium. Goal can be assembled and disassembled in less than 15sec. Suitable for in- and outdoor use. Delivered with net. Ref. M435316 120x80x60cm Ref. M435317 155x95x75cm Speed Hurdles Excellent For Speed Or Jumping Drills Lightweight plastic hurdles in two heights (15cm and 30cm) are great for agility stations where athletes work on hopping, jumping, stepping or bounding skills. Run around them, or move over them forwrads or literally to improve agility. PVC plastic for reduced weight and increased durability. Ref. M401452 Set of 8 hurdles (4 x 15cm and 4 x 30cm) Agility Slats These Agitily slats consist of 20 plastic rungs connected to each other and offer different configurations (X shape, ladder, circle...). Once laid on the floor the slats are more stable than rhythmic ladders. Snap multiple units together to form long, more intricate and challenging shapes for drills. These slats help to develop agility, quickness, balance and coordination. Come with a carry bag for easy handling. Ref. M404151 Mini Tchoukball Tchoukball provides an adjustable frame in tempered steel and can be used for play, handling exercices and for training reflexes. Thanks to its smaller size (76cmx76cm) the Mini Tchoukball can be easily stored in a car for instance. Ref. M435460 Small size: 76x76cm Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 5 15/01/14 18:05
  6. 6. Innovations www.megaform.be6 Innovations 2014 3 Legged Race Bands These comfortable fabric covered elastic bands are great for three-legged races or other fun activities. Hook and Loop band allows for easy attachement and quick release. Width: 4cm Ref. M570240 Set of 6 colors Cooperative Band Walkers Designed to develop cooperation and balance since groups of 5 children must communicate and work together in order to be able to walk together. These Coorpetive Band Walkers can be easily attached and detached using hook and loop cuffs. Bands are 147cm long and 5cm wide. Ref. M570245 Sold by pair Colored Blindfolds Thanks to their solid fabric and embedded corners around the edges these new Blindfold Goggles are 100% light-proof. Ref. M570235 Set of 6 colors Squashy Balls Extra soft, player-friendly and squeezable foam balls with a low bounce factor. Easily gripped, these balls are perfect for throwing at targets or other tossing and catching activities. Ref. M452220 Set of 6 colors Giant Catch Tail Ball After the succes of our Tail Ball we are introducing its big sister: the Giant Catch Tail ball is made of a high quality soft foam ball in a mesh covered bag. This ball improves throwing skills since it enhances eye-tracking and catching and is thefore especially a great choice for young children. Total length: 91,4cm; Diameter of foam ball: 6,4cm Ref. M581720 Set of 2 Small Emotional faces This set of 6 colored balls represent 6 different emotions. These balls are especially appealing and funny to use for young children. Also ideal to use with our Pocket Parachute M451230 (p. 34) where chilren have to throw the balls into the corresponding colored pockets of the parachute. Ref. M440125 Ø 10cm - Set of 6 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 6 15/01/14 18:05
  7. 7. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 Innovations 7 Innovations 2014 Ergonomic Scooters These scooters have very strong wheels making them very durable but also giving them the quickest turning radius making it easier for children to move. Moreover, ergonomic details are build into the scooters to allow students to easily kneel, sit and hold the scooters. Perfect size for ages 3-8. Ref. M591510 Set of 6 (Size: 34x44cm) Mapico Orienteering Race MEGAFORM exclusivity! Mapico gives you the necessary tools to organize orienteering races at any location. The Mapico set includes 288 cards (numbered from 21 till 308), 20 control cards (that can be easily photocopied), sheets representing all 288 cards and an activity guide. The only thing you will have to provide is a map (or even a simple drawing) of your chosen location. The 288 cards measure 5x5cm, are made of cellular Forex PVC and are thus very resistant under all wheather conditions. With the right fixing agent (double-sided tape, glue, nail) the cards can be placed in- or outdoors on all kind of material (cement, wood, plastic, metal,...). Each card represents 4 control subjects : 1 color, 1 letter, 1 number and 1 picture. This allows an infinite number of routes and control methods as for example: · How many different colors have you seen on your route? · What names can you build with the letters you've seen? · What would be the sum of all the figures you've seen? · Write "1" if the picture on the card is a person, "2" if it's an object, "3" if it's an animal. Mapico is especially appealing to children, recerational programs and schools but adults will also find their pleasure. Ref. M492000 Big Red Base with Casters The new impoved Big Red Base takes one of our very successful items to a new level. 12cm wheels have been added to make moving the base extremely easy even when filled with sand or water. Moreover, the plastic walls of the base have been strengthened to make the new base even stronger. The new base will be able to be used with your existing bases and accessories. Ref. M522000 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 7 15/01/14 18:05
  8. 8. NewSportGames www.megaform.be8 Xplore XPlore - Orientation Game VIDEO MEGAFORM exlusivity! Developed by sports professionals, this orientation game is suitable for both in and outdoor use. It has been created for children aged 5-12 to develop their: · Sense of direction · Familiarity with colors · Team spirit · Logical thinking What’s more, children with reduced mobility or mental disabilities can also be included, making it a fun, cooperative game. The full game set comprises: · 15 orientation course sheets (route on the front, answers on the back) · 135 chips (15 chips in 9 different colors) · 15 chip holders · 9 buckets for collecting the chips · 3 numbered cone covers (1-3) · 1 storage box · 1 activity guide Ref. M451280 5-8 years old Ref. M451290 8-12 years old (more challenging routes) Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 8 15/01/14 18:05
  9. 9. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 NewSportGames 9 Skillastics Skillastics® is an amazingly effective, yet simple to execute series of standards-based fitness and sport specific activity kits that encourage all students regardless of age or ability to have a positive experience being physically active. Skillastics® allows for maximum participation before, during, or after school, promoting fitness fun and assists in improving health and academic performance that coincides with schools' comprehensive physical activity program goals and objectives. Skillastics - More than just a Game ! Skillastics Basketball VIDEO A New Approach To Improve Skills! A Unique game mat displays 26 basketball drills to improve fundamentals. Each square is illustrated with cartoon characters and instructions. Classes are divided into teams and positioned around the mat. Dices are rolled, game pieces are moved around the board, and the team performs the drill according to the instructions of the player who rolled the dice. All teams play at the same time. When each drill is completed, the next player takes a turn, and it's a race around the board. Includes a 1,5m x 2,1m vinyl mat, six various- colored miniature game boards, a detailed rule book and a handy storage bag. Your entire class works on basketball drills at one time. Complete this set with our color-coded Basketballs (see M574269 p.54) for MAXimum fun ! Ref. M453012 Dutch - German version Ref. M453013 Version without text Skillastics Fitness VIDEO Fitness Skillastics features 26 fitness exercises, all approved by leading fitness experts, covering all four of the fitness components - flexibility, cardiovascular/ respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance. Three different colored numbers let you match drill repetitions to your students’ fitness levels. Includes 10 additional team-building activities and other instructional ideas. Your students will ask to play it over and over. Colorful cartoon characters highlight the major muscles used in each drill. The instructional manual identifies the muscles to help you teach muscle recognition. Ideal for students from 6-18 years old. Set includes: · 1,5m x 2,10m colorfully illustrated reinforced nylon activity mat · 6 various colored game piece beanbags · 6 various colored dice · 6 mini 51 X 69 reinforced nylon activity mats · Illustrated Instruction Workbook (languages: EN, FR, DE, NL) · Convenient Nylon Backpack Storage Bag Ref. M453014 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 9 15/01/14 18:05
  10. 10. NewSportGames www.megaform.be10 Omnikin Official Kin-Ball Inflator R A fast and effective way to inflate around 10 balls successively. 500 Watts, 220 Volts. Ref. M715300 Outdoor Kin-Ball Sport Ball VIDEO R Official outdoor sport ball for Kin-Ball, with a resistant nylon cover, to inflate with our official Kin-Ball inflator (M715300). Ref. M712140 Red - 84cm Ref. M712141 Blue - 102cmOfficial Kin-Ball Portable Scoreboard R Ref. M715200 Pink/ Black/ Grey Ref. M715201 Blue/ Black/ Grey Official Kin-Ball Pinnies Set R Set of 12 pinnies for Kin-Ball Sport (4 of each color). Ref. M715100 Set Pink/ Black/ Grey Ref. M715101 Set Blue/ Black/ Grey Great teamsport played with three teams at the same time on one court, using a giant 1,2m ball weighting 1kg. The serving team calls the color of one of the opposite teams of its choice. The team that has been called has to catch the ball before it touches the floor and then serves it back to another team. If a team lets the ball fall on the floor, the two other teams score one point each. Players can use their whole body to keep the ball off the floor but only the upper part to serve the ball. The size and the lightness of the ball, along with the rules of the game, allow everyone to participate in the action; everybody touches the ball and every team scores points. This sport is played by more than 6 million people in 10 countries and reaches the important educational objectives of cooperation, fitness (aerobic), accessibility and sportsmanship. With its unique properties, KIN-BALL sport also helps fight childhood obesity. KIN-BALL sport is recognized by several national associations of physical educators worldwide. Official Kin-Ball Official Kin-Ball Sport Ball VIDEO R Official sport ball for Kin-Ball, with a resistant nylon cover, to inflate with our official Kin-Ball inflator (M715300). Diameter: 122cm; Weight: 1kg. Ref. M712130 Pink Kin-Ball Sport Ball Ref. M712131 Black Kin-Ball Sport Ball Ref. M712132 Grey Kin-Ball Sport Ball BEST SELLER Bl adder For Inflat or Replacement Bladders R Replacement bladders in latex available for Omnikin Balls available in different sizes. Ref. M713413 Replacement Bladder for Omnikin SUPER Ball Ref. M713600 Replacement Bladder 45 - 60cm Ref. M713301 Replacement Bladder 84cm Ref. M713500 Replacement Bladder 100 - 122cm Ref. M713700 Replacement Bladder 150 - 180cm Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 10 15/01/14 18:05
  11. 11. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 NewSportGames 11 Omnikin® Basketball This Basketball is bigger than a regular basketball to facilitate learning and to practice technics & strategies. Especially designed to make the game accessible and really motivating for everyone. Omnikin® Basketball can be played by scoring in hoops, by kicking the ball to the basketball backboard, as well as bouncing it on the wall. Diameter: 50cm. Ref. M714140 Omnikin® Volleyball This is a perfect ball to begin to play volley-ball. It does not hurt, is light and very resistant. It is amazing on the beach! 100% Nylon cover with double stitched seams and Nylon thread. Includes one latex bladder. Weight : 320 g / Diameter: 41cm. Ref. M714144 Omnikin Omnikin® Multicolor Ideal for all ages, as it teaches the alertness, attentiveness and balance of body with the ball. It's a perfect tool to help kids develop their imagination and creativity. They're lightweighted and can be tossed, even kicked. For in- and outdoor use and great for pool use too. Both sizes come with one latex bladder. Replacement bladders sold separately. Ref. M712110 Multicolor Ball 84cm Ref. M712120 Multicolor Ball 100cm Omnikin® Air Balls This AIR BALL has a water-resistant, durable cover,with a rugged latex bladder. Smaller size allows more actvities such as bouncing, one hand "shooting" or kicking. Comes with one latex bladder. Ref. M712220 Omnikin AIR Ball 60cm Ref. M712210 Omnikin AIR Ball 45cm Omnikin® SIX Balls Omnikin® Six Balls are light and durable balls available in 6 different colors. With these 6 balls, one entire class can be involved in many games with 6 different teams at the same time. Great for small or larger groups. Score in 6 hoops, touch the 6 colors, kick the ball 6 times, keep the 6 squares, use feet, hands or head, bounce, jump, sit on the ball and more! Diameter: 45cm. Ref. M714101 1 Piece - Color may vary Ref. M714102 Set of 6 colors Omnikin® SUPER Ball The Super Ball is a wonderful giant rugby ball that is easy and exciting to kick, pass and run with. The Omnikin Super ball game allows everyone to touch the ball while teaching sportsmanship, competition and strategy. The teams have to cross the goal line by running and passing like flag football, but without physical contact. 51 cm. Ref. M714130 BEST SELLER These games develop teamwork, cooperation and coordination. Use these balls to develop individual skills and play non traditional games. Easy to handle due to their size and lightness; they are a perfect tool to develop imagination and creativity. You can roll the ball, pass it and move the ball as a team, make a tag game by touching players with the ball, keep your balance on the ball with the help of teammates. Play giant volleyball or other more competitive games. Motivates people to practice physical activities with success-guaranteed games, designed for all ages. Omnikin® Cooperative Games Omnikin® Soccer Ball The Omnikin Soccer is perfect to begin to play soccer. It is light, easy to kick and really resistant. Ideal to play at the beach or on the field. 100% Nylon cover with double stitched seams and Nylon thread. Includes one latex bladder. Weight : 290 g / Diameter: 36cm. Ref. M714142 Omnikin® Flag/Belts Set of 4 Flags/Belts consists of: -4 black belts (120cm) with a velcro strap (to attach the colored flags) and an easy clip-fastening system; -4 colored flags (L 43cm x l 6cm). Ref. M714118 Set of 4 - Red Ref. M714119 Set of 4 - Blue VIDEO R Omnikin® Ultra Balls R Ultra Light and Ultra Safe! Ultra Balls have a water-resistant coating that both strengthens and increases the versatility. They're lightweighted, and can be tossed, even kicked, indoors or out. All sizes come with one latex bladder. Ref. M712310 Ultra Ball 120cm Ref. M712320 Ultra Ball 150cm Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 11 15/01/14 18:05
  12. 12. NewSportGames www.megaform.be12 Bumball Goal Zone Ref. M415050 Set of 7 Bumball Educational assets: Transfer of many general ballgame skills such as : hand-eye coordination, passes, running, breaking free from one's opponent, … Values of the game: • Teamwork; • Responsibility; • Fair Play; • Commitment; • Creativity; • Conflict solving. • Strategy; Educational assets of Bumball BEST SELLER Scratch Ball Scratch ball is as no-contact game, played by two teams of 6 players. Catch the ball with your velcro glove! Note that you will score points only if one part of your body is in contact with a spot marker of the same color as the thrower's one! Scratch ball is definitely an ideal educational tool: · Provides a coeducational and intergenerational activity; · Everyone can play Scratch-Ball thanks to the easy rules, techniques, and absence of contact; · Enhances teambuilding and tactics-elaboration in a funny way. 1 Set consists of 12 gloves (for both right- and lefthanders), 2 balls and 12 colored spot markers. Ref. M440174 Junior Size Ref. M440175 Teenager Size Bumball VIDEO What is Bumball ? Bumball is an innovative ball game for both children and adults which is easy to learn and fun to play. The basic principle is that it is easily adjusted to match player's physical and motor function skills. The game has a wide range of applications depending on player skills and location. It suits everybody – including those who do not normally enjoy ball games. How to play Bumball ? Bumball involves two opposing teams and the team with the highest score wins. Both teams must wear the Bumball gear which makes it possible for players to catch the ball with their chest or bum. The ball is caught with either the chest or the bum and is passed with the hands. A team scores a goal when the ball is caught in a scoring spot. Players pick up the ball from the ground by sitting on it, and the opponents pursue the player with the ball stuck to his or her bum. Where to play Bumball ? Bumball is an in and outdoor game. Outdoors, any surface – hard, grass or sand – can be used. Any indoor environment can be used. One set is composed of: 6 blue vests with velcro, 6 red vests with velcro, 2 balls, a transportation bag and an activity guide. Ref. M415110 Complete Set - Size S Ref. M415111 Bumball Outfit - Size: S - Red Ref. M415112 Bumball Outfit - Size: S - Blue Ref. M415120 Complete Set - Size: M Ref. M415121 Bumball Outfit - Size: M - Red Ref. M415122 Bumball Outfit - Size: M - Blue Ref. M415130 Complete Set - Size: L Ref. M415131 Bumball Outfit - Size: L - Red Ref. M415132 Bumball Outfit - Size: L - Blue Ref. M415140 Complete Set - Size: XL Ref. M415141 Bumball Outfit - Size: XL - Red Ref. M415142 Bumball Outfit - Size: XL - Blue Ref. M415000 Bumball - Ball Scratch Ball Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 12 15/01/14 18:05
  13. 13. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 NewSportGames 13 Pursuit Ball This product is a great, fun way to encourage amongst other the following skills: throwing and catching, chasing, fleeing and dodging, cooperation and team building. A cooperative game can be played where teammates attempt to gather their own colored balls the quickest and to throw these into the mobile goal. In competition mode, teams try to put their colored balls into the other team's goal while the goalie maneuvers to avoid them. There are many opportunities for children to self-guide the play or find new games and rules. The set includes: 2 goals, 10 colored balls per goal and a detailed activity guide. Colors : blue and green. Ref. M553175 Ball Bouncer Set Set includes 12 sticks which can be used outside, inside and even in the water. The end of the sticks are in foam so children can play safely. Length : 1m. Ref. M490301 Ø 13cm ball Ref. M490300 Set of 12 sticks and 1 ball Pebbles Bocce Balls Turn Hard Floors Into Sand Pebbles Bocce Balls Turn any surface into a bocce court. Regardless of how hard surface is, they absorb the shock of impact. When thrown with the proper backspin, Pebbles Bocce Balls virtually stop right where they land. Moreover, their grippy pebble texture make them very easy to hold in hands. Set includes four violet and four yellow 101mm bocce balls and one red 76mm jack ball. Carry bag is included. Ref. M591480 Four Bounder VIDEO The Four Bounder will provide a terrific focus for your playground or sports area. This throwing/catching centre can be used in different configurations depending on your space and requirements - 4 sided, 3 sided or 4 individual stations fixed against walls or posts. This versatile product can be used by young children and professional sportsmen alike; for fun or as a reaction trainer for multi skills as well as for specific sports such Basketball, Handball, Rugby and many more collective games. It can be used by individuals, in pairs or in threes to improve reaction and catching skills and response. Manufactured from 3cm tubular steel and powder coated. Rebound nets are made from strong nylon. Weight: 26kg. Size: each panel 76 (Top) x 90 ( Width) x 180 ( Base) cm. Ref. M435420 Super Foam Bowling Set This foam bowling set is nearly indestructible yet is very soft and safe. Set includes 10 pins (38cm), 1kg ball, a vinyl setup sheet and carry bag. Ref. M591430 Sport Games Tchoukball Tchoukball provides a frame in tempered steel and can be used for play, handling exercises and for exercising players' reflexes. Ref. M435450 Official size: 1x1m - Weight: 12kg new model Ref. M435460 Small size: 76x76cm Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 13 15/01/14 18:06
  14. 14. NewSportGames www.megaform.be14 Sport Games Supersafe Field Hockey A major safety breakthrough in senior size (91,5cm) field hockey stick manufacturing. The SuperSafe Skinex head design effectively places the protective padding on the stick instead of the legs of players. Traditional head design with curved back and flat face. The stick's internal structure is designed to keep the flat hitting surface stiff, giving excellent control. The set consists of: - 12 Dom Supersafe Field Hockey Sticks 91,5cm (6 Red, 6 Yellow); - 6 DOM-83 Supersafe Balls. Ref. M826021 Field Hockey Set Ref. M826020 Field Hockey Stick GymHockey DOM-83 Designed for maximum safety and excellent playability Very soft, bright orange, no bounce plastisol ball. Weight: 55g. Color: Optic Orange. Ref. M826032 SuperPuck DOM-84 Step on it! Bang it! Won't split or dent. The official-sized, bright orange, plastisol, hollow puck is designed to take a lot of abuse. Weight: 55g. Color: Bright Orange. Ref. M826030 SuperSafe DOM-90 Revolutionary aerodynamic profile! Improved 10cm wide puck has contoured edges for reduce wind drag. 5cm recessed air dams top and bottom. Slides flatter against floor, greatly reducing puck flip SuperSafe spongy construction reduces injuries! Colors: Optic Orange, Bright Yellow. Ref. M826031 SoftBalls Go ahead. Catch bare-handed! Very durable, soft and safe. This ball can be used with our Supersafe InvinciBat or any other bat for realistic play. Glove protection is not mandatory. Color: optic yellow. Ref. M826210 Supersafe Hockey VIDEO Supersafe Hockey set that consists of: · 12 sticks Dom Supersafe Hockey; · 2 DOM-90 Supersafe Pucks; · 2 DOM-83 Supersafe Balls. Avialable in junior (76cm) and senior (91,5cm) sizes. Colors: Bright Organge; Bright Yellow. Ref. M826009 Hockey Set - Junior Size Ref. M826010 Hockey Stick - Junior Size Ref. M826012 Hockey Set - Senior Size Ref. M826011 Hockey Stick - Senior Size Unique oval-shape strengthens polyethylene shaft and offers safer stick control. Internal twin “I” beam ribs reinforce shaft for greater flexibility without shaft fatigue. Go ahead! Twist it! Skinex blade springs back Skinex construction gives spongy core for safety; tough, flexible outer shell for durability. Blades, molded directly onto shaft, will not wear, peel, mark or damage gym floor. Anti-slip hand grip designed to cushion impact for added safety. SuperSafe Advantages ...removes fear of injury DOM SuperSafe products are made with Skinex – DOM’s unique integral skin polyurethane system. Supersafe... Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 14 15/01/14 18:06
  15. 15. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 NewSportGames 15 Sport Games Intercross Goal PVC goal 120 x 120cm. Width : 90cm. Includes polyethylene net with strips for easy set-up. Ref. M131800 Intercrosse Sticks Aluminium shaft with unbreakable soft PVC head. Total length : 100cm - Weight : 370g. Ref. M490001 Intercross ball Ref. M490101 Red stick Ref. M490102 Blue stick Ref. M490111 Set of 12 sticks + 12 balls with transport bag Micro Goal Small PVC goal ideal for young children. Dimensions : 60 x 45 x 30cm. Ref. M131100 Reversible PVC Goal Reversible PVC Goal that offers two possible heights. Includes polyethylene net with strips for easy set-up. Dimensions :120 x 90 x 60cm. Ref. M131200 Sofcross-4 VIDEO This set is designed as a «4 step» learning system for the Intercross game. Learning begins with the head only, then one-hand play with short shaft. Third step will be short stick with two hands and then finally long shaft with two hands. Set includes 12 heads (25cm), 24 sticks (12 each; long 58cm and short 41cm), 6 Sofcrosse balls and 6 replacement straps. Ref. M591100 Spordas Sofcross-4 Set Ref. M591105 Set of 12 heads (6 each; red and yellow) Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 15 15/01/14 18:06
  16. 16. NewSportGames www.megaform.be16 Sport Games Bump-A-Puck The Bump-A-Puck zooms across the floor as if it were on ice. The travel speed is never a safety threat because it features a 2,5 x 1,3cm thick deep superfoam « safety bumper » that dissipates the shock of impact with walls, objects and most importantly, players. Diameter : 10cm, thickness : 3,5cm. Ref. M591460 Floor Hockey Pack Includes 20 sticks 100cm (shaft length: 85cm), 10 each yellow and blue, 3 balls, 2 pucks and 1 storage bag. Ref. M491000 Floor hockey pack Ref. M491010 Blue stick Ref. M491011 Yellow stick Floor Hockey Puck This polyethylene puck is perfect for floor hockey. Weight :15g. Ref. M491050 Unihockey balls These rugged, plastic molded balls can be used for a variety of activities. Weight : 20g. Diameter 6,5 cm. Ref. M591470 Set of 6 white balls Ref. M591471 Set of 6 colored balls Simply Shuffleboard Not just for cruise ships, this six color set of shuffleboard cues works well with a variety of discs or rings. Whether you’re aiming at a line or you mark off an entire scoring area, this game is fun to learn and play. Perfect as an activity station or leg of a relay. Cues measure 109 cm in length. Ref. M551570 Set of 6 colors Decks Shuffleboard Set of 6 decks necessary for the Shuffleboard M551570. Diameter 16cm. Ref. M440115 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 16 15/01/14 18:06
  17. 17. Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 NewSportGames 17 Sport Games Invinci Bat One Bat! One Ball! Everyone Plays! The perfectly balanced, 540g, 71cm long invinci Bat has a 2,50cm diameter grip and a cushioned 5cm barrel for safety. The inner 1,30 cm splinter-free fiberglass rod provides strength and rigidity. Its sponge core provides safety and tough skin prevents peeling. Coupled with our SoftBall, there is no fear of catching bare-handed. Glove protection not mandatory – a definite plus for budget-conscious buyer. Random colors: Bright Orange, Bright Yellow. Ref. M826200 Each Ref. M826215 Set of 2 Bats + 1 SoftBall - Color may vary JuniorSwing 2-Way Putter Superior, Safe and Sturdy! Thanks to its skinex texture, the head provides maximum safety by reducing risk of injury. The head is securely fastened to a lightweight yet strong fiberglass shaft (with pro quality grip). Finally, this unique putter is convenient for righties and left handers. Can be used for indoor and outdoor play. Ref. M826100 JuniorSwing 63cm Mini Putter Ref. M826110 JuniorSwing 83cm Full-Size Putter ✓ Soft spongy core for safe play; ✓ Tough outer skin for durability; ✓ Wear and puncture-resistant; ✓ Uniform core for realistic play; ✓ Builds confidence in young players. DOM Skinex Advantage Spider Ball Golf Slow-Rolling Mini Golf Game The spider Ball is easy to putt and its tentacles limit the roll. Add Utility/Sequencing Spots to give you a six-color 25,4cm "cup" for targets. JuniorSwing Putters complete the set, creating Spider Ball Golf, a six-hole, mini golf game for players of any ages or ability. Set includes six colored Spider Balls, six Dom JuniorSwing Putters and a set of six Utility/Sequencing Sport Markers. Ref. M573010 Hoop Golf Complete 9-Hole Indoor/Outdoor Course Design your own nine-hole course in the gymnasium or out in the field. Make each hole a little different and position the holes to accommodate the ability of your group. One of the ideal feature is that you (or the children) design the course as well as the game rules to meet the needs of each individual in your program (inclusion). Let each group design its own course, or keep it constant and establish “course records” to be broken. Unlimited potential as an instructional aid. The complete set comes with six Junior Swing Putters, six NoBounce Balls (one of each red, yellow, blue, green, orange and violet), nine regular holes and three practice holes (hoops: 75cm, yellow) Ref. M573020 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 17 15/01/14 18:06
  18. 18. NewSportGames www.megaform.be18 Kendo Bat Thanks to those foam bats, Kendo, a martial art, can be taught at school, safely, and with a minimal equipment. Kendo is about touching his opponent and, at the same time, avoiding being touched. The idea is to show off his attacking skills and his avoiding reactions. Different kind of fights and games can be done: One-touch fight, Double touch fight, Zone fight, Achilles tendon fight, Theme fight, ... The handle of the kendo bat is divided in two parts by a ring to show the ideal position of the hands. Total size : 78cm. Handle size : 30cm. Diameter of the bat : 7cm. Ref. M490200 Super Foam Croquet Croquet set includes: · 6 foam mallets (63cm long. Head : 6,3cm diameter, 18cm long) · 6 no bounce balls 8cm · 9 gates (15,2 x 15 x 2cm) · 2 self-standing flags (Height : 22,9cm). Ref. M591700 Sport Games Super Soft Touch Polo Game Game includes 12 sticks (6 each: blue and yellow) with straight, foam coated heads and two playballs. Total length of the stick: 80cm. Head : 32cm long and 11cm thick. Size of the ball: 17,8cm. Ref. M591750 Up Rite Safe Tee Compact and light, the height adjustment range can be increased at 2cm increments from 42 to 66cm. Molded from durable plastic with a weighted base, the design allows the tee to rock forward if hit, then returns automatically to its upright position. Weight : 1,6kg. Ref. M511300 Bonkerball Can you imagine 6 simultaneous softball games being played at the same time and on the same court ? All this is going on safely by being color controlled. To differentiate teams and avoid confusion, every set is shipped with 6 color- matched pairs of bats and balls. Bats are made of safe dense foam rubber with reinforcing plastic inner tube. Senior bat : length : 74cm, weight : 390g. Junior bat : 69cm, 325g. Ball : diameter 9cm, weight : 40g. Ref. M511015 Bonkerball set junior Ref. M511017 Bat junior with matching ball Ref. M511010 Bonkerball set senior Ref. M511013 Bat senior with matching ball No Bounce Balls Fabricated from a safer, dense foam rubber, these balls can be hit with any bat or stick. The ball flies true yet virtually "dies" when hitting the ground. Diameter : 9cm. Weight : 40g. Ref. M570600 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 18 15/01/14 18:06
  19. 19. 19Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Adapted PE Sensation Ball Transparent ball with two small hard plastic balls inside. As they roll, the user hears them while simultaneously seeing them. As an added measure of fun, the inside balls act as eccentric weights making the ball’s roll and bounce slightly erratic and unpredictable. Diameter: 17,8cm. Weight : 90g. Ref. M570210 Sensation Bell Balls Each ball has 3 small bells inside. The bells add both tactile and auditory feedback for the player. Diameter: 18cm. Weight : 190g. Ref. M570220 Set of 6 colors Boccia Set VIDEO Boccia is a perfect game of inclusion, requiring an underhand toss of a weighted, hand-held ball. The objective of the game is to place the ball(s) closest to the target (in this case, a small target ball, often called the "jack").Includes six 90mm bocce balls (blue & red), one target ball (white), one meter (2m long) and a handy carry bag. Ref. M492519 Hard Balls Ref. M492520 Medium Balls GoalBall Trainer Ball VIDEO The SuperSafe GoalBall's makes it the perfect choice for training at all grade levels. Its integral- skin PU shell provides both structure required for full-court rolling and shock absorbtion on capture or impact. Most importantly; the jingling of the 3 sleigh bells inside can be clearly heard through its six ports throughout the ball's entire roll cycle. Ref. M492530 Ø 23cm - Weight: 600g Ref. M492531 Ø 16cm - Weight: 300 g Pendulum Bowler The Pendulum Bowler consists of one Spordas Max tetherball (easy to hold thanks to its cellular rubber texture), one height-adjustable tether, one boom-arm (that extends clear of the base) and one traditional rack of 10 plastic bowling pins. Post and Red Base not included Ref. M521540 Wheelchair Ball VIDEO 33cm dia. soccer ball, especially designed to be used with a wheelchair. The Ball has 32 panels made out of one reinforced polyester layer covered with one lustrous PVC coating. Ref. M401247 Torball This is a synthetic leather Futsal Ball with bells inside. Low rebound. Official size (Ø 20cm) and weight (510g). Ref. M401245 Size 3 Colored Blindfolds Thanks to their solid fabric and embedded corners around the edges these new Blindfold Goggles are 100% light-proof. Ref. M570235 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 19 15/01/14 18:06
  20. 20. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be20 Balls For Teaching & Play Super-Safe Balls Roto-molded foamed vinyl ball that is seamless with the softness of foam and durability of vinyl. Trapped in vinyl are microscopic bubbles that provide a high tactile surface. Yellow. Ref. M573610 Soft ball Ø 10cm, 60g Ref. M573110 Volleyball Ø 18cm, 250g Ref. M573210 Basketball size 3, 190g Ref. M573211 Basketball size 5, 270g Ref. M573310 Football Ø 20cm, 250g Ref. M573311 Handball Ø 15cm, 165g Ref. M573410 American Football size 7, 270g Ref. M573411 American Football size 5, 150g Ref. M573510 PG ball Ø 216mm, 270g Ref. M573520 PG ball Ø 21,6cm, set of 6 colors, 270g/pce Supersafe BEST SELLER All Balls Multi-purpose inflatable balls with a high-tactile surface. Can be used for juggling, paddle activities, Fling-it, baseball, hand squeeze activities and much more. Size, bounce and resistance can be adjusted through a standard athletic valve. Ref. M570110 Ø 7,6cm, 40g, set of 12 yellow balls Ref. M570150 Ø 7,6cm, 40g, set of 6 colors Ref. M570120 Ø 10,2cm, 80g, set of 12 yellow balls Ref. M570160 Ø 10,2cm, 80g, set of 6 colors Ref. M570130 Ø 15,2cm, 120g, each, yellow Ref. M570170 Ø 15,2cm, 120g, set of 6 colors Scented Balls Scented balls representing fruit or facial expressions. Diameter : 25cm. Ref. M440130 Set of 6 fruit balls Ref. M440135 Set of 6 facial balls Pelletz-N-Supersafe Roto-molded foamed vinyl ball filled with pellets. This unique combination eliminates shock impact and roll-away frustration. Diameter : 15cm. Weight : 150g. Ref. M573650 Emotional Faces Set of 6 Emotional Faces, the balls represent 6 different emotions of human's lives. Funny to use, especially for younger children. Ref. M440137 Ø 20cm - Set of 6 Ref. M440125 Ø 10cm - Set of 6 BEST SELLER Super-Safe Balls Pack Pack containing the 4 following Super-Safe Balls: · 1 Soft ball 10cm · 1 Playground ball 21,6cm · 1 Handball 15cm · 1 Basketball size 3 Ref. M573690 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 20 15/01/14 18:06
  21. 21. 21Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Balls For Teaching & Play Balloon Ball The balloon ball is light enough to float, but solid enough to be kicked or hit. Insert the balloon into the cloth cover and inflate. Set of 4 covers and 12 balloons. Ref. M440140 Set of 4 covers + 12 balloons Ø 25cm Max PG Balls Max PG balls have a bee hive texture formed by thousands of cells that flex freely under the slightest pressure. This pattern is deeply embossed into two plies of rubber. This structure is reinforced by 70% butyl for maximum air retention and by nylon windings for maximum shape retention. Ref. M574410 Ø 12,7cm, yellow Ref. M574420 Ø 15,2cm, yellow Ref. M574430 Ø 17,8cm, yellow Ref. M574440 Ø 21,6cm, yellow Ref. M574490 Ø 21,6cm, set of 6 colors MegaMax Playground Ball This MegaMax ball, ideal for playgrounds, has an incredible grip made possible by the cellular rubber cover and the maximum air retention of a 70% butyl- rubber bladder. Comes with a 3 year guarantee. Diameter : 40cm. Ref. M574450 PG Balls Roto-molded seamless vinyl balls. This process eliminates risks of shape distortion, seam breakage and air leakage. Very durable balls. Can be used on every surface. Ref. M574111 Ø 12,7cm, blue Ref. M574110 Ø 12,7cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M574121 Ø 15,2cm, blue Ref. M574120 Ø 15,2cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M574131 Ø 17,8cm, blue Ref. M574134 Ø 17,8cm, red Ref. M574136 Ø 17,8cm, yellow Ref. M574130 Ø 17,8cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M574141 Ø 21,6cm, blue Ref. M574140 Ø 21,6cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M574151 Ø 25,4cm, blue Ref. M574150 Ø 25,4cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M574160 Ø 33cm, blue Utility Sequencing Balls Rubber balls sold in set of 6. Nylon wound butyl rubber bladder for maximum durability. Harder than a PG ball. Each ball is marked with a number translated in 4 languages and illustrated by dots. This allows the introduction of cognitive activities. Diameter: 21,5cm. Weight: 410g. Ref. M574010 Set of 6 colors BEST SELLER Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 21 15/01/14 18:06
  22. 22. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be22 Fluffballs Fluffballs are light and very easy to throw, to catch or to handle. Thanks to their soft fluffy texture, these balls definitely eliminate any risk of injury. Furthermore, Fluffballs never roll away on hitting the ground, as their texture just absorbs the impact. Moreover, you won't hear any noise on playing with Fulffballs. Ideal for hand exercises and racquet or paddle games. Color : yellow. Ref. M581620 Ø 7cm, set of 12 Ref. M581630 Ø 9cm, set of 12 Out-R-Coat Foam Balls Out-R-Coat Foam Balls were designed to hold up to the extreme abrasive wear of rough surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The secret is in their coating; a special material that grabs onto and penetrates into the foam. This unique texture provides a grip that makes them among the easiest balls to catch and to hold. Diameter: 15cm. Weight: 130g. Ref. M570460 Set of 6 colors StayLo Balls StayLo balls have been developed to be used indoors in areas and in games where bouncing is not desired. The balls are sewn and packed with a polyester fiber-fill that provides a combination of weight and shock absorption. Diameter: 22cm Ref. M574360 Set of 6 colors Super Duty Beach Balls Heavy duty beach balls designed for the school and recerational market. We doubled the thickness of the vinyl and reinforced the welding. Ref. M570301 Ø 18cm Ref. M570300 Ø 28cm Balls For Teaching & Play Nylite Balls These lightweight balls are made of nylon and waterproof foam. Easy to inflate thanks to the air valve. Ideal for teaching new activities. Ref. M572331 Ø 30,5cm, 117g Ref. M572332 Ø 21,6cm, 80g Ref. M572333 Ø 15,2cm, 47g Ref. M572334 Ø 10,2cm, 37g Fleece Balls Small lightweighted and safety cotton balls. It 's ideal for learning with racket games as Loons (see page 33). Diameter : 9 cm Ref. M581640 Set of 6 colors Skin-Coated Foam Balls Coated polyurethane foam balls that are smooth, washable and non toxic. Ref. M452140 Ø 7cm - Set of 4 colors Ref. M452150 Ø 15cm - Each - Red Ref. M452175 Ø 18,5cm - Each - Yellow Ref. M452200 Ø 20cm - Each - Orange Soft Foam Balls Compact, resitant and safe soft foam balls made out of polyurethan foam. Ideal for initiation. Ref. M452213 Football Football Ø 20cm Ref. M452210 Basketball Basketball Ø 20cm Ref. M452212 Handball Handball Ø 15cm Ref. M452211 Volleyball Volleyball Ø 20cm Skin-Coated Balls Polyurethane foam balls covered with elastomer. These balls are very flexible, washable, non-toxic and durable. Ref. M440190 Football Size 4 Ref. M440192 Volleyball Size 5 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 22 15/01/14 18:06
  23. 23. 23Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducationFingerLights A great alternative to balloons, without the latex! Regardless of their physical abilities, FingerLights make everyone in the room a participant. That's because when fully inflated they're so responsive that their polyurethane (PU) panels will first stretch around the surface they hit (a finger, a nose or the top of a head) and then rebound off it. They're so light that they'll literally float on a room currents like bubbles. While we'd have trouble guaranteeing a bubble for more than 2 minutes; the unique PU panels and solid welds are so strong, we guarantee them for 2 years. FingerLights are sold in pairs, one each of translucent green and purple. Ref. M570320 Pair - Ø 25cm Ref. M570321 Pair - Ø 35cm Ref. M570322 Pair - Ø 40cm Balls For Teaching & Play E-Z Balls E-Z balls have a fantastic grip and a very soft feel. In addition, the ball material construction provides a very good bounce. Diameter : 10cm. Weight : 85g. Ref. M581130 Set of 6 colors Pebbles MultiUse Balls What makes Pebbles so special are their bright, "magnetic", primary and secondary colors; their hand-conforming size; and most importantly, a new, virtually slip-proof, super-high-tack synthetic- leather material. Even though the properties of the synthetic leather are, in themselves, enough to assure adhesion between hand and ball, we added one more enhancement: the basketball-like, embossed "pebble" finish, from which the balls get their name. Ref. M574522 Ø 21,5 cm WeaveBall Our new WeaveBall is an excellent way to introduce a variety of throwing, catching, and kicking skills. Made from woven plastic strips covered with a colorful foam-backed fabric, this ball will bounce and rebound like a typical low-bounce ball. The open web design and the tactile feel of the surface make it both easier to catch and to hold onto. That equals success! 19,5 cm diameter and 230 gr. Ref. M581881 Developmental Ball VIDEO Remains In Play For Everyone. The Developmental Ball™ is an innovative approach to teaching kicking, soccer style dribbling, tossing and catching skills for students with physical disabilities and developmental delays, as well as general physical education students aged pre-K through second grade. Soft, highly tactile surface • Fosters independent skill development • Excellent for students with sensory issues and those on the Spectrum. By carefully adding measured amounts of a granular medium INSIDE the ball, and using a highly tactile surface, we have made the patented Developmental Ball™ easier to kick, dribble, and catch. The internal medium also regulates the speed and distance the ball travels, which is slower than traditional playground and soccer balls. For students with ambulatory challenges, this keeps the ball in closer proximity and provides for a meaningful opportunity to learn new skills. The added weight provides useful proprioceptive feedback, helping to maintain focus when contacting the ball. Ref. M581175 Set of 6 colors Slomo Bump Balls A very light ball that moves slowly through the air. This slower movement provides more time for eye- tracking and a higher level of success for children. Ref. M570400 18cm, 170g, set of 6 colors Ref. M570410 10cm, 80g, set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 23 15/01/14 18:06
  24. 24. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be24 Bean Bag Ribbon Ball Here is the bean bag version our tail ball, the ideal tool to learn throwing while having fun. This soft ball is filled with pellets that instantly stop the ball when it touches the ground and hence to give a right estimation of the throwing performance. The ribbon helps visualizing the flight course of the ball. Ref. M581715 Pocoball Launch the Pocoball by holding its colorful multi-ribbon tail, twirling it and releasing. It soars gracefully through the air like a little comet. Its tail makes it easy to see and serves as a catching aid. Diameter: 7cm. Weight : 50g. Ref. M581700 Success Ball We bring you the absolute best, easy-to-see, fun-to- touch, easy-to-grasp, tactile balls you've ever laid your hands on. Watch your children touch and learn with delight! Made of EVA foam pellets surrounded by LYCRA® and mesh panels, these balls are the easiest to grab. Impact is absolutely painless. Floats in water! Ref. M581950 Ø 10cm, Set of 6 Ref. M581952 Ø 15cm, Set of 6 Ref. M581954 Ø 22cm, Set of 6 Tail Ball The integral polyurethane skin makes this ball easier for eye-tracking and catching. Eye-tracking is enhanced by the embedded ribbon in a complementary color. Diameter of the ball : 7cm. Length of the ribbon : 46cm. Width of the ribbon : 5cm. Ref. M581710 Set of 6 colors Tail Ball Thrower The original thrower for tail balls. Ref. M440145 Stretchy Faces You'll love these balls' amazing touch thanks to their funny tentacles! Our stretchy balls are designed to last and can be stretchted and handled permanently, without shape distortion! Made out of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) material. Ref. M470130 Stretchy Smiley - Ø 22cm - Set of 6 colors Ref. M470131 Stretchy Ball - Ø 25cm - Set of 6 colors Ref. M470132 Stretchy Sun - Ø 22cm - Set of 6 colors Ref. M470133 Stretchy Kids - Ø 12,7cm - Set of 12 Pces Stretchy Sun Stretchy Kids Stretchy Smiley Stretchy Ball Balls For Teaching & Play BEST SELLER Scarfball VIDEO A clever combination of a scarf and a cotton ball ! The colorful scarfball provides a visual aid for tracking slow movement through the air. Great to be used with our Loons rackets (see page 33) or any badminton racket. Ref. M452310 Set of 6 Pom Pom Ball Rubber juggling balls. Highly tactile thanks to their numerous rubber tentacles. Easy to catch and to hold. Ref. M452300 Ø 7,5cm Ref. M452302 Ø 10cm Ref. M452306 Ø 9cm, Set of 6 colors BEST SELLER Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 24 15/01/14 18:06
  25. 25. 25Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Handling, Throwing & Catching Economy Bean Bags Nylon-covered bean bags filled with pellets. Sold in a set of 12 pieces (3 each; red, yellow, blue and green). Size : 12 x 12cm. Weight : 115g. Ref. M502030 Set of 12 Utility Sequencing Bean Bags These beanbags were developed for inter- disciplinary activities, including physical education and movement development. They are better than any other bag with hand conforming, full size plastic pellets, double-stitched reinforced vinyl shells and very soft corners. Numbers appear in English, Spanish and French. Ref. M501032 Set of 6 colors Biggie Bean Bag Frogs These 20cm bean bag frogs are filled with special plastic pellets, providing better hand conformity and more tactile feel. It’s a joy to hold or even to cuddle. Come in a set of 6; one each of the primary and secondary colors. Ref. M501021 Set of 6 colors BEST SELLER BEST SELLER Veggie & Fruit Salad Bean Bags Students enjoy the health and multilingual benefits of these uniquely shaped bean bag sets that include words in English, German, Spanish and French. The colorful bags encourage discussions about two of the most important food groups: vegetables and fruits. Ref. M501051 Veggies, Set of 6 colors Ref. M501052 Fruits, Set of 6 colors Edubug Bean Bags These soft vinyl bean bags are perfectly shaped for a kid’s hand. Each bug is sequentially numbered 1-6, with the numeral and matching dot(s) on one side, and the matching word on the other in English, Spanish and French. The Bug's color is also in the three languages. Ref. M501041 Set of 6 colors Nutrition Bean Bags Set of 32 beanbags with food images on the front and colors on the back (color depending on food category) : White (6x) = Dairy Purple (6x) = Fruit Green (6x) = Vegetable Red (4x) = Meat Orange (4x) = Starchy food Black (2x) = Sugar Blue (2x) = Drink Yellow (2x) = Fat Ref. M501055 Set of 32 Bean Bag Animals The bean bags are filled with special plastic pellets, providing better hand conformity and more tactile feel. For additional cognitive value, each animal is sold in a set of 6; each of the primary and secondary colors. These small animals add fun to your throwing, handling and juggling activities. Ref. M501001 Frogs, Set of 6 colors Ref. M501002 Rabbits, set of 6 colors Ref. M501003 Hippos, Set of 6 colors Ref. M501005 Turtles, Set of 6 colors Ref. M501007 Bears, Set of 6 colors Dive Animals This set consists of 6 weighted animals. Composed of a starfish, a line, a crab, a sea lion, a turtle and a fish. Ideal for aquatic activities. Ref. M404320 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 25 15/01/14 18:06
  26. 26. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be26 Handling, Throwing & Catching Tangle Matrix Ball Ergonomically designed for hand and mind wellness. Squeeze therapy ! Bounce Therapy ! Play Therapy ! Diameter : 7cm Colors may vary. Ref. M592332 Foam Shuttle With the foam base and goose feathers, this fun shuttle offers excellent flight properties. Can be used for Indiaca play or various racket games. Height: 22cm, Weight: 35g. Ref. M401800 Yuck-E-Balls 9cm PVC balls filled with small PVC balls and non-toxic gel. This combination creates a fluid environment that offers an incredible tactile feedback and encourages ball manipulation. Weight: 300g. Ref. M581140 Set of 6 colors Knead-A-Ball Squeeze Knead-A-Ball and within seconds it returns back to its full diameter. Made from breathable foam polymer that’s great for hand exercises. Ideal for primary catch and throw activities or beginning striking skills. Diameter : 7cm, Weight : 27g. Ref. M581200 BEST SELLER UltraFoam Dice UltraFoam dice can be thrown and caught like balls, yet they add a new dimension to cognitive game possibilities. UltraFoam dice are indestructible. Dimensions : 51mm. Set of 12, one pair each of 6 colors. Ref. M591710 Set of 12 Reaction Balls Ideal ball for eye-tracking development. The solid rubber reaction ball (6,4cm diameter, 80g) is a bundle of energy. Its bounces can be dramatically erratic. The oddbounder (10,2cm diameter, 40g or 60g) is made out of polyurethan for a softer feel and lower bounce. It's easier to catch and recommended for all age groups. Ref. M581110 Reaction Ball 6,4cm - 80g Ref. M581122 Oddbounder 10,2cm - Soft, 40g Ref. M581121 Oddbounder 10,2cm - Dense, 60g Yuck-E Medicine Balls Externally, each of the balls is unique and permanently color-coded to identify the ball’s weight. Internally, each ball’s weight is calibrated through a precise combination of smoothly rounded polymer balls that free float in a nontoxic sea of gel. This allows Yuck-E Medicine Balls to form-fit themselves to the curves of the human body. Ref. M581171 1kg, yellow, Ø 12cm Ref. M581172 2kg, green, Ø 16cm Ref. M581173 3kg, purple, Ø 20cm Beanless Airbags These bags can be changed simply by adding or removing air. The fatter it gets, the more it takes on the characteristics of a regular ball. Size: 12,5 x 12,5cm. Weight: 88g. Ref. M501061 Set of 6 colors Educational Dices 12-sided dices with letters of the alphabet and a smiley. Ideal to play in classrooms to learn words in combination with a physical activity. Ref. M452120 Set of 3 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 26 15/01/14 18:06
  27. 27. 27Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Roll-N-Rattle Sensory Balls When fully inflated, the small plastic beads fill only 1/3 of the ball's chamber, and provide an audible feedback when the ball is rolled or shaken. These beads can also provide a deadening effect and turn the balls into beanbags, depending on the degree of inflation. Thanks to their bumps and tacky surface, the Roll-N-Rattle balls are very easy to catch and to hold. Diameter: 10cm. Ref. M570420 Set of 3 colors Grab-N-Balls The outward gippy texture of the Grab-N-Ball is the sames as the Roll-N-Rattle's one, while the chamber is filled with small PVC balls that silently glide off each other in a non-toxic gel. Diameter: 10cm. Ref. M570421 Set of 3 colors Grab-N-Rings When fully inflated, the 18cm Grab-N-Rings can be tossed, juggled, throwned like disks or rolled on their edges. The Grab-N-Rings are filled with resilient PVC balls and just enough non-toxic gel to silently glide off each other. These PVC balls highly encourage manipulation of the rings as fidgets, when partially deflated. Ref. M570422 Set of 6 colors Just Triangles Little children need simplicity in the toys they play with. Just Triangles leave the child to figure out what he would make from it, a pyramid, a circle, a square, a house, a barn or a fence. Sixteen simple triangles made out of safe and durable soft foam rubber and flocked in bright colors. Ref. M452258 Educational Balls Multiple award winning bouncy colorful balls, soft like velvet with many different designs on them. The Educational balls have letters, numbers and shapes on them – introducing kids to the world of writing while they toss a ball around and develop their motor skills. Diameter: 10cm. Ref. M452250 Set of 3 Reaction Balls Multiple award winning bouncy colorful balls, soft like velvet with many different designs on them. The reaction ball set has three very different textured balls, that make them the perfect tool to train reflexes without risk of injuries. Diameter: 10cm. Ref. M452252 Set of 3 Stress Balls Fun as stress balls, for kids’ games, for therapy, or just to play catch – these balls are soft to touch, but not that soft when you squeeze them. Fist sized, with three different designs these colorful balls are a source of fun and relaxation. Diameter: 5cm. Ref. M452254 Set of 3 Numeral Set Chunky numbers from 0 – 9, in bright colors, the right size for a child to hold and play with easily. A learning tool which children love because of the soft tactile material and colors. Ref. M452257 Handling, Throwing & Catching Rubbabu, a unique conception... Ring Toss A much-loved classic, made in a soft premium material, the Rubbabu Ring Toss is an enjoyable sport for the younger and older children alike. Consists of one base and 4 soft rubber rings. A great children’s toy and also a useful tool for physical therapy. Diameter of 1 ring: 20cm; Depth of 1 ring: 3cm. Ref. M452256 Fun, didactic, safe, durable and ultra-modern! Here comes our range of Rubbabu toys. Rubbabu toys are the only ones in the world that are made out of natural rubber foam. These soft, colorful fuzzy toys are perfect for ages 0-6 years. Rubbabu toys excite the imagination and let the child do the thinking. Moreover, Rubbabu toys can be considered as ECO materials: · They are made out of latex, that originates from a rubber tree or an Hevea; · Raw materials are then biodegradable and renewable (an Hevea produces latex for 25 years approximately); · They are made by hand, using mechanical processes instead of chemical processes. Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 27 15/01/14 18:07
  28. 28. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be28 Catchball It’s a fun way to simultaneously teach eye-tracking, eye-hand coordination and memory. All this is accomplished in complete safety as guaranteed by our soft vinyl, air inflatable, roto-molded construction. The ball has a 7,6cm diameter center core from which six 11,4cm SofSpokes emanate. Each of the SofSpokes has a numbered tip, coordinated to its specific color. Each time the ball is caught in flight the number value of the spoke caught can be added to or subtracted from that player's score. Ref. M581400 Spiderball Very funny balls with tentacles that make it easier to catch. Roll a Spiderball and it applies the brakes, stopping as if by magic. This wonderful feature keeps it from straying far from a child who has just missed a catch. Ref. M581500 Each - Color may vary Sure Katchball The easiest ball to hold for beginners. Katchball is very light and easy to catch and throw. It helps build confidence and self-esteem through the successful use of motor skills and the development of hand-eye coordination. It’s fun and colorful enough to keep children’s attention. Diameter : 10cm. Weight : 30g. Ref. M581420 Handling, Throwing & Catching Wingball VIDEO The Wingball is a very fun and efficient tool to learn throwing and catching. Its three 20cm legs are in foam covered by soft Neoprene. It can be used in water. Ref. M404310 Set of 6 colors SandBalls Love the weight! Look good, feel good, pretty hard to put down. Just right size for kids’ hands. These no-bounce durable balls are great to use as bean bags. The extra weight leads to improved awareness and gross-motor control. Each ball weighs 540 grs and has a 8cm diameter. Ref. M581910 Set of 4 colors SandShapes These colorful and, durable and heavy sand shapes perfectly fit to small hand. Thanks to their strong grippy texture that makes them easy to grasp, these shapes can be used ans juggling tools or bean bags. Dimension : 8 cm. Ref. M581911 Set of 3 colored shapes Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 28 15/01/14 18:07
  29. 29. 29Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation DinoEgg Balls DinoEgg Balls can be used for practically anything involving throwing, tossing and catching. When they hit a flat surface, they bounce just a little ; rock just a little more and then always come to a stop with their open matrix sides up. Ref. M581850 13 x 10cm, set of 3 MatrixThrowers The multiple openings in MatrixThrowers make them easy to hold, throw and catch. They are incredibly aerodynamic and spiral as they fly. Their holes also provide a unique visual surprise. As the balls spiral, the rotating openings produce a strobe effect so riveting itgreatly enhances eye tracking. Dimensions : 20,3 x 11,4cm. Ref. M581840 Set of 3 Pyramidballs Pyramid-shaped balls that bounce erratically. They are fun to catch, to kick or to chase. Diameter: 10,2cm. Weight: 400g. Ref. M570450 Set of 6 colors Rubberflex Grabballs VIDEO Rubberflex balls molded in one piece. Very easy to control or to catch. Ideal for throwing and catching activities. Ref. M581810 Ø 10cm, Set of 6 colors Ref. M581815 Ø 21,6cm, Set of 6 colors Handling, Throwing & Catching BEST SELLER Grabballs are among the easiest balls in the world to catch, and can be picked up, thrown and rolled with a single finger. These balls are so durable, they're backed by an unconditional, lifetime guarantee. RubberFlex technology allows us to give this series of GrabBalls greater weight and strength, and, as a result, near perfect roundness and shape retention. RubberFlex GrabBalls are also highly recommended for bowling lead-up activities. Grabballs Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 29 15/01/14 18:07
  30. 30. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be30 Ultra Foam Ring-N-Rings Ring-N-Rings can be tossed and caught like juggling rings, but are far more unique and fun. The construction dynamics allow them to be tossed long distances without concern of injury to players, walls or furniture. The catch is totally impact free and the catcher, without realizing it, ends up grasping both rings at the same time. Inside Ultrafoam ring : 25,40cm. Outside Ultrafoam ring : 30,50cm. Ref. M509470 Set of 6 colors Move Cubes Move cubes provide physical educators and classroom teachers with unlimited possibilities for random commands. Cubes are constructed of soft foam covered with a mat quality vinyl. Each side has a transparent vinyl window, into which you can slide a card up to 10 x 16,5cm. You write the instructions on the cards to bring the movement story to life. Ref. M592100 Set of 3 Pebble Sailors Pebbles Sailors utilize a foam-backed, deeply- embossed Pebbles material. Pebbles texture (from which it gets is name) makes even big products small-hand-friendly. Ball-size foam-filled rims make Sailors easier to catch and easier to throw than other flying disks. Diameter : 15 cm. Ref. M509630 Set of 6 Super Foam Swing and Hoop The objective of the game is to swing the ball forward and upward, then catch it in the hoop. Size of the game : 38cm. Diameter of the ring : 115mm. Diameter of the ball : 70mm. Sold in sets of 3, each with a primary color ball and its complementary color hoop. Ref. M504060 Set of 3 Ultra Foam Ringz Though our super foam covered rings have rigid, tubular-plastic cores, they are soft, safe and extremely grippy. Incredibly stable in both horizontal and vertical planes, they can be used as juggling rings or flying disks. The two colors of each hoop are a primary color with a complementary secondary color. Diameter: 35,5cm. Weight: 230g. Ref. M509600 Handling, Throwing & Catching BEST SELLER BEST SELLER Catch-a-Ball Catch-a-ball is ideal for hand-eye co-ordination improvement. Simply swing the tethered ball in the air and catch it. Tear the ball out so that multiple players can play catch together. Made out of durable polyethylene. Ref. M440110 Set of 6 colors Soff Ring Toss The colors of the rainbow make this safe, soff ring toss game a real favorite of young children. Foam rings with soft leather-like polyvinyl covering are easy to grasp and squeeze. Rings can also be used for rolling, tossing and catching activities. Set is composed of a base (diameter: 20cm), a small post (18cm) and six colored rings. Ref. M509200 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 30 15/01/14 18:07
  31. 31. 31Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Catchdisk II Frisbee made in soft vinyl. The outer rim is filled with plastic pellets. As a result of the floppy nature of the material, it’s virtually harmless if it strikes anything or anyone by accident. There are numerous games that can be played in addition to catching the disk. Numerals (1-6), dot(s) that correspond to the number, and the English, Spanish, French and Germans words for the number add to the educational value. Diameter: 22cm. Weight: 80g. Ref. M509450 Mono Fling Mono-Fling requires just one person per net, can involve groups or be played alone. Each net measures 53cm x 25cm, with 30cm x 25cm net surface. Recommended ball sizes are 7,6cm or smaller. Set includes two nets and two 7,6cm All Balls. Ref. M551530 Easy Toss Flying Saucers These disks are easy to catch because they absorb some of the force by collapsing. The great aerodynamic properties of these saucers are a result of the sewn-in rim that is filled with small plastic pellets. Each saucer has the added benefit of having a numeral (1-6), dot(s) equal to the number and the number written out in English Spanish and French. Diameter: 20,3cm. Weight: 80g. Ref. M509400 Set of 6 colors Handling, Throwing & Catching Skore Tossing Target In and outdoor tossing target with net. Three possible height adjustments (between 88 and 135cm). Base can be filled with sand or water for improved stability. Ref. M142100 Foam Flyers Durable, polyurethane foam creates a soft, warm, colorful throwing disk. The integrated skin coating is tough enough to resist throwing and picking, yet friendly enough to nearly eliminate any fear of catching. Diameter: 21,6cm. Weight: 100g. Ref. M509500 Set of 6 colors Twist Frisbee VIDEO Built to last for years with a rugged nylon outer edge sewn over a spring steel hoop, our soft neoprene and Lycra® Color Twist Frisbees are perhaps the most visual appealing flying discs around. The soft center hub is also great to learn “bumps” and other tricks without hurting a finger. Washable. Diameter: 24cm. Ref. M404305 Set of 6 colors Scoop Set Improve throwing and catching skills with this unique game. Set includes 6 bats and 6 balls. Diameter of a ball : 93mm. Ref. M490010 Set of 6 colored bats and balls Ref. M490011 Set of 6 colored balls Sling–N-Shoot 40 x 18cm racquet (net) ideal for for catching and throwing acivities. Set of two racquets and a ball. Ref. M440120 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 31 15/01/14 18:07
  32. 32. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be32 BallsEye BallsEye is designed to make throwing and catching fun. It increases the success rate for beginners, and at the same time, provides a natural transition activity from throwing and catching to other games. It’s also a wonderful teaching tool for adapted classes with its oversized, hook-material, 26.7cm target area. Includes a Softee ball. Ref. M592420 Can Toss Set Develop your sharp skill and eye-hand coordination with this toss game set in can design. This amusing tossing set includes 10 cans, 6 balls and a handy storage bag . Easy carry everywhere-anytime for both indoor and outdoor play. Ref. M440150 Hoop 'N Target A simple idea that marries the 76cm target bag with the 60cm hoops you already own. Hoop ‘ N Target has multiple hook patches for catching loop material objects and balls like our softee balls and velcro tennis balls. Hoop and target are designed with a rear handle to make it a hand-held target for soft objects and a top handle for hanging the target on the wall. Balls not included. Can also be used our Soft Hook-N-Loops balls (M452281). Ref. M509010 Hoop N' Target Ref. M509011 Set of 3 velcro tennis balls Handling, Throwing & Catching Super Catch Hand Wrap Just put your hand in the path of one of our special balls and ... stick! The big advantage is that gloves are made for either right or left hands. Thanks to double thumb holes and elastic finger holes, one glove will work equally well on either hand. One size fits all. Supplied without ball. Ref. M592400 Super Catch Hand Wrap Ref. M509012 Softee ball (Ø 7cm), set of 2 pieces Pop-UP Giant Target Designed for golf, but with some imagination will work for beanbag tossing, flying disc targets, and you name it. Specially designed hook-and-loop balls stick to the target like glue to make scoring easier. We 've even included a moveable hook-and-loop bullseye that varies the challenge. Pick the best size for your program fitting the abilities of your students and challenges you want to present them. Easily place target on the ground or gym floor, prop up one end, hang from a hook, or to our big red base post to vary the challenge as well. Made of heavy-dutch cloth over a flexible wire band to create a huge target that folds into its own small carrying bag. Balls,post and red base not included. Ref. M452280 Hula Hoop Target Set Transform Your Hula Hoops If you have two 76cm hoops, you have two target at a price that any budget can afford. These targets can be hung on a wall or used on the floor to teach young children how to throw underhanded with any soft ball. It only takes a second to put the target around the hoop and even quicker to remove. Ideal to use with the Soft Hook-N-Loop Balls Ref. M452281. Ref. M452290 Soft Hook-N-Loop Balls Small Foam Ball with Velcro dots. Ideal to play with the Hula Hoop Target Set and the Pop-Up GiantTarget Diameter : 7 cm Ref. M452281 Set of 8 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 32 15/01/14 18:07
  33. 33. 33Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation BoundaLoons VIDEO The BoundaLoon furthers inclusion with its twin- handhold design, allowing greater, two-handed control of the striking surface - a more basic and foundational striking skill upon which your students can build. Additionally, use the BoundaLoon in Two person, cooperative teams. Your imagination is the only limitation. Each BoundaLoon is 43,2cm in diameter. Ref. M561040 Set of 6 colors The PaddleLoons PaddleLoons were designed by an adapted physical educator to meet the different skill levels of her students. Each paddle features a micromesh hitting surface that is precisely fitted to its geometrically shaped, heavy-gauge, steel frame. The frame is permanently anchored into an oversized SuperFoamgrip that can be securely and comfortably held by children and adults alike. Each paddle has the same surface. Ref. M561020 Set of 6 with 144 balloons Ref. M561021 Set of 6 without balloons MegaLoon Diameter 46cm. Ref. M561030 Set of 6 colors with 24 balloons TableLoons Here comes a new extension to our Paddle Loons. These rackets with their micro mesh hitting surface, rigid steel frame and easy grasp, foam handgrips have been developed for students of all abilities. Diameter 21cm. Ref. M561050 Set of 6 colors Handling, Throwing & Catching These paddles are simply the best way to learn any paddle game in a funny way. The very lightweight Loons Paddles are made to last, thanks to their rigid steel frame. Their foam handgrips have been developed for users from all abilities. The elasticized-micromesh striking surface gives it trampoline-like responsiveness that, with very little effort will litteraly propel balloons and light balls high into the air. Moreover, you will never hear a single noise on using the Loons paddles. They are 100% S-I-L-E-N-T Ideal to be used with Fluff Balls, Success Balls, Nylite Balls, All Balls, Tail Balls and Skin Coated Foam Balls. The «Loons Concept» BEST SELLER Pom Pom Ball For more details see p. 24 Ref. M452300 Ø 7,5cm Ref. M452302 Ø 10cm Ref. M452306 Ø 9cm, Set of 6 colors Fluffballs For more details see p. 22 Ref. M581620 Ø 7cm, set of 12 Ref. M581630 Ø 9cm, set of 12 Sure Katchball For more details see p. 28 Ref. M581420 Badaloons Diameter : 25,4cm. Ref. M561024 Set of 6 colors (without balloons) Ref. M561025 Set of 6 colors (with 144 balloons) Ideal to play with this selection of balls Scarfball For more details see p. 24 Ref. M452310 Set of 6 Racqaloons Diameter : 31,5cm. Ref. M561026 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 33 15/01/14 18:07
  34. 34. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be34 Traditional Parachute High quality nylon parachutes with heavy duty handles. Traditional model with 4-color panels (green, yellow, red, blue). Ref. M451200 3,6m parachute, 8 handles, 8 panels Ref. M451210 6m parachute, 16 handles, 16 panels Ref. M451220 7,3m parachute, 20 handles, 20 panels Target Parachute 3,6m parachute with 4-color target design ( blue, white, yellow, red) with small central pocket (diameter : 15cm). Ref. M451250 BEST SELLER Movement Pocket Parachute 3,6m parachute divided into 8 different colored panels, each panel containing one pocket. Ideal to play with the Nutrition Game : NUTRIMOVE. Ref. M451230 Nutrition Bean Bags Set of 32 beanbags with food images on the front and colors on the back (color depending on food category) : White (6x) = Dairy Purple (6x) = Fruit Green (6x) = Vegetable Red (4x) = Meat Orange (4x) = Starchy food Black (2x) = Sugar Blue (2x) = Drink Yellow (2x) = Fat. Ref. M501055 Set of 32 NUTRIMOVE Parachute Game VIDEO MEGAFORM Exclusivity! This parachute game allows numerous fun and physical activities while teaching children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The Pocket Parachute is divided into 8 colored panels where each panel can represent a food group (i.e. fruit, meat, drink...) . Each colored panel also contains one pocket. The Pocket Parachute works best with our Nutrition Bean Bags representing food on one side and a color on the other side. All food belonging to the same food category have the same color on the back side. Many different activities can be played such as : · sending the bean bags in the right colored pocket of the parachute · recognizing the right food category the bean bags belong to · throwing bean bags into the pockets while other participants turn around with the parachute · and many more! Games can also be played by taking into acount only the colored side of the bean bags (and not the food side). The Nutrimove set consists of: · 32 beanbags · a pocket parachute (8 pockets corresponding to 8 colors of beanbags) · an activity guide including different games. Ref. M451240 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 34 15/01/14 18:07
  35. 35. 35Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Super Parachute Pack Discover our new pack including all accessories you need to organize parachute games. This new pack contains: · Parachute Games Activity Guide · 6 Pom Pom Balls · 6 Edubug Bean Bags · 6 Colored Unihockey Balls · 6 Small Emotional faces · 2 Finger Lights · 1 Heavy Duty Beach Ball · 31 Mesh Bag. Ref. M551760 Parachute Pack All the accessories you need to organize your parachute games are now available in one ready-to-use kit. This pack contains: · 6 Bean Bag Frogs (assorted colors) · 6 E-Z balls · 12 All balls · 2 Heavy Duty Beach Balls · 1 Mesh Bag for transport and storage. Ref. M551750 BEST SELLER Two-Person Parachute These sturdy, Two-Person Parachute bring a unique element of cooperation and teamwork tossing and catching. Students need to communicate effectively, focus, and time things accurately-skills that will help them in sports as well as and in life. They may also be used in rhythm and dance for partnering activities as a way to join together without holding hands. Made from sturdy ri-stop nylon with strong webbing handles on each end, each chute measures : 83 cm x 127 cm. Ref. M451245 Set of 6 colors Movement Fling-It The objective is to work together to throw objects into the air. It requires coordinated sling-shot motion to propel the ball into the air. The group must move together in an effort to catch what was thrown. Made of rugged knot less nylon nets with reinforced handles. Ref. M551510 Fling-It : 2 x 1m20 square nets, 2 x All Balls Ref. M551520 Super Fling-It : 1 x 2m40 square nets, 1 x All Ball Smiley Parachute 1,8m yellow parachute with smiling face design and large central pocket (diameter : 22cm). 8 handles. Ref. M451260 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 35 15/01/14 18:08
  36. 36. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be36 Movement Co-Oper Band® It's a flexible, heavy-duty, top-grade, medical latex tube, encased within a soft fabric cover. The Bands' dynamics act to alter the effects of gravity. As group members develop trust in the Band and one another, they are encouraged to take those small risks that, once accomplished, help build individual, physical and emotional confidence. Children (adults, too) stand within the band and push outward until they reach a state of stability. Ref. M531210 Medium Size (4-6 children), diameter: 3,7m Ref. M531220 Large Size (10-12 children), diameter: 4,9m Co-Oper Blanket® Co-Oper Blanket® allows children to explore space and discover cooperation activities. CooperBlanket® is fabricated from heavy duty nylon tricot Lycra. Designed for up to 13 children. Ref. M531100 Full size, 5,8 x 1,5m Ref. M531110 Medium size, 5,8 x 0,8m Float-R Us Junior Their smaller size and lighter weight make them ideal for smaller groups, rooms and outdoor facilities. Sold in set of 3, 1 each: cube, cylinder and pyramid. Ref. M551340 Set of 3; 0,91m Float-R Giant, colorful, feather light, air filled shapes that will literally float into the air. Every Float R shell is specially fabricated from tightly stitched, high quality nylon. This unique construction holds air so well that the need for heavy bladders was eliminated. Ref. M551310 Float-R pyramid, 1,20 x 1,20m Ref. M551320 Float-R ball Ø 1,20m Ref. M551330 Float-R cube 1,20m Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 36 15/01/14 18:08
  37. 37. 37Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Hopsackers Spordas Hopsackers take sack racing to a higher cognitive level. We made the bag floor flat, super stitched the seams for durability, and provided two easy grip handles. Each set consists of one each of the three primary and secondary colors, and bold numerals, one through six. Each number is further supported by dot sets and words in English, Spanish and French. Ref. M551110 Small size, 63,5 x 28 x 28cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M551120 Large size, 76 x 33 x 33cm, set of 6 colors Moonhopper Ideal play tool that trains both balance skills and movement coordination. Diameter of the ring: 15cm. Maximum weight: 60kg. Delivered deflated. Ref. M440160 Skip-N-Hop Requires coordination of different leg movements (rotation, skipping, hopping, etc.) in an attempt to twirl a ball tethered to one leg. Diameter of the ring : 16cm. Diameter of the ball : 8cm. Ref. M440100 Set of 6 colors Ve ry Resistant Gradestuff Jump Ropes Vinyl ropes with sizes coded by handle colors. Ref. M591320 210cm, set of 6 colors Ref. M591300 270cm, set of 6 colors Movement Link-N-Speed Jump Ropes Provide Superb Rotation Speed, Audible Syncopation and a Higher Level of Success! Their light weight, faster rotation speeds and greater maneuvrability make extruded "Speed Ropes" the choice of advanced jumpers and jump-rope teams. Not only does its slower rotation and syncopating "clicks" aid students in timing their jumps, but the centrifugal forces created by the beads work to pull the rope into a wider U-shape platform that's easier to jump over. Link-N-Speed Jump Ropes are light enough for extended-duration jumping activities and maneuvrable enough to challenge accomplished individual and team jumpers. Ref. M591340 210cm - Set of 6 colors Ref. M591342 270cm - Set of 6 colors Twirl And Jumping Sticks Using a single Twirl And Jumping Stick, children can jump by themselves, in pairs or in groups. A single 76cm rigid poly wand in used to set the 91,5cm ball-weighted rope in motion. The rope's 91,5cm length is wide enough for two participants to jump side by side. Ref. M440104 Each - Purple Jump Bands Jump Bands take the Philippine folk dance Tinikling to a higher fun and activity level, giving it a uniquely creative aerobic boost. Those ankle-bruising, stiff, bamboo and plastic sticks are replaced with soft, friendly and colorful 2,5cm wide elastic band. Length of one unstretched band: 240 cm. Set includes six pairs with different colors. Ref. M401460 Set of 6 pairs Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 37 15/01/14 18:08
  38. 38. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be38 Dancing Wrist Scarves Each wristlet secures 24 colored juggling ribbons that flow through the air as they trace hand movements. Hands are left free to provide additional artistic expression and free to carry, toss and/or catch other rhythmic objects. Length of the ribbons : 25cm. Ref. M502230 Pair of Dancing Wrist Scarves Rainbow Hoops Beautiful streamers provide visual excitement and a flowing movement. Easy-to-hold, the 12cm plastic ring is almost invisible which makes the ribbons appear to float. Ref. M502200 Small, 30cm ribbons, set of 6 colors Ref. M502210 Large, 60cm ribbons, set of 6 colors Body Sox® It's designed specifically for spatial awareness and interaction. Once inside, users find themselves in a private domain that begs for kinesthetic exploration. Because the Lycra is translucent, they can see outside. Each pillowcase like sack is constructed from 4-WAY STRETCH Lycra with a reinforced Velcro-closed entrance. Ref. M531310 Size M, from 1,20 to 1,40m Ref. M531320 Size L, from 1,40 to 1,70m Ref. M531330 Size XL, from 1,70 to 1,90m Inflatable Animals Here is a new concept that turns spingballs into spring...animals! A funny way for children (3 years old and up) to enhance their balance skills. Height of the seat: 27cm. Length: approximately 55cm. Width: approximately 29cm. Ref. M402301 Zebra Ref. M402304 Cow Ref. M402302 Horse Ref. M402305 Pink Rabbit Ref. M402303 Elephant Ref. M402306 Yellow Dog Movement BEST SELLERSELLER Rainbow Ribbon Wands Add visual excitement to your movement activities! These beautiful, high-quality rainbow streamer riboons come in sets of six different colors. Each streamer has long, satin ribbon with a 23cm plastic wand that sparkles with the same color glitter as the ribbon. Rainbow Ribbons help your students work on range of motion, eye-tracking, balance and creative socialization. Ref. M502220 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 38 15/01/14 18:08
  39. 39. 39Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Tunnels We think they are the most visually stimulating in the industry, providing primary colors and in the case of SuperCross, secondary color hues. Both tunnels come with their own carry bags. Diameter : 51cm. Ref. M551410 SuperCrawl Tunnel 185cm Ref. M551420 SuperCross Tunnel 225 x 225cm Megatunnel Its 91,4cm diameter and 3,7m length make the Megatunnel one of the largest, if not the largest, collapsing-spring crawl tunnels. The combination of its cavernous interior and vivid six-color design makes it one of the most inviting and visually exciting tunnels. Megatunnel can be locked to one another, end to end, to form an infinite variety of expandable and curved pathways. Ref. M551430 Ultrafoam Crawlgates These foam covered crawlgates can be used for crawling skills and also for throwing or kicking a ball or object through the arch. Crawlgates are made from safe and durable foam. The arches are stabilized by weights incorporated into the feet. The height can be adjusted between 53 and 61cm simply by positioning the bases. Ref. M551550 Set of 6 colors Movement BEST SELLER BEST SELLER Expand-O-Hoops set Set includes 18 plastic sections and 24 connectors to create hoops of various sizes or even «S» curves. The set creates up to 9 hoops of 60cm or 6 hoops of 90cm, ... Ref. M505100 Tunnel Gates Turn MegaTunnels into caves, and students into spelukers! Tunnel Gates attach easily to the openings of a MegaTunnel (see index), reducing its massive 91,5cm diameter to just 38cm. Their Nylon and LYCRA construction makes passing through a fast and comfortable experience. With TunnelGates attached, a crawl-through MegaTunnel experience can be effectively changed into that of a Mega Cave; a cave that can be filled with small to medium-size objects for sensory stimulation, exploration and/or exercise. Ref. M551431 Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 39 15/01/14 18:08
  40. 40. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be40 Ergonomic Scooters These scooters have very strong wheels making them very durable but also giving them the quickest turning radius making it easier for children to move. Moreover, ergonomic details are build into the scooters to allow students to easily kneel, sit and hold the scooters. Perfect size for ages 3-8. Ref. M591510 Set of 6 (Size: 34x44cm) Ultra Foam Rocket Jr This set comes with one 450g rocket and one 3,7m long twin cable. The objective is to develop collective strength, cooperative energy and coordinated movements for the 2 players while propelling the rocket back and forth along the cable. It can be used by players of any age, standing or seated. Ref. M551560 Kinect-4 Game The objective of the game is for up to 6 competing teams to create the largest number of lines by placing four or more identically colored objects in a continous line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Each team moves one color-coded square from a location away from the board to the 2,4m square game board located in the middle of the area. Each time a piece is put down, a strategic decision is to be made. Will they use it to extend their line or to block the opponent's? To increase the difficulty different blocking pieces can be introduced. The set includes 36 puzzle cut master 30 x 61cm panels (6 each; red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange) with each being black on the other side. When fully assembled, it becomes a 2,4m square board. For smaller groups, each set will create four 1,2m square boards. Supplied with carrying bag. Ref. M553100 Mix-N-Mats Hopscotch This set is made of 38 EVA-foam pieces : 10 numeral tiles and 28 border tiles. These tiles can be easily assembled to form a traditional hopscotch mat, numerical sequences or even beanbag targets. Dimension of a number element : 45,7 x 45,7cm. Thickness : 12mm. Dimension of a border element : 22,9 x 45,7cm. Thickness : 12mm. Suggested set patterns and storage bag included. Ref. M541690 Movement Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 40 15/01/14 18:08
  41. 41. 41Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Megascoot II Megascoot II boards are one-piece injection molded. They offer a greater useable space than any other scooter board available on the market. Their wheels have been improved to ensure effort less movements. The handles of Megascoot II are large, comfortable, accessible and placed 11cm in from the scooter edge for maximum security. Hook-N-Loop straps allow you to create rolling platforms. Megascoot II securely stacks without a spindel. Only for indoor use. Size: 71x46cm. Ref. M591520 Megascoot II - set of 6 with straps and puller Ref. M591521 Megascoot II - individual scooter; color may vary Ref. M591522 Megascoot extension straps (1 pull straps and 7 Hook-N-Loop straps) Scooter Paddles These paddles have a tough PVC construction and are designed for a perfect fit for any child using scooters. Buy all three for an easy change of activities. Colors may vary. Ref. M591550 Scooter Paddle, pair Ref. M591551 Raft Paddle, each Ref. M591552 Kayak Paddle, each Scooterblades Set of 12 hockey blades (6 each: red and yellow), 2 balls and 2 pucks. Ref. M591455 Ultrafoam Scootaddles At the heart of the 64,8cm Scootaddle is a strong, easy-grip 3,4cm diameter shaft. The diameter was increased to 4,8cm by adding ample, Ultrafoam cushioning sculpted 12,7cm on top and 17,8cm down the middle. This assures that using a Scootaddle is a fatigue-free, gripping experience. Ref. M591760 Set of 12 paddles + 3 no bounce balls Ref. M591761 Set of 4 paddles + 1 no bounce Ball Movement Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 41 15/01/14 18:08
  42. 42. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be42 Hedgehog Stones Tactile Hedgehog Stones are like no other walk-on domes. Each is manufactured like half of a tactile ball with a convex undersurface that grabs onto a smooth surface like a suction cup. Step on one without shoes and be greeted by the stimulation of cushioned, smooth bumps. Step-N-Stones are soft, yet return immediately to their inflated state, ready for the next user's foot. They provide an unique sensory experience. Diameter : 9cm. Height : 5,5cm. Ref. M470100 Set of 6 colors Step-N-Stones These air-filled domes audibly release air and become flat when stepped or pushed upon. The stone instantly recovers its full shape when foot or hand is lifted. Each stone is roto-molded in one piece and is very durable. Set of 6 stones numbered from 1 to 6. Ref. M541700 Set of 6 colors Core Disk Inflatable, 30cm diameter CoreDisks can be sat on or stood on. The CoreDisk can be used to provide stability for positioning or can be free flowing for development of balance skills and trunk strength. The more air you add, the less effective the fillings are. Eventually, users are almost sitting or standing on air alone. Core Disks are filled with small plastic pellets. Color : yellow. Weight limit: 108kg. Ref. M545010 Balance Duck Walker This rugged, simply designed product is one of the finest balance boards. It is molded in one piece from reinforced polypropylene. Children can rock side- to-side, spin 360° on a smooth surface or walk like a duck. Ref. M504030 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 42 15/01/14 18:08
  43. 43. 43Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Stilts Rolls Stilts Rolls are made of PVC with reinforced rims. Height : 12cm. Diameter : 10,5cm. Ref. M470120 Pair of Stilts Rolls Frog Feet Jumper VIDEO Irresistible ! An extra wide base made of EVA high quality foam, makes this Frogfeet Jumper a fun tool to exercise balancing, jumping, hand/foot coordination, … Indoor or outdoor use. Size : 60x30cm. Ref. M504025 Big Foot Striders These giant feet can be used to improve children skills like body awareness, balance, foot positioning and spatial relationships. Foot cut from ethafoam with strong Nylon cord. Size : 53 x 23 x 3cm. Sold as a pair. Color may vary. Ref. M504021 One pair Safer Pogo Bouncer Specially designed for the institutional market Safer Pogo Bouncer gives you all the bounce with great control. Fabricated from layered pieces of foam like rubber to provide maximum bounce and stability. Ref. M504040 Balance Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 43 15/01/14 18:08
  44. 44. PhysicalEducation www.megaform.be44 Balance Trampolines These trampolines are made to resist to a long-time indoor- and outdoor use, thanks to the tubular frame and springs in galvanized steel. The 28mm-thick protection mat ensures maximum safety at the edges of the trampoline. Delivered with detailed set-up instructions. Ladder included / Safety net not included. Ref. M436158 Trampoline 2,40m Ref. M436160 Trampoline 3m Ref. M436162 Trampoline 3,60m Ref. M436164 Trampoline 4,30m Ref. M436170 Safety Net For Trampoline 3m Ref. M436172 Safety Net For Trampoline 3,60m Ref. M436174 Safety Net For Trampoline 4,30m Optimal stabilitySafety High quality Very resistant galvanized steel Jumping Mats Protection Pats SaferBouncer Includes The Protective Safety of A Bounce-Surround™ The SaferBouncer’s 130cm dia. commercial-quality trampoline bed is large enough, responsive enough, and high enough at 45cm to provide an active jumping experience. However, it’s not large enough or responsive enough to allow “big bounce” moves. In fact, it is virtually impossible for a jumper to rebound over the 84cm protective wall created by the inflatable Bounce- Surround. Weight limit: 50kg. Ref. M504045 Mini Trampoline Mini trampoline with 8 legs (with nonslip ends). Ideal for training or therapeutical use. Maximum authorized weight : 100 kg Not suitable for an intensif use or group classes. Ref. M436167 Mini trampoline 98 cm diameter Ref. M436168 Mini trampoline 123 cm diameter Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 44 15/01/14 18:08
  45. 45. 45Tel: +32 (0)87 32 17 18 PhysicalEducation Teamwork TeamKatchers A Moving Cooperative Experience.TeamKatchers simultaneously develop verbal and physical communication skills as 2 to 3 partners work together to achieve a common “goal”. That goal is to catch balls and other objects in a mesh-net basket whose goal area is nearly 3 times that of a traditional basketball goal. Hook-&-loop closures of their parachute nylon flaps make it easy to attach TeamKatchers to your 150cm hoops Sold in sets of 6 hoops and 6 nets. Ref. M553160 Set of 6 colors MyKatchers Make Catching A Successful Experience! Its ergonomically balanced construction and manageable size makes MyKatcher one of our most success-oriented catching products. It's perfect for catching soft and light objects and balls in sizes ranging up to those that will easily fall through its official basketball-goal-size, 46cm diameter basket. Sold in 6-color sets. Ref. M553165 Set of 6 colors TeamLauncher Propulsion Requires The Collective Power of 3! As the name implies, a team of three students works collectively to launch one or more foam and/or plastic balls while others in the field catch and return them. The launching team must work in concert to aim effectively. They also determine the height and distance objects travel by adjusting the angle of the launcher and the stretch of the bungee launching cords. The TeamLauncher is constructed with high quality, 20cm long UltraFoam handgrips and a sturdy, 28cm wire-loop reinforced mesh launching basket. Sold in color-coded sets of six: red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange. Ref. M553170 Set of 6 colors Megaform-2013-11-06-Catalogue Sport-UK-2014-3-56-Novembre 2013-Def2.indd 45 15/01/14 18:08